Savage: End the Speculation

By Dan Savage
May 10, 2011

There’s not a more pressing issue on Orlando Magic fans’ minds than the future of All-Star center Dwight Howard.

Even I find myself caught up in the mix.

Everywhere I go, the second anyone finds out I have any affiliation with the Magic, the first question I get is: “Do you think Dwight is going to leave?”

While my guess is probably just as good as yours, let’s take Orlando’s Superman at his word.

“I love the Magic,” Howard recently said via his official blog. “I’m just focused on trying to bring a title to the city of Orlando.”

Now that doesn’t sound like a player trying to catch the next plane out of town, does it?

Let’s remember that Carmelo Anthony forced his way out of Denver and LeBron James planned his escape route from Cleveland years before free agency hit. Don’t get caught up in comparing apples to oranges.

So with Howard saying the right things and remaining steadfast in his notion that he won’t talk about free agency until it’s smack dab right in front of him, isn’t time that we all put the speculation to rest? At least for now? After all, D12 can’t even become a free agent until after next season.

It would be nice if our good friends at the Orlando Sentinel could lead the charge, instead of engaging in similar tactics to the ones that reportedly ran Shaquille O’Neal out of town.

While I understand that they’re reporters and it’s their journalistic duty to report any significant updates in regards to Howard’s future, I fail to see how a dress-Dwight-in-other-uniforms website fits that criteria.

And Orlando’s Superman appears to agree.

“Y does it seem like the writers of Orlando sentinel are tryna push me out of Orlando with dumb articles,” Howard said via Twitter. “It's annoying. Can I enjoy my summer and get ready for next season in Orlando. Pls. Same thing u guys did to Shaq. Smh”

Howard then continued his tweeting by emphasizing his love for the city and for the franchise that drafted him.

“I ain’t left or trying to,” he added. “I'm not blaming the media. I'm saying stop with the dumb articles … I jus don't want Orlando fans to believe them. Cuz they don't know. I love my city.”

So let’s end the speculation right there.
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