2011-12 Orlando Magic Postgame Quotes

May 8, 2012: Magic at Pacers Game 5Stan Van Gundy
“What we did was we tried. The third quarter had been so bad we pushed Jameer (Nelson) and Glen (Davis) the whole quarter. I just don’t think we had much left. Collison’s pick and rolls killed us. It was a disappointing result. We did an unbelievable job fighting back. We just couldn’t get it all done in the fourth. (On what he said to the team after the game) All I said to them was I was disappointed in the fourth quarter and in the series. But I’m not the least bit disappointed in them as a group. They are a resilient group. When you get to an elimination game, I think the game has to be close. We got back the lead after three, we just didn’t play well in the fourth. I played us hard in the third and that squeezed us a bit in the fourth. And that’s on me. (On the Pacers) They were a good team and I congratulate them. I’ve been through this same thing. They haven’t won a series in seven years. This was great step for them. The next round is going to be very tough. They were huge favorites in this series. They will be underdogs in the next. I have no clue how far they will go and I won’t be watching.”

Ryan Anderson
“We were talking about it a few minutes ago in here and it’s hard, we showed a lot of heart, we fought, battled, it’s disappointing, it’s really disappointing. We gave a lot of effort and we can hold our heads high. It feels surreal to be done with the season. Turnovers in the fourth quarter definitely hurt us. They got a lot of momentum and took over the game. Nobody can say that we didn’t play as hard as we possibly could. We were a resilient group and if there is something to take away from this season, that is it. We lost a couple of games that could have easily gone the other way. But we are not going to look at the what ifs.”
Jason Richardson
“It’s very disappointing. We wanted to go out there and get a win. For our last game we gave all we got. They hit a hot stretch in the fourth quarter and got the W. The cylinders kind of came off in that quarter. They started to attack us more. David West got hot, Darren Collison also, and it got away from us. It’s been an unbelievable season. This is a locker room full of guys who are professionals. After all the injuries that we have had to deal with along with other issues that’s all I can say. This locker room has a bunch of professionals in it. There’s no relief in losing. We are definitely disappointed. We did not want the season to end tonight. We wanted to win and we thought we could win this game.”
Jameer Nelson
“At this point you can’t run out of gas. I thought we tried. It was Stan’s decision to leave us out there and I can’t say it was a bad decision. We had too many quarters and stretches of us not playing with enough intensity. They did. They made the right plays when we were trapping. They were crisp and had a lot of energy.”

May 5, 2012: Magic vs. Pacers Game 4Stan Van Gundy:

On the shots to end regulation and overtime…
“The one shot with Jameer (Nelson). He made a good move and got all kinds of separation. He went into his reverse pivot and there was nobody with him. I was a little surprised that it didn’t end up as a better attempt. I thought he made a good, hard move. He got separation but he didn’t get his legs under him is what I’m guessing. He just didn’t get the ball up on the rim. With 2.2 seconds left, the way they were switching everything with their size, it’s an 8-foot shot for the guy who was our leading scorer in the game against a smaller guy. I thought it was a pretty good shot for 2.2 seconds, but nothing is good that doesn’t work. I’m the one who draws up the plays so if they don’t work then it’s on me.”

On what was talked about after being down 19 points and coming back…
“I don’t know what the talk was. We just kept playing, which was good. There wasn’t a lot of talk. We went small obviously. Our guys battled and we got a little bit of momentum to have a chance for the last shot. I give them a lot of credit for fighting back, especially when you’re down 2-1 and down 19(points) when things aren’t going good. It’s pretty easy to cave in and we didn’t do that. I give our guys a lot of credit for that and that’s why it’s just disappointing. You wish just one of those shots could’ve dropped because I thought our guys worked really, really hard. I thought we had the actual lead at the end of the overtime. I thought Glen had the 3-point play on that dish to the rim. I thought he got fouled but they saw it differently. That would’ve changed the game if he goes up and makes a free-throw. They may still score, but they can’t hold for one shot. It would’ve been a big change. I was really excited when he got it because I thought he got fouled and I thought we had it, but our guys fought hard. It’s tough for me right now because I’m frustrated and so it’s just the way I am. It’s hard for me to get up here and be real positive, you know that about me, but I’m really proud of our guys and what they’ve been giving. I thought they fought hard. We had some really, really bad stretches in that game but we kept coming, and coming, and coming. Our guys fought hard so you’re not going to get a lot of bad from me today.”

On the tough loss in OT and being down 3-1 going back to Indiana…
“What do you say? They all know the score. It’s 3-1and it’s a matter of mindset and whether you think you’re still in the series or not. Based on what they did down 19 points today, my guess is that they’re not going to quit on anything. They will come out and play on Tuesday night; damn hard and very well.”

Glen Davis
(On 4th qtr.) “If we played like that, we’d be up by now. Every loose ball we were on, every rebound we boxed out, every defensive possession. I haven’t felt this way since the first game, the sense of urgency. With our backs against the wall and we fought really, really hard. That’s playoff basketball, that’s playoff basketball. That’s it.”

“I got a great shot off. It’s was short. It was up there, just short. Two more inches, or one more inch and overtime would have ended, and we would have celebrated. But hey, at the end of the day I’ll have another chance and it will go in.”
Jason Richardson
“It definitely was a tough game. I mean we went out there and gave everything we had to win the game. Going back to Indiana we definitely don’t want to be down 3-1. Just got our work cut out for us. Just got to go out there and play for our lives now.”

(On David West) “Well, he’s a match-up nightmare. We had four guys on him and he goes around them, we had different guys on him, he shoots right over them. It’s just that he’s tough. I mean we did a pretty good job at the beginning and then he just took the game over. He’s an All-Star player.”

(On 4th qtr.) “Just don’t give up, I mean no matter how much we’re down. I mean we had our backs against the wall and all we could do was swing, start swinging the basketball. Made some shots, we got the pick-and-roll game going with J. J. and Glen; they did a good job of rolling. We got some defensive stops, got some rebounds. In the NBA it’s hard when you fight from always coming down and using all our energy to get back into the game. Regardless, we played great today and had a shot to tie the game at the end but it didn’t go in.”

“We just have to come out and play the way we did tonight. Our starters did a great job, we haven’t been playing well the last two games with coming out with a lot of energy. But starters came out with great energy tonight. You know no matter what the series record is we just have to go out there and play, can’t let the fans get into it. Definitely want to get a win there.”
Jameer Nelson
“We just have to go up to Indiana and get one. It’s just one game at a time. You don’t get two wins at one time, you have to win one.”

“We have to go out there with the same intensity that we had today and try to get more stops.”

May 2, 2012: Magic vs. Pacers Game 3Stan Van Gundy:

On the team not being able to make stops…
“Well it was both ends of the court. We just didn’t play well on either end of the floor. It was a very, very tough day. They clearly dominated us tonight, particularly at the start of the game and then in the third quarter again; and that’s three first quarters and three third quarters where it’s been the same story. We’ll take a look at that and see if we want to make some changes or something because we’re in holes at the beginning of every half. We fought our way back in the second quarter but we can’t be playing out of a hole all the time.”

On Ryan Anderson…
“I thought Ryan again was not good today at all. Ryan wants to score points, they’re staying home on him, it’s tough for him to get shots, and so he’s really not doing the other things. I think he’ll bounce back, but he’s never been through this and so the thing that stands out to me today when I look at that is 32 minutes, 24 seconds, one rebound; but then again it’s not just him. Our starting lineup in 125 something minutes had 12 rebounds. They couldn’t get any in the first quarter because they couldn’t get any stops but I’m looking at our guys off the bench; Q and Earl rebounded real well but Glen and J-Rich and our starting lineup lead us with four. It’s just not good enough. We had J.J. and Glen make some shots but really this was a good team; you have team wins and you have team losses and this was a team loss. Coaching loss, team loss, we’re all in it together. I didn’t think anyone played well, anyone for us. If you go across the board, Glen shot well, J.J. shot pretty well, but those guys didn’t rebound and I didn’t think played well.”

On the Pacers taking away the 3-point shot…
“They’re staying home and Hibbert protects the rim. There’s no rotation on pick and rolls and things like that. We’re having a hard time like we’re trying to drive the ball and we just don’t finish many drives. They’re staying one-on-one and if you can’t break down the defense and make a second defender come then you’re not going to get a lot of 3s.”

On Ryan Anderson taking on David West on the move…
“I’ll take some of the blame for that too but we didn’t do anything. We just really haven’t gotten him involved in the series. Basically what we can get against them is Glen Davis pick and pop jump shots. J.J. plays at such a high energy level that he can get some shots. Those have really been the only two guys who can consistently get some shots. I thought our other guys; our starting lineup was really, really low energy today. I don’t know if we’re just tired, we’ve been on the road a lot, I don’t know but really low energy today, just walking up and down, late on everything. But then again and I said it to our guys after the game, ‘so we got it stuck to us today but they don’t get two wins for that.’ They don’t get two wins for that. I’ve been through a lot of playoff series both as an assistant and a head coach but you have to realize that this time of year they don’t get two wins for blowing you out. It’s 2-1 and what we’ve got to do is keep our head’s straight, not hang our heads, keep our competitive spirit where it needs to be and come back. The only thing that matters is getting ready to play a great game on Saturday. That’s the only thing that matters right now. It’s not about trying to find blame or point fingers or make excuses. We were awful, all of us, me included, we were awful. Now let’s get ready for Saturday.”

J. J. Redick
“No other explanation, they’re outplaying us. Obviously we can’t keep giving them a cushion. Tonight they hit nine out of their first 10 shots and got off to a great start offensively. And really the rest of the game we were playing catch-up. So obviously we have to, from the beginning of the game, I think it’s important to get off to a great start.”

“I think they’re making us shoot a lot of 2s. They’re not rotating to Glen on pick-and-rolls, when he rolls, they’re kind of letting Hibbert play him. So they’re staying home on shooters, whereas generally somebody will take the roll man and then have to close on the shooter. So we’re going to have to figure out how to create some shots. Obviously it’s a big part of our game.”

“It’s the responsibility of the people that are starting to get us off to a good start. I think those guys will come back with a great game plan for Game 4.”

“I think we just have to keep battling. Look, they’re bigger than us at most every position, we battled in Game 1, we battled for most of Game 2, tonight we battled for the first half. I think we just have to keep that up. Earl is giving us some good minutes defensively and we’ll need more of that.”
Ryan Anderson
“I think it’s creating openings for other guys. Obviously Glen has been playing great; he’s been able to take advantage of some open rolls and stuff. That’s all you can really do. Be as aggressive as I can, set solid screens and get other guys open. If I get the ball, be aggressive with it. I just need to be more aggressive.”

“I’m not going to lie; it’s frustrating as a group in general to lose a game like this. Obviously we can bounce back, play harder next game. The great thing about this is that we have another game to keep playing.”

“We’ve proven that we can beat this team, we just have to play super hard and take very position and be solid with each possession. We should play better defensive, rebound the ball better, those are the keys.”
Glen Davis
“They’re doing what they need to do at the right time. You know they’ve been playing extremely harder than us at some times in the game. Their energy level was consistent. I think that’s one of our biggest problems. In the third quarter, we can’t play from behind, we can’t make more mistakes.”

“We don’t want to lose. We don’t want to lose the game but at the same time we still have hope, we still believe. You know, we’re still in the fight. It’s not like we’re down two games, we’re just down one and the next game is at home. They returned the favor, they beat us at home.”

April 30, 2012: Magic at Pacers Game 2Stan Van Gundy
“We’re going to have to be better offensively. I’m going to have to find something that works. We’re not going to win whenever half their points are from second chance and fast break. They beat us with their effort and energy. Our starters are coming out of the locker room with nothing in the third quarter. And honestly they’re not bringing much at the start. They aren’t bringing enough to the game. (On Glen Davis) He’s playing hard, very, very hard. But when you got 5-16 from the field, I don’t think he played very well. Pretty much anything we did well was in the first half. I thought we took some bad shots. I’m just not happy with the way we played tonight. We got dominated by their effort and energy. I thought our half-court defense was pretty good. They have 47 points on fast break and second chance. We turned the ball over and got out rebounded. Sometimes I’m not even sure what our game is, honestly. They dominated us on the glass in the third quarter. (On Jameer Nelson) It’s hard for him to get to the rim because of their bigs and the way they are guarding the pick and roll. From a coaching standpoint, we have to find some concepts that will help us offensively.”
Ryan Anderson
“(On the second half) I just think they came out and played harder than us, in the second half. The start of the third quarter, they were able to build off of their momentum. Then they hit a good stretch and made some key shots. Their fast break points are what killed us. Now we get a chance to go back home and play off of the momentum of our crowd and play better than we did tonight. We know we can. We just need to come out with a greater will than the other team, do a better job of limited our turnovers. Every play has to be exact, it comes down to execution. We feel like we could have won tonight. It’s disappointing.”
Glen Davis
“(On coming away with one win in Indiana) We did what we came here to do. We would have liked to have gotten two wins, but we fell short. But we still switched home court advantage back to us. Now we get an opportunity to go home with our crowd. But at the same time, we can’t just rely on that. We have to be more aggressive than we were tonight. We have to find out niche on offense out there and do a better job of getting guys the ball at the right time.”
April 28, 2012: Magic at Pacers Game 1Glen Davis
“(On their performance) We’re not trying to impress the doubters or make them believe in us. We believe in ourselves. We’ve been through a lot this year, both mentally and physically. And we have been able to overcome it. This is huge to get game one at their place. The pressure is now on them to win game two. At worst, we’re going to leave here 1-1, right back where we started and going to our place. (On outplaying the Pacers in the fourth quarter) I thought we executed real well. We did a great job. It was tough to get easy buckets. It was tough down there. I just had to concentrate and really work on picking my spots. It’s unbelievable but it’s just one game though.”
Jameer Nelson
“With the group of guys we have now, we’ve playing harder. We’re trying to cut down on mistakes. We’re playing without our best player in Dwight Howard, who usually cleans up our mistakes. Although he’s not here physically, he’s here spiritually. (On his performance) I just tried getting in the paint and making plays. (On the game) we were more committed. We made mistakes, but our effort was to correct them. (On being the underdog) People make predictions. Someone has to win and you can’t tie. Our locker room has to come out and play. (On being rattled down the stretch) They made a run and no one on our team got rattled. (On Glen Davis and Hedo Turkoglu) They are two tough guys. They are fighters and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
April 25, 2012: Magic vs. BobcatsStan Van Gundy:

Opening statement…

“It’s getting crazier by the day actually. We were so ready to play too. That was the thing that was tough, our guys came out; I thought our ball movement, everybody was sharp, really ready to play and then Glen goes down and every big guy we put in the game thought their job was to foul as quickly as they possibly could and it was hard. It was just hard to keep any kind of momentum at all.”

On Glen Davis’s ankle…
“He’s walking on it, which is a good sign but other than that I can’t really tell you.”

On Jason Richardson…
“He turned his ankle a little bit at the end too so ‘no’ I don’t have any word on that either.”

On his message to the team following the win…

“I told them ‘congratulations, good win and as your reward after tomorrow night you get to spend a week in Indianapolis’…”

“…I told them it was a good win and everything else but I didn’t really expound on it. It was a good win even though the team you’re playing is 50 games under .500. But with the guys we had, at one point I was worried we weren’t going to have enough guys to finish with all the fouls. I’ll take it, it was a good win.”

On being locked into the sixth seed in the playoffs and facing Indiana…

“They’re a very good team and I think the two things off the top of my head, the two major challenges with them and they sort of go hand in hand; their size is just a major challenge for us. Clearly we’re not loaded with size right now and they are. Going from Hibbert to David West and then Amundson and Hansbrough off the bench, and then their wing guys are both 6’9”, their starting wings. Their size is a major issue and then they’re also very, very difficult to score on. A lot of it because of that size so we’ve got some major challenges particularly as small as we are right now, but I think even through three and a half quarters in the Denver game, I think our guys have established that they’re going to play at a pretty good energy level. I think we’ll give it a good battle, we’ll get more specific obviously in the game plan with them starting tomorrow. I don’t think we’re going to get much preparation time so we’ll have to be very specific in what we want to do.”

On Indiana being the most improved team in the league…
“I would say yeah probably. I think that they’ve done a good job. Obviously, I think a couple of things have happened for them. The addition of David West, huge addition, then the addition of George Hill, and then the mid-season addition of Leandro Barbosa. The personnel moves that they made have been great and then Paul George’s development I think has been absolutely huge for them; and another pickup, Lou Amundson. So four pickups, all significant players for them.”

Jason Richardson
“That wasn’t even on our minds, who we were going to play. We just wanted to win the game. We haven’t won in a while, we’ve had some tough games, we had a tough road trip going to Denver and Utah. I don’t think anybody was thinking about what was going on in the playoffs. We just wanted to win, we deserve to win, the way we’ve been playing and how hard we’ve been working.”

(On playing Indiana) “It’s going to be tough but that’s what the basketball team have to do, pick it up, help each other out, hopefully we’ll get Big Baby back by then. I don’t what the situation is going on with him but we have to do our job, we have to step up our intensity level, do the little things, the extra mile because to recover from not having guys here.”

Jameer Nelson
“I’ve had to show more leadership all year, and show my resolve, and keep my composure with all the stuff going on. So it’s time to really lead the guys, we have a lot of younger guys and lot of guys are looking for someone to lead.”

“Now with us going to Indiana, we can take care of the game tomorrow, start preparing the right way and start preparing for the team that we’re going to face in the playoffs.”

“Our game has changed. Over the past two weeks we’ve been without the most dominant player in the game but we just have to stick together and help out defensively and do things the right way.”

Ryan Anderson
(On J. J. tonight) “He has a great night. He was on fire, he was feeling it. I’m always happy to see J. J. when he has a great game like that… he played great tonight.”

J. J. Redick
“Obvious it was good to win and secure the sixth seed in the East. We’ve had a tough schedule. We played at Boston who’s still fighting for home court advantage, at Utah who was fighting for their playoff lives, and then Denver who’s fighting for seeding right now. So those are all tough games. I think there’s a sense of relief that we know who we’re playing which is always good. We can start preparing for that; know what hotel you’re staying at, just good.”

“They played well. I think you have to give them some credit for playing hard. I think we played hard tonight, I really do. That’s what I felt on the court, that we were playing really hard. They did too; they didn’t lay down, so credit to them.”

April 22, 2012: Magic at NuggetsApril 22, 2012: Magic at NuggetsStan Van Gundy:

On difference between first and second half:

“It had nothing to do with running out of gas. Four times the guy comes up to set a pick and back-cut for a lob is absurd. We ran out of focus and we ran out of competitiveness. That’s what we ran out of.”

On the Nuggets shooting 50 percent:

“Yes they shot 50 percent and got 100 points, mark it down. Charlotte, mark it down 100 points and 50 percent. Every game.”

On concerned with going into playoffs playing like this:

“I don’t care about momentum, we don’t play any defense.”

On lack of size for defending alley-oops:

“Some of them when you go to help yeah. The one’s where he’s just walking up and going back for the lob is ridiculous. Maybe it happens once and it causes you to focus but not four times.”

On if his team got the message:

“I don’t know if they got the message or not. They were playing well and very hard until the second half tonight. Defensively, I don’t know. We went back to the film from last night’s game and I thought we played very hard but I don’t know what the answer is. We simply cannot guard anyone right now.”
Jason Richardson:

On what changed in second half:

“We did everything (wrong). We didn’t do our defensive assignments, we didn’t have energy. We didn’t do any of the things that we’ve been doing the last five or six games. You can blame it on whatever it was. We just didn’t play like we should.”

On trying to gain momentum for the playoffs:

“Of course we want to win. Up until this game, our effort has been great. We’ve been playing well, moving the ball well. We know we have to do some things better on the defensive end, but you definitely want the outcome to be a win in your column, but we’ve been playing well. We have two games left to try to get two wins to go into the playoffs.”

On running out of energy:

“I don’t think anybody was just dogging it out there. I just think we didn’t do the things we’re supposed to on the defensive end. Especially the third and fourth quarters when they kept throwing lob after lob after lob. That was us messing up our defensive assignments and not rotating. I think we just got down on ourselves and we can’t be that type of team where if something goes bad or adversity hits, we can’t just keep sinking and have to find a way to fight through it. We might have been a little tired, but that can’t be an excuse. We’re professionals.”

April 21, 2012: Magic at JazzStan Van Gundy – Head Coach (36-27 this season)
On the team’s defensive struggles “We just cannot guard, we cannot. I don’t think it is that our guys are not trying, I don’t know what it is, but we cannot guard anyone. We can’t guard anyone...Our defense is disturbing to say the least.”

On his team’s lack of depth “Daniel (Orton) gave us nothing. He went for every shot fake, he fouled every time. He was in foul trouble. He didn’t even give us minutes that we needed to give (our starters) some rest. Our lack of depth was an absolute huge factor, in the game those guys ran out of gas at the end.”
Ryan Anderson – Forward (21 points, 5 rebounds)
On the game “We played hard. We had a stretch where we played great and played great defense. It’s just tough it’s one of those games down the stretch where they hit some big shots and our defense wasn’t there.”

On what they need to do to get better “I think it’s just effort and knowing what to do and knowing where to rotate and down the stretch they had some wide open looks that we shouldn’t give up.”
J.J. Redick – Guard (15 points, 4 rebounds)
On how the Magic handle a loss “Most of them are difficult to stomach. I think the two that are the hardest are when you really get your ass kicked, like the Atlanta game recently, and games like this when you have multiple chances to win, put a team away or seal the deal and we never could do that.”

On how the Magic lost the game “We had that four-point lead after (Jason Richardson) hit that three. At that point is when we really needed a stop and come back down and get another bucket and that pretty much would have done it. Then they cut it to two and we never really had chances to put them away and we didn’t do it. We couldn’t get the stop at the end. We had our chances.”
Jason Richardson – Forward (21 points, 7 rebounds)
On facing the lineup of Millsap, Jefferson and Favors “It’s real tough because Millsap can post smaller threes up. He posted me up, but I thought we did a pretty good job of defending him in the post. But that lineup makes them big and long, so they can get offensive rebounds, so it’s a pretty tough lineup.”

On his strong start to the game “I just wanted to be aggressive. Recently I haven’t been aggressive enough and so I wanted to assert myself on the offensive end and it was pretty good.”

On taking 38 three-pointers “That’s just how we play. Even with Dwight (Howard), we get a lot of threes up, that’s how we pretty much played with him down low and we surround him with shooters so we can space out. But I thought we shot the ball pretty good today, I think we rushed a few of them but overall I thought we shot it pretty good.”

April 18, 2012: Magic at CelticsOrlando Head Coach Stan Van Gundy:

Re: Effort “ The guys played really hard. We out scored them by 14 in the paint. We outrebounded them by 17. Our effort was great, we just can’t guard anybody. I keep looking at it. I know we are a little small, but we are just not able to stop any body. That’s the deal, especially the first half. We were better in the second half. The first quarter they were shooing 70 percent. Hell they were out to an 11 point lead. That and the free throw shooting were the biggest factors. We shoot three more free throws than they do and make three fewer. That’s not going to get it done. That and the fact that our three point shooting again was horrendous. We had the one possession to tie in two minutes and we missed two open ones. We executed really well. We got J.J. an open one and then got an offensive rebound and got Jameer and open one. Two good opportunities, we just could not knock them down. I thought our guys fought hard. We stayed in the game. Offensively we are playing better. I think we are staying together, we are fighting hard. We just are not able to stop any body right now.

Re: Pierce’s clutch shot “Our defense on him was good. The one before that was the real tough one. Going left, the runner fading away. That was very difficult shot. He’s a great player. They got two Hall of Famers on the floor. I’ve been to the Hall of Fame. I don’t know if that evens it up or not. He made some good shots; some really big shots.

Re: Glen Davis “He was tremendous again. Glen has been great. He’s been outstanding. He was outstanding again today at both ends of he floor, I thought.

Re: Defense “We made about three changes, scheme wise within that game. That’s part of the problem. We are just scrambling right now because we don’t have anything that we can rely on. “

Re: Missing Dwight “It’s not a trickle down effect. It’s the fact that you don’t have him. It’s not anything else. It requires everybody else. If we really look at it, I thought we made some mistakes early, but I don’t think it’s our guys are playing at a lower level defensively than they were before, it’s just you’ve take our best defensive player out, and out biggest. Plus, we are missing our biggest perimeter player. We’re playing two guards at the three and we are playing small inside. It’s going to trickle down, but what it requires is that everybody has got to be better and we were not.”
Ryan Anderson

“I think we played great defense in the stretch. We played hard, we battled, we played together. I just think we need to eliminate those easy buckets in the beginning of the game. we need to play like we did at the end of the game the whole time. Obviously teams are going to make shots but, we gave them some easy ones early.”

Re: set you off with foul: “I told him (ref) that he was doing a great job tonight, that’s all I said. I didn’t curse, I didn’t give him a harsh face, I just came over to him (ref) and said ‘you are doing a great job tonight’ and I think I said that a bunch of times so maybe he (ref) got frustrated with hearing it too much and maybe the fact that I thought I took two charges in a row, practically on two plays consecutively almost then I got fouled on the other end. Whenever we are playing Boston, the refs are great, they just keep getting better and better.”

Re: up against w/o 2 players: “We are playing hard, we’re playing together. I think this is a team, ya know Boston’s getting their stuff together, they’re going to make a big run in the playoffs, and we had a chance to beat em tonight. I think we beat a great Philadelphia team, beat Cleveland, we’ve been playing well without those guys. Obviously you always wonder what its going to be like with those guys and how much better we could play or be. But this is what we have, we can’t think about what we don’t have because you never know when those guys are going to get back and get healthy so we have to focus on this group.”
Glen Davis

Re: frustrating game: “I know sometimes when you lose a game you say what did you learn from the loss, but I think we went a step forward. There’s been multiple games where we’ve been down and we just went away and I like how the way we fought today, but at the end of the day we need to win the game. Going back to what we need to do on defense, we need to swap people up a little bit more. We were slow on rotations, things during the game we didn’t do the right thing at the right time, but at the end of the day we tried to pull together and make things happen and I’m proud of my team, but at the end of the day we are looking forward to the playoffs and got to get better.”

Re: can get there to a better place: “We are right there. I like the spirit of our team. When you have the spirit of the team is in the right place a lot of things can happen because everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to win. If we keep that mindset, keep following the coaches and what we need to do and leaders on this team we will do really good.”

Re: playing Boston possibly in playoffs: “I think we’re capable of beating them. Today we didn’t have two of our guys and they didn’t have two of their guys, but at the same time we had a big missing piece today and we still came out there and played the right way and was in the game. Whatever happens, happens whoever we play Indiana or Boston we are going to bring energy and we are going to play hard, that’s all that matters.

April 16, 2012: Magic vs. SixersOrlando Head Coach Stan Van Gundy:

On the game… “That was just a tremendous team effort. And it’s two games in a row now, this against a playoff team needing a win. Obviously we want to get guys back and get them healthy but it’s not about one or two guys, it’s about a team. And that’s what we’ve been the last two nights is a team.”

“If you’re a Magic fan and you didn’t enjoy tonight then I don’t understand it. Our guys played very well. I know I am extremely proud of the guys that were out there tonight.”

“We out-rebounded them by 16 and that made a big difference in the game. To be up 16 on the boards without Dwight, those guys are making a great effort. On defensive rebounds, all those guys made a great effort.”

On Ryan Anderson… “He was fabulous, he competed unbelievably. He’s played a lot of minutes, two nights in a row, he’s not completely healthy. That was just great competitiveness.”

“Ryan has the ability to rebound the ball, there’s no question about that. He just went inside and fought and competed very hard. Considering what we were facing, it was probably his best game of the year.”

On how they’re going to play without Dwight and Hedo… “I don’t have any idea. We’ll find out as we go forward. I love the way they’ve played for two games and I’m going to enjoy that. And it does tell you the value of a team and playing hard. And it’s not just two guys, it’s about a lot of guys getting involved in the game.”

On the team’s energy… “It was great. When you have purity and you’re just going out to play hard and play together and try to win, energy’s a lot easier than when it becomes about individual things. They’ve put all that aside now and guys are doing whatever it takes. There’s not selfishness and no agendas, everybody’s just playing.”

On how to prepare for the playoffs…“It’s about trying to get ourselves to play on a level that we need to play at. Especially the level of competitiveness and energy, this is it.”

On Earl Clark… “I think Earl has calmed down. He’s playing the game. He used to go in, a little frenetic, trying to score and now he’s just playing. He’s not rushing or forcing plays.”

Jason Richardson
On the team’s energy…
“You can’t have a complaint at all especially on a back-to-back. Guys came in, we’re down a couple of guys. We got two starters down. We got Glen who came off the bench, gave us big minutes, who was starting. Some way we found energy. We have to do that every night. We have to figure out a way to do that every night.”

On the team’s effort…
“We did a great job I think. Shots were going in so I guess (we had) a little bit more energy as far as on the defensive end. We had a lot of young guys on the court tonight but we talked them through it and they did a great job with just hustling and not giving up on plays. I think that was the difference maker in the game.”
Earl Clark
On having an opportunity to play more…
“It’s great. I’ve always wanted to play. Now that I’m given the chance and I’m just trying to make the most of it. I’m having fun. We got a quality win today and it feels good.”

On the team’s energy…
“That’s how we have to play to win. We’re not a low energy team and our best player is out right now so we got to come out high energy, one loose bus, block shots and rebound.”
Ryan Anderson-
On the team’s effort…
“We played as a team tonight. We played with heart. We had a great defensive effort and this was one of the best defensive teams in the NBA and we moved the ball. It’s not like we were making a ton of crazy, difficult shots. We just had a lot of energy and we moved the ball and we made it really hard for them to guard us.”

On playing with energy for the rest of the season…
“This is the way we can win games and this is what makes us so hard to guard especially with Turk out and with Glen out and with Dwight out. We’re not a big team. We’re not a very big defensive team or offensive team. We just have to get those energy points and crash the boards like we did tonight. We had guys that were focused on that tonight and focused on things that they can control rather than hunting up shots or anything. We moved the ball, we played great offense, and it’s because we played very unselfish tonight.”

April 13, 2012: Magic vs. HawksOrlando Head Coach Stan Van Gundy:

On the game… “I was really upset, especially with our starters. They just didn’t bring anything to that game. We didn’t run back, we didn’t get matched up. They [Hawks] got too many easy shots. There was no excuse for what happened in that first quarter.”

“We tried to play some people one-on-one early on and we were not able to do that. And then we didn’t do a great job of helping each other defensively. There is nothing that we did well defensively in that game. Well, I shouldn’t say that, we defensive rebounded pretty well.”

”We didn’t shoot very well from anywhere. Three-point line, two point line. We missed layups, we missed open shots, and we missed threes. I thought that early on in the game in terms of offensive ball movement, I thought we did pretty well. But it was a defensive problem.”

On a possible lack of energy… “I don’t think we had a lack of energy. The other night in Washington, I gave our guys a little break. I thought that they competed hard and tried hard. We’re tired. We’ve got guys that when they’re struggling to score everything else goes out the window. It’s got to be just the opposite and we’ve got to take a more defensive mindset toward games.”

“We played five games without Dwight, and four of them we’ve given up over 50 percent. That can happen once or twice but when it happens four times in five games you’re not putting anything in the game defensively.”

On Dwight’s injury… “As far as prognosis or any of that stuff, I don’t have anything.”
Jason Richardson
“We just didn’t do anything right tonight. No excuses.”

“We have to step up our individual defense, got to help each other out. We were a little undersized; they’re pretty big, but at the same time, we have to have some individual pride in ourselves.”

“They give us problems with or without Dwight. We just have to figure out a way to play against them. All we have to do is get ourselves ready for the playoffs, continue to play hard, and continue to do things to get ready.”

Quentin Richardson
“We have to keep playing; we have to keep playing hard and ride everything out. We’re all pros in here and regardless of the situation we have to go out there and do our job.”

“It was a letdown, we didn’t put the effort out we needed to.”

J. J. Redick
“We have to have a better mindset by going forward. No excuses. In order to be a lot better, obviously we have to figure out defensively a way to play defense better. Because obviously we’re going to miss having Dwight on that end of the floor a lot.”

“You’re going to have bad shooting nights. I thought we had good looks tonight; it wasn’t that end of the floor for us. The way we played against Philly the other night, we have to come with that mindset. We didn’t shoot that well that game and we figured out a way to win.”

April 9, 2012: Magic vs. PistonsOrlando Head Coach Stan Van Gundy:

On ball movement… “Everybody moved the ball, everyone deserves credit, but a lot of that was Glen and Daniel. Just constantly running those pick and rolls. We either get something on the roll or it sucks the defense in and people are open.”

On Jason Richardson… “He was great tonight. His last two games, his energy and effort have been way, way up. He did a very good job. Both our wing guys were tremendous tonight.”

On tonight’s game versus their last win… “We played better tonight on an offensive stand point. Our competitive level was very high. Let’s hope we make this a habit, because it’s two games in a row now where we’ve played harder for longer than we have the rest of the year. Why that is, I don’t know. Our intensity in the last two games has been above what it’s been the rest of the year.”

On Ish… “Ish played extremely well. That certainly helped that whole unit play well. I thought Ish was fantastic tonight.”

On playing Ish more often… “He played very well tonight, but again on tonight, everybody played well. I’d consider playing all these guys a lot more minutes. There wasn’t a guy who stepped out on the floor tonight who didn’t play well.”

On their increase in energy since their win Saturday night… “Part of it is, I think, that you go through this season. It’s been hard and you’re sort of through this marathon and you’re trudging along and then there comes a point where you realize that you only have a few weeks to go. It doesn’t look interminable now. There are still going to be ups and downs with nine games to go. But I like the level we’ve played at the last two games and hopefully it will continue.”

On Glen Davis… “We were playing him about 22 minutes before. What would be good for all of them would be Dwight’s playing 36 and maybe Ryan and Glen are both in that 28 or 30 minute range. His play certainly warrants big minutes and that helps Ryan and Dwight as well.”

Glen Davis
“I’m just here to fill a void. But at the end of the day, when everyone comes back, I have to go back to my role and just do my role to the best ability that I can.”

“It feels good. The opportunity to go out there and have the team depend on you more, you view the game in a different view now. Coming off the bench, you view it seriously but you’re not out there a lot. You’re out there 20 minutes of the game. There are so much more minutes of the game that’s being played, you’re out there and every possession counts and you know it. Just as much as 20 minutes of the game counts, it’s a little more frantic a little bit with 20 minutes out there, you got to do something. But when you’re out there long, you get a rhythm, you get a flow. It’s just my role out right now. Until then when it changes, I’ll go back and 20 minutes, I’ll do the best that I can.”

“I just think these last couple games, especially the Philly game; we’ve been on the same page. Just the same page defensively, energy-wise, everybody’s trying to read the same book and be on the same page. I’m really happy that we’re headed this way because at the end of the day, championship basketball, you have to play that way.”

“We haven’t seen J-Rich in double figures in a while. Guys like that and J. J. Redick, have been filling the void of those two guys. Jameer came and did some awesome things. At the same time, we played defense. I think a lot of our defense created our offense. We ended up with nine turnovers, like wow, that’s big for us, two in the first half. When we don’t turn the ball over, we’re making shots, and we’re playing defense, we’re tough. And we don’t even have Dwight. If we can put that all together with Dwight and Turk and guys like that, by the time playoffs come, we’ll be a tough team to beat.”
Ryan Anderson
“It took me a few minutes of playing full contact, and especially going to get the rebounds and play physically, it took me a little bit to get used to it. But after a few minutes, once I got my confidence back in my ankle, it felt good and I felt almost 100%. Actually it a lot felt better than I thought it would feel tonight, that’s a good thing.”

“We’ve been banged up, gone through a lot as a team especially as a team, especially the past few weeks and I think we’re really just having each other’s backs and we’re working hard for each other.”
Jameer Nelson
“We’re just going out there and playing the right way. We’re all out there pushing the ball, helping on defense and offensively just swinging it and getting it into the pick-and-rolls as much as we can. And you have teams running around and getting them off of our bodies, makes it a lot more spread out for us when we’re doing that.”

“One thing is that we’re playing a lot harder, especially on the defensive end. I think our defense and rebounding is generating a lot of our offense. You get a stop; get loose balls, that kind of gives you more energy out there.”

April 7, 2012: Magic at SixersHead Coach Stan Van Gundy

Q: Well, coach, how proud of you of your guys gutting that one out?

I told them that’s the best one of the entire season. To win on the road against a playoff team shooting 36 percent, guys putting in huge minutes, us being down on guys. Dwight [Howard] was getting treatment at every timeout on his back. He could barely walk, which was why I gave him some rest in the second half, 25.6 seconds, I thought that would be enough. For him to do what he did tonight, 20 points, 22 rebounds, those five starters and Chris [Duhon], fantastic. I thought Earl [Clark] gave us some good minutes in the second half, but we leaned heavily on those guys in the starting lineup. We were down. We needed a win. They played a ton of minutes and just fought like hell. Forget me, they should be very proud of themselves and what they gave to each other tonight as teammates.

Q: And you made an effort to tell each player how proud you were of them tonight?

That is the best I’ve felt about this team the entire year. We’ve played some better games where everything was smooth, ball movement, shots dropping, all of that, but as far as just fighting for a win and executing down the stretch and doing what we had to do, I haven’t felt better about our team all year. The big thing is they’ve been through a lot. They’ve got two starters out and another rotation guy out. We’ve had obviously, and I added to it, a tumultuous week and they fought for each other. It has nothing to do with me. They should be really proud about what they gave to each other tonight.

Guard J.J. Redick

Q: With everything that you guys have been through, how key was this to overcome that?

Things happen very fast in this league. It was all good just a week ago, so to speak. Obviously, if you win a few games in a row, there is some positivity in the air, and things can turn around quickly for us. Hopefully, this will be the start of something good.

Q: How emotional was this, J.J.? Was this just another game?

That was the best I’ve felt after a win in a long time. I am serious. I was screaming on my way back into the locker room. You get emotional when you know you put forth the type of effort that you need to beat a good team. It’s the best.
Forward Jason Richardson

Q: How proud are you of your guys just digging down and getting a win out here tonight?

It was great for us. Only eight guys played. A lot of guys are banged up. A lot of guys are getting hurt, but it was good to get a win. After losing five on the road, going through a little bit of adversity, it was definitely good to just go out there and get a win.
April 5, 2012: Magic vs. KnicksStan Van Gundy:

On the game… “When you look at it, we couldn’t stop them at all. We could not get a stop on any situation. It was a very frustrating night. And I’ve been saying it all along, we need to get a lot better defensively and tonight that was certainly exposed.”

“We just need to do a lot of work. Our inability to keep guards out of the paint and play pick and roll defense has been a thorn in our side all year. It’s frustrating to me as a coach, that’s my responsibility, and we just are not able to do it. I’ve said it the whole time, we’ve either got to get a lot better defensively in four weeks or we’re not going to be able to get it done.”

On Jameer… “I think he’s been playing well.”

On Glen Davis… “I thought Glen’s effort tonight was phenomenal. The thing really… we couldn’t shoot the ball and we missed all kinds of open shots. We did keep our turnovers down. The thing that really kept us in the game was our offensive rebounding and Glen got nine of them. His effort was fabulous. I thought it’s the best he’s played since he got here, he played really really hard and came up with some big offensive rebounds.”

On Ryan Anderson’s ankle… “He hurt it, he sprained it. That’s all I know. How long it’s going to be, I have no idea.”

“That was tough. Not only him getting hurt but that’s the play. We’re down two and he just turns his ankle, falls down and the guy gets a wide open elbow jump shot. That’s the one that sort of put it away. We still had a chance after that but it gets awfully hard. If you get a stop right there, obviously, you’re right in the game. That was hard for a lot of reasons.”

On not knowing Dwight was out until 90 minutes prior to the game…“You play who’s available. That’s not a problem, as far as timing. I mean not having him is clearly a problem. But the timing was not a problem.”

April 3, 2012: Magic at PistonsStan Van Gundy:

(On game) "Well, we don't play any defense and obviously Dwight (Howard) would help with that but it’s not the whole thing. Offensively, I thought we played with good energy and tried to move the ball and tried to do some good things but we just don't guard.

(On Ben Gordon): "Everybody hurt us. We don't guard. They played well, I give them credit but we're easy to score on. We do not guard."

(On Dwight Howard not playing): "We don't guard very well when Dwight (Howard) isn’t there. We're better because he's (Dwight Howard) there protecting the basket but we don't guard very well when he isn’t there. We don't guard."

(On Glen Davis): "I think actually for the way we played, he's actually more effective as a center than he is as a four. He's played extremely well in the two games he's tried to play exactly the way we need to play."
Jason Richardson

(On the fourth quarter):"We did kind of relax a little bit on the defensive end. We have to do a better job, you know we're missing Dwight (Howard) down there on that end of the floor but it's going to be times where he might be in foul trouble and we have to learn to play without him."

(On defense): "We have to man up and do a better job of defending players one on one. I don't think our team defense is great, I think it's just when the play breaks down and its several seconds on the clock. We ended up giving up a lot of baskets that way with one-on-one defenders."

April 1, 2012: Magic vs. NuggetsStan Van Gundy:

On the game… “When you look at it, we couldn’t stop them at all. We could not get a stop on any situation. It was a very frustrating night. And I’ve been saying it all along, we need to get a lot better defensively and tonight that was certainly exposed.”

“We just need to do a lot of work. Our inability to keep guards out of the paint and play pick and roll defense has been a thorn in our side all year. It’s frustrating to me as a coach, that’s my responsibility, and we just are not able to do it. I’ve said it the whole time, we’ve either got to get a lot better defensively in four weeks or we’re not going to be able to get it done.”

On Jameer… “I think he’s been playing well.”

On Glen Davis… “I thought Glen’s effort tonight was phenomenal. The thing really… we couldn’t shoot the ball and we missed all kinds of open shots. We did keep our turnovers down. The thing that really kept us in the game was our offensive rebounding and Glen got nine of them. His effort was fabulous. I thought it’s the best he’s played since he got here, he played really really hard and came up with some big offensive rebounds.”

On Ryan Anderson’s ankle… “He hurt it, he sprained it. That’s all I know. How long it’s going to be, I have no idea.”

“That was tough. Not only him getting hurt but that’s the play. We’re down two and he just turns his ankle, falls down and the guy gets a wide open elbow jump shot. That’s the one that sort of put it away. We still had a chance after that but it gets awfully hard. If you get a stop right there, obviously, you’re right in the game. That was hard for a lot of reasons.”

On not knowing Dwight was out until 90 minutes prior to the game…“You play who’s available. That’s not a problem, as far as timing. I mean not having him is clearly a problem. But the timing was not a problem.”

J. J. Redick
“They’re a tough team to stop; they have a lot of weapons. They played well offensively, we didn’t play well defensively. A lot of that has to do with they’re the second leading scoring team in the league. They score points, that’s what they do.”

(On Dwight’s absence) “Of course, he’s the best defensive player in the league so obviously we missed him.”

“There’s no ‘Plan B’ when you’re not getting stops. You’re never going to win games if you think you’re going to outscore people.”
Jason Richardson
(On last shot) “I didn’t get a look at all. I tried turning and taking another dribble, kind of stumbled, felt like my leg got caught on one of their legs. Ref saw something else. It’s like that sometimes.”

“I think they go to the rim a lot. I don’t think we did a good job of keeping them out of the paint. They just kept attacking us and were able to get to the rim and get a lot of paint points. They are a dangerous team, and that’s how they play, they get a lot of points in the paint.”
Glen Davis
“I’m just trying to bring the effort. I know we were compensating for filling some big shoes tonight with Dwight not being able to play. But just trying to make sure I did my job to the max. To complete my role as much as I can.”

“When you’ve got your three-time league Defensive Player of the Year not in, everybody has to take it upon themselves to take their match up personally and don’t let your man score. But at the same time, we have to be a team, a defensive-oriented team kind of guys, to be there for the next guy. We didn’t do it down the stretch when we needed to.”

“Collectively as a group, we have to fight. It’s the end of the season, going down the stretch we got to make sure that we help each other out. It’s not one guy. We have to be a collective team, down to the lowest playing type of guy. Everybody has to fill their role. We need it.”

(On his game tonight) “There’s no satisfaction. I know what I can do; everybody’s seen what I can do. Like me playing at this type of level shouldn’t be a surprise. You forget where I came from and what I’ve done. I’ve played the game at a high level, been part of great teams and have done great things. So it’s about comfort zone, I felt comfortable out there today. I felt comfortable knowing that I could just go out there and just play. That’s it. First of all I had to be comfortable in my role. When I first came here I didn’t think that my role was going to be the role that I have now. I thought it was going to be bigger. But my role wasn’t bigger. So when I get out of myself and understanding what my role is for the team I can see in the games that I get into a better rhythm.”

March 30, 2012: Magic vs. MavsStan Van Gundy:

On defending Dirk Nowitzki’s game-winning shot…
“No, that wasn’t the problem. I mean that shot obviously won it but that wasn’t the problem. The problem is this; you shoot 60 percent at the free throw line, 17-for-28, and you turn the ball over 12 times in the second half and almost all of them go for baskets the other way and that’s what got them back in the game, that’s where the problem is. We keep doing it and doing it and doing it and doing it and it’s an area we’re just not getting better in, we’re just not. And then we had shots, you’ve got to make some shots. We had some good open looks and even at the end, we got a free throw to go up one. Well we got two free throws to go up one, we make 1-for-2. We got a wide open three for Turk and we get a wide open put-back for Ryan. We executed well, I’ve got no problem with that, you’ve got to get the ball in the basket. But the turnovers to me, that and free throw shooting is where the game is and I have a hard time yelling and screaming about the free throw shooting but the turnovers; until we get that under control we have no chance to beat good teams on a consistent basis, none. We had four turnovers at the half so we score 55 points and then in the second half we have 12 turnovers, you’re not going to win like that. You’re just not.”

On Hedo Turkoglu’s turnovers…
“When you go up for a jump shot, guys are going to turn to the board so you do it once and you would think you would learn.”

On Ryan Anderson defending Dirk Nowitzki…
“Well he didn’t shoot a low percentage in the second half and then Jameer came running at him and that was a huge three that Delonte West hit. I know Jameer was just coming to help. We wanted him taking jump shots. The problem in the first half, we fouled him or at least they said we fouled him and then in the second half he started hitting some shots and that’s what happens, you panic a little bit and that was a huge three when we were up four. That changes the game a lot but it’s an instinct, you see Dirk Nowitzki there with the ball, he spins and then you come and help.”

On his team playing better with leads and limiting turnovers…
“I didn’t see a let up but you can’t say apart from the turnovers. That’s what will cost you the lead. That’s what cost us the lead tonight. There’s not a game apart from the turnovers. If you’re going to turn it over 12 times, that’s a huge part of the game. You can’t excuse the turnovers. That’s a huge, huge part of the game. You’ve got to get shots when you go down the floor and we didn’t. We worked hard. I’ve got no problem with the effort but you just can’t keep turning the ball over, not against good teams.”

On turnovers coming primarily from veteran players in this system…
“It’s not a matter of system. It’s a matter of carelessness and not taking care of the ball. The three guys who we run the most plays for in terms of pick and rolls and things like that; Jameer has three, Turk has five, J.J. has three. It’s just not that good enough, they know that, but we’ve got to change it.”

Dwight Howard
“We just have to do a better job of handling the ball.”

“You know we’re going to have turnovers. We just have to do a better job late in the game, taking control, cutting down on the turnovers and getting good shots that count.”
Ryan Anderson
(On last shot) “Yeah, I didn’t think that I had much time. I was surprised that I got such an open rebound and thought that I just had to rush it up because we had five seconds left. I rushed it.”

(On Dirk Nowitzki) “He’s an All-Star player. Obviously he’s a tough player because you have to play him physical but obviously he’s going to get every call. He’s a great player, he played great tonight and he’s always a challenge and he made a really tough shot at the end to give them that lead. I mean, he’s a clutch player.”

“He’s pretty impossible to guard because he’s seven feet tall and he shoots the ball so high so there’s no way you can block his shot. You can’t block his shot. The best you can do is get a hand up. So he’s a tough guard.”

“We had a chance to tie it and I blew it. So ultimately we need to play the whole game. We’ve been talking about that the whole season practically, just playing a whole 48 minutes. They made a great run; we didn’t have answers during that time so we just have to consistently play the entire game. It’s tough because teams are going to score the ball obviously when you have guys like Dirk and Jason Terry, they’re going to score.”
J. J. Redick
(How to cut down turnovers) “It comes down to each guy being better. I had three tonight, that’s too many, so start there.”

“When we had our lead, we were taking care of the ball and it was the turnovers that got them back into the game.”

“It’s a loss, it’s a game where we were in position to win and should have won had we done a few things better.”

“We know we haven’t had one of those long winning streaks or anything like that. I think that consistency on a night like tonight has been poor.”

(On Dirk) “He’s one of the best offensive players in the world and one of the best I’ve ever seen in my life. Sometimes he just hits shots that make you shake your head and really with his size, there’s nothing you can do about it. The last play was defended well and – I don’t know how we banked it in.”

March 26, 2012: Magic at RaptorsSTAN VAN GUNDY (HEAD COACH)

Thoughts on the offensive effort…
Dwight (Howard) was dominant inside and they were leaving Ryan (Anderson) open on the perimeter so it was pretty easy to get shots.

Thoughts on the team defence…
They made 11 three’s, but we had enough offense to overcome it.

Thoughts on the team taking care of the ball…
I thought it was huge that we only had nine (turnovers). It was very important and good to see. Our guys did a good job of taking care of the ball.
RYAN ANDERSON (28 points, six rebounds)

Looked like you could not miss from behind the arc…
I had a lot of open looks and I think everybody did a good job of finding me. Dwight (Howard) causes a lot of attention down in the paint which led to some open shots for everybody. We started the game off rolling and made a ton of three’s, hit some open shots and really moved the ball tonight.
Thoughts on the defence played on Andrea Bargnani?
Obviously he is a tremendous scorer and we wanted to eliminate his easy buckets, stay on his body and not let him get open threes. Dwight (Howard) did a great job helping, Glen (Davis) did a great job helping, everybody did. I can probably name everybody down the line that helped me on plays and we did a good job eliminating his comfortable shots. We made him take tough shots.
DWIGHT HOWARD (23 points, 10 rebounds)

Did you feel like you guys were in control most of the game?
For the most part, we came out strong and we kept the lead. They made a great run to get back into it, but we just kept playing the way we played to get us the lead and were able to hold on.

What has changed for this team since the bad loss last week?
I dont know, we always have a couple of games like that. It happens to everybody, we just have to play through it and continue to lift each other up.

Could you tell that they didn’t have energy?
Yes, but I thought they came back and played hard. We made some tough shots and had some good defensive possessions and that is what allowed us to keep the lead. I think after the first quarter their effort was pretty good. They have just had some tough games in Chicago; New York they blew out so this team has been playing pretty good basketball. We wanted to come in and take the crowd out early; we did that until the end when they had 100 points.

Thoughts on Ryan Andersons play tonight…
I am happy for him. I just want to continue to do all the things that he has been doing. We all love the way he has been playing, he just has to keep it up. We are going to need that same effort and energy from him every night. We know he can do it that is why myself and Jameer (Nelson) stay on him to be consistent. For the most part he has been trying to do that and I’m just happy to see that he shot 8-13 tonight from the three. That is amazing.

March 23, 2012: Magic vs. CavaliersStan Van Gundy:

On the team’s ball movement…
“I thought for the most part we did [move the ball well]. Look I thought and I told them, I really liked their effort tonight, their concentration defensively, would’ve liked to have rebounded a little better. Now we consciously did some things where we took Dwight off of Tristan Thompson to help on pick and rolls which I think helped us limit Kyrie Irving a little bit but hurt us on the boards. But we could’ve done a better job blocking out; a little disappointed in that. But overall defensively I thought we worked really hard. Offensively I thought we tried to move the ball but turnovers and we just talked about it in there. The ones that we have to eliminate, there’s some where we’re just literally giving the ball away; where we just throw a pass without looking. That stuff has got to stop. I don’t want guys playing in fear of making plays but there’s some of the ones we’re just not even looking when we throw the ball, things like that, we’ve got to cut those down. We’ve got to play a little bit better when we have a lead but our effort the last two games and our focus on the defensive end of the floor has been very, very good.”

On the team having multiple guys capable of scoring in double-figures…
“Correct. We have six guys averaging double figures so I think that happens. Now in the second half we couldn’t shoot the ball well at all. I think we were what, 3-for-13 from three and it shows when you play like that, but our defense held us in the game. But it’s really cutting the turnovers and keeping our energy level up.”

On Hedo Turkoglu…
“He played much better. More energy, played much better. Guys jumped him after Alonzo Gee’s first drive. He got in the post, made an easy move. Guys jumped him all over the place and he was (mad) that guys said something but then he came back and defended hard. I thought he played well. He had some careless turnovers too but I thought he played well.”

On Hedo needing pressure from the rest of the team…
“I don’t know. I don’t know what he needs but he had himself ready to play tonight and he was in a good frame of mind; I thought was aggressive and the whole thing.”

On the condensed schedule playing a role in Turkoglu’s play…
“Well you have to ask those guys but here’s the bottom line, every player in the league is going through it. The regular season is tougher on the older guys so I’m sure it is. I read some quotes from Anthony Parker that it’s been tough and the whole thing. Bottom line is though if you want to play nobody cares, you’ve got to play the schedule. They don’t give us points for coming up with a good excuse.”

Ryan Anderson
“We moved the ball and that’s when we play the best. And I think our defense really translated on the offensive end, got some easy buckets on the other end. We had a ton of energy; we played strong and played together. We weren’t hitting our shots as much as we hoped we could, but tonight we played the way we want to play, have a lot of energy, and moved the ball.”

“We want to get better each game, keep improving and eliminate the things that we’re struggling with like turnovers, and tightening up our defense. I think it’s definitely on our minds. When we huddle it up after game that’s the one thing we focus on, just getting better because it’s crunch-time.”

Hedo Turkoglu
“We gave so many weapons we can use throughout the game; it kind of makes us dangerous. Stan always makes the point if we hold it too much, you let the defense get set and sure makes our job harder. He always tells us shoot if you have it, if you don’t, don’t hold the ball. That’s what we did in the beginning and helped us to get going and get the lead. We stopped doing that in the third quarter.”
J. J. Redick
“Just another example of a real, socialist approach of sharing the basketball and scoring. Just to be clear, democracy and capitalism is good for America. Socialism is good for the Orlando Magic.”

“I think our goal and habit we have to build is ball movement and energy for four quarters on the offensive end. We have to get better at that.”

March 21, 2012: Magic vs. Suns

Stan Van Gundy:

On the gap among the best centers in the league…
“Well yeah, I mean Dwight played extremely well and I thought we defended Marcin’s offense very, very well and that was more of a team thing because Marc(in)’s game is pick and rolls with Nash and we made a real concerted effort to take that roll to the rim away. I thought we did that as well as it can possibly be done. When I looked at halftime and Marc(in) didn’t have a point and Steve Nash only had two assists; I was really happy with that. Obviously we gave up some other stuff. We gave Nash some of his runners and pull ups at times but we limited their threes and we took away the roll to the rim and I thought for three quarters we made a really concerted defensive effort. Then we got a big lead and shut down and didn’t do a… thing but for three quarters I thought our guys really, really tried.”

On Jason Richardson’s health…
“I think he’s healthy, he’s just playing very poorly. But he did have six rebounds and five assists tonight which are both very good totals for him in less than a half a game. He just can’t get the ball in the basket right now and obviously that’s a problem for us, but I think the six rebounds and five assists show that he’s making an effort to do the things you want so it’s not an effort thing. I thought our guys played with good energy tonight and tried to do things we wanted to do. Like I said defensively, I thought even in the fourth quarter we tried to do things well offensively, we just stopped playing defense when we were up 20 and that was disappointing. But up until then I thought we had good intensity and a great, great focus on what we wanted to do defensively.”

On Glen Davis’s improved play…
“Tonight he was very good. I got on him once. I thought he took one terrible shot and he knew it but he made some great passes. I thought he played with very, very good effort. It was good. I think he’s playing a lot better. I think tonight was one of his best games of the year; (he) both made some shots and rebounded the ball. I thought that was good.”

Glen Davis
“It’s been a long time coming to feel like that in a game where I feel like I’m doing something right for a change. My teammates did a great job of finding me when I was open. We did a good job on the offensive side; defensively I think we need to be better. But as me an individual, today the basketball gods gave me a little reward so hopefully we can keep building.”

“I just have to take one game at a time and understand that every game can’t be like today. Keep my composure, sometimes things don’t work out, sometimes I take myself out of the game when I feel like I’m open or something. (I need to) just keep playing the game like it’s supposed to be played and don’t worry about what happens, just go out there and play hard. That’s what I’m trying to do. At the end of the day I’ve been in position where that’s all I needed to do was to play hard and that’s what they need me to do here instead of worrying about things, just worry about what I need to do to the maximum of my ability on this team and everything will take care of itself.”

(On PA playing songs with “baby” in them) “Baby got back? (Enjoy it?) “Most definitely, I love it. You know this game is an entertainment game, we have fun. Basketball is something I love to do and I’m just blessed and fortunate God gave me the ability to play this sport and God gave me the ability just to be on the court and be in an Orlando Magic jersey. You know they can play anything, I don’t care. If they play something, that’s a good thing.”
Ryan Anderson
“Tonight was a night where we could move the ball and set some screens and really just be more active. I think that’s something we need to do more often. We just need to come out and engage, have a ton of energy, and when we do that, a bunch of guys get open shots and scoring was pretty evenly distributed. It was because of our energy.”

(On Glen Davis) “Obviously it takes time in general just to get used to a system. For me, it took a while to get used to Stan’s system here. For Glen, you obviously add all that other stuff and I’m just happy that he’s having a good time, he’s playing hard, doing the things that he knows he can do and he’s doing them well. He had a great game tonight and I’m sure happy for him. I hope this is something that sparks in him because this is how he can play and we know that.”

“It’s been a tough couple of games. I think not just because of scoring or missing shots, just because this is a team sport. I’m going to have an off-shooting night, I will, going to have a week where I shoot the ball terrible. But just the way we were playing as a team and it was just a little rut that we were all going through. And it’s nice to come out with a win and have everyone shoot the ball well and score more than 59 points. Those are good things, just be more consistent with that and play hard the whole game. Even tonight, we kind of let down a little bit, so we just need to come out and hit teams hard and play the whole game strong.”

March 19, 2012: Magic vs. BullsStan Van Gundy:

On the game… “Our offense was pathetic. And that’s something that I have got to take a look at because we’ve got better players than that. It’s really two games in a row now where we’ve been very bad offensively. Some of the turnover stuff guys have got to take the responsibility for on their own. But I’ve got to take responsibility for getting us better shots than we’re getting right now.”

“We just weren’t very good at either end of the court.”

On the problem… “I mean it was everything. I really need to take a look at when we’re playing back to back games and we’re just not creating any shots. Obviously we just played Chicago 11 days ago and we were able to create shots, we played Miami and we were able to create shots. There are times that we can, so I’ve got to take a look at what’s execution and what’s play calling because this is clearly not satisfactory.”

“The hard part to understand is that we went Miami, San Antonio back to back and played very well offensively. And now we come to these two games and we look like a totally different basketball team.”

“I’ve got to take responsibility for games like this on back to back nights, it’s just not good enough obviously.”

On the Bulls… “I said it before the game, that’s a great basketball team. They play through injuries, they believe in what they’re doing, they play extremely hard and they play with great energy.”

On the loss… “When you play the way we played tonight, this is a team-wide thing. I’ve got to take the responsibility. This was bad all the way around.”

Dwight Howard
“That’s it, they played harder than us. One through 15, whoever stepped on the floor just played harder than us.”

“We know what we have to do. We’re not going to keep talking about it and tell you guys (the media) all this stuff. We know what we have to do as a team.”

“They just played harder. When we play hard, we can beat any team in this league. They know it and so does everybody else.”
J. J. Redick
“I don’t think you can put your finger on it. Tonight specifically they player harder than us for most of the game. And they were a lot more together in terms of executing their stuff. They just stuck with it. I think when we were having problems scoring earlier, we just got frustrated. We didn’t stick together and stick with what we did.”

“Look, they are one of the best defensive teams in the league. Part of it is they are really good on defense and they bring that level of effort every night. And that’s something we’ve talked about throughout the year, is being more consistent with our effort.”
Glen Davis
“See, we went out to Chicago and we beat them with Derrick Rose. Tonight, you saw a team out there playing without their star player, and did what they needed to do to win. And they beat us. They beat us with no problem. I wish they would have had Derrick Rose in a sense.”

March 18, 2012: Magic at HeatStan Van Gundy:

On the Game:

“I thought they (Orlando Magic) fought hard today, but I thought there were two things in the game. Number one, we didn’t come to play. If we went back and looked at the film, our effort defensively early in the game was not there. That is inexcusable. I think that there are twenty-five to thirty possessions in that game that are turnovers or shots that virtually had no chance because of bad ball handling. The Miami HEAT is a very good defensive team. They are going to force some turnovers, but we have been turning the ball over against teams that aren’t great defensively. We are not taking to heart the need to build better habits and improve in that area.”

“Chris Bosh, a great player, with Ryan Anderson guarding him looked like a totally different player in the second half than he did in the first half. Why we came in such a game and didn’t bring any effort early is hard to understand. Give them (Miami HEAT) a lot of credit, their defense is terrific. They dominated us. It was more than just the twenty turnovers. It was a lot of bad shots we took and we put them to the free-throw line twenty-seven times. We just didn’t do what we were supposed to do.”

On Quentin Richardson:

“He (Quentin Richardson) was great tonight. He got a little rest the other night and was raring to go. The thing with him is the better the opponent; the more his juices get flowing.”

On Dwyane Wade:

“I don’t think he (Dwyane Wade) has ever had a bad game against us (Orlando Magic). Every game he has played it has been a great game. We never do a decent job on him. It is not a lack of trying, he just kills us.”

On the Miami HEAT:

“I think you learn something for every game. Our guys competed hard. Our problem with them is our offense. It is not all us, their defense is terrific, but I think we have an idea of what we need to do playing against them. We just didn’t get it done.”

March 16, 2012: Magic vs. NetsStan Van Gundy:

On Jameer Nelson…
“I think he’s gotten in better shape and so his energy is up and when he’s aggressive he’s a good player; and second thing is, I said to somebody, he’s starting to shoot the ball. I mean this is a guy who for three of the first four years I was here shot over 40 percent from three and then through about 30 games this year, maybe even more than 30 games he was shooting below 30 percent from three and that takes a lot away from his game when he’s not shooting the ball well. He had trouble with his legs and conditioning and stuff early on and he wasn’t shooting the ball well. Now he’s in better shape, he’s more aggressive, he’s making shots, and he’s a hard guy to guard when he’s doing that.”

On his team’s defense…
“I mean look, I think there were some good defensive possessions in there. I was actually pretty happy with our defense but you do have to weigh it a little bit. I mean, both their first two point guards were out and obviously Brook Lopez. That makes a huge, huge difference for them. They’re asking guys who are very good players; I think very good scorers, MarShon Brooks, Gerald Green, Anthony Morrow. Humphries had just come off a 31-point game a couple of games ago but they’re getting those things in part at least because the attention is elsewhere and now they’ve got to carry the load. That’s a very, very difficult thing to do and they’re in a very tough situation right now with all those guys out. But I was happy. I thought we did a good job on their starters. Their bench guys, Gerald Green got going, but I was fairly happy with our defense. The only thing I was unhappy with honestly was the 20 turnovers and again just mindless. We just don’t value the ball very much, we just throw it around and don’t really think it matters and that’s going to be a huge problem. You can’t; you’re not going to win playoff series like that, you’re just not.”

On the different vibe in the crowd after the Dwight decision…
“It didn’t seem different to me but then again I’m not really paying attention to that. You guys would notice that stuff a lot more than I would. I pretty much notice the 10 guys on the floor.”

Dwight Howard
“You guys (the media) act like I went to another team and came back. It was great; I thank all the fans that stuck with me all this time, showed me their love. It was great to see it. But we needed this game and that’s the only thing that was coming out and playing the right way, getting another win, bouncing back after a tough loss against San Antonio.”

(On distractions) “I’ve been able to deflect a lot of it. I don’t think anyone asked me any questions about trades, so that part is over with.”

(On teammates reaction) “These guys have been the same all year despite what anybody thinks. We joke about it and have fun. We don’t about think it; we don’t talk about anything but having fun and winning games. The locker room hasn’t changed.”
Jameer Nelson
“I kind of didn’t know what to expect. It was a great ovation for Dwight and he deserved it. Over that last few weeks, last few months, things had to be hectic for him. Whatever decision he made, people were going to say good things or bad things about him. But the one thing is that the only people that matter are the people in this organization, people that’s in his life at home, and these fans.”

“Every one thinks I’m b.s.ing, but there’s nothing we could have done about the situation other than play basketball. Worrying about whether you are going to be traded or not, you can’t do anything about that. They are going to trade you. I mean some guy on another team doesn’t know that he’s going to be traded; they don’t think they’re going to be traded. Why worry about it? Until it happens, there’s nothing you can do.”
Glen Davis
“I think the organization did a good job doing their job. I think Dwight did a good job of following his heart, doing what’s best for him and this team. He believes in this team and that’s the way he feels.”

(On the team refocusing now) “We have to, that is like a must thing… Like defensively focus, stopping the next team from scoring. Because at the end of the day in the playoffs, everybody knows each other’s plays. But at the same time, we have to execute on defense also.”

“We have to get our coverages right, got to make sure we’re held accountable on the defensive end. The coaches do a great job on the Xs and Os part, we’ve got to make sure we execute and execute at a high energy level.”

March 14, 2012: Magic at SpursStan Van Gundy
(On the overall game…)
“They average 100 (points) a game and we held them to 22 points over their average. We just couldn’t keep up at the defensive end. We just couldn’t. There was nothing they ran that we could stop; their quickness on the pick and rolls and then their ball movement and drive on the ball. They obviously shot the ball very well. They were just great. We hung in the game because we played pretty well offensively. It was a three-point game with a little over five minutes to go. They took the lead at about the six minute mark. We were right there and our guys competed hard, but in the long run, we could not contain them defensively at all.”

(On pick and roll stand and three-point shooting…)
“The pick and roll set up most of the three-point shooting. The fact that (Tony) Parker had us all over the place chasing him was very difficult. We couldn’t contain him at all in the pick and roll. I don’t think it was the lack of effort. We just didn’t get the job done. It has been sort of an up and down issue with us all year anyway and he is one of the tougher guys. He took us apart. Then they shot the ball well and moved the ball well. They are a very good team to begin with and they played very, very well tonight. As I told our guys, our defense could have been better but I am also not naïve enough to think that it was all bad defense. They were great tonight. They played extremely well.”

(On the ‘fast’ pace of the game…)
“Well I don’t know if we necessarily wanted to slow down the pace. We would’ve liked to slow them down. Early in the game I thought they had a good pace and they were running. Just because the numbers are high doesn’t mean it was a fast paced game. They just didn’t miss any of their shots. Look at the shooting percentages, they were 50 percent from three and everything else. To me, it wasn’t that fast of a game.”
Magic guard J.J. Redick:
(Thoughts on the game…)
“We shot 52 percent for the game, we scored 113 points. It was just our defense and we could not stop them when it counted.”

(On the Spurs defense…)
“They really did not stop us on defense either. It was an offensive game, so they did not do a whole lot defensively either.”

(On the play of Tony Parker...)
“He was great. He has been playing at a great level all year. He is really taking that offense over and he is picking his spots well. He knows when to be aggressive, when to score, and when to be a playmaker. Tony is as good as any point guard in the league right now.”

(On the back-to-back…)
“All back-to-backs are tough and anytime you get San Antonio in the second night, it’s going to be a tough night.”
Magic guard Jameer Nelson:
(Thoughts on the game...)
“They got stops and we didn’t late in the game. Both teams played hard and obviously both teams shot the ball really well. At half time we knew that the first team that would get stops would win the game. They got the stops when they needed them.”

(On how Jameer is going to handle trade deadline day...)
“Same way I have been doing it for the last eight years. My job is to play basketball and my job is not to worry about what is going on in management. I’m on the court to play basketball and that is all that I can control.”

(On Tony Parker in the fourth quarter...)
“He did a great job of running his team. He makes that team go and it showed tonight. We could not stop his pick and rolls and he is always in attack mode. I tried to make him play defense as much as I could but he just played great tonight.”

(On the Spurs…)
“They are a great team and they are a great team for a reason. Their coaching staff is great and I always have great respect for what they do.”
March 13, 2012: Magic vs. HeatStan Van Gundy:

On the game… “I thought our bounce back from a disastrous end of the second quarter was great. They had 21 fast break points before halftime. They had two fast break points in the second half. We out-rebounded them by 11. I thought our guys fought really hard, we turned it over way too much obviously but it was a hard-fought game. Both teams played hard and well. It was a battle. I was proud of our guys.”

On gaps between the top three teams… “They [The Heat] have 10 losses, we’ve got 15 losses and Chicago’s got nine, that’s a pretty big gap. Yeah, we’ve played well lately and we’ve played well against the good teams. That’s good, but you’ve still got about a five game gap. It’s the same with Oklahoma City on the other side, to me; three teams have sort of separated themselves. Everybody’s going to lose some games, but those teams have separated themselves.”

“We’ve got a long way to go to make that gap up but that’s not the story right now. The story right now is we did a hell of a job tonight.”

On Jameer in attack mode… “He was tremendous tonight. Best he’s played, maybe all year, certainly in a game where we needed it.”

On Dwight… “24 points, 26 rebounds, I don’t really need to expound on that. The only thing he didn’t do well was shoot free-throws.”

“We really struggled to get him the ball. He was rolling pretty well offensively and we just could not get him the ball. I thought near the end of the game and in overtime we did a pretty good job of finally getting him the ball.”

On Miami… “It was mostly jump shots. There wasn’t a lot of shots with them going to the basket or even arguing calls. We did a good job keeping them out of the paint.”

On Wade… “He hasn’t been shooting many threes and he’s made less than 10 in the year coming in, then he makes two tonight. That was pretty disturbing. And he was pretty close on the third one.”

Dwight Howard
“We’re playing some pretty good basketball right now; we just have to keep it up. I like the way our team is gelling, we haven’t allowed anything to get between us, the locker room is great. We step on the court, we’re together. That’s one thing that I’m proud of, it’s been showing lately. We’ve had some tough teams and we’ve beat them all.”

(On Jameer’s play) “He played great. I told him, ‘Go, just go. And if you miss it, I’ll clean it up. Just attack.’ When he’s attacking like that, it makes it very tough. And they had LeBron on him, he’s 6’8” and Jameer’s 5’1”, he’s going right at him. When Jameer’s attacking, we’re very tough.”

(On 2nd half) “Our defense, we didn’t turn the ball over, our defense was great in the second half and we did a good job of clogging up the paint and not allowing LeBron and D-Wade to get those shots they were getting in the first quarter. Just coming down the lane and finishing and we did a good job on that. We just have to continue.”
Jameer Nelson
(On what was talked about at halftime) “We talked about getting the ball to the other side and doing things executing our offense and not just holding the ball. Keep it moving and keeping them moving on defense, we did that. We got our opportunities to run when they turned the ball over. Overall, we did a good job of executing our game plan.”

“We’re professionals, our job is to go out there and play basketball and that’s why we’re all here. We can’t do anything about what’s going on with management or anything else but playing the game. We go out there, coaches put a game plan in, we execute. Anything else doesn’t matter, we can’t control either way.”
Ryan Anderson
“It’s great. This the way we’ve been wanting to play, just the entire game. Whenever they got a lead, we answered and this is what we’ve needed to do. We need to get a win, a consistent win. The way we’ve been playing right now, we’re playing great. It’s huge.”

(On distractions) “We’re trying to eliminate that stuff. We’re coming in each day, putting that stuff aside. Me personally, I’m not trying to look into anything, just trying to stay focused and if you start worrying or start listening to stuff, you start to focus on other things and it’s really going to alter the way you play. We’ve done a good job of putting that to the side and just going out and playing hard.”

March 11, 2012: Magic vs. PacersStan Van Gundy

On the team performing on all cylinders…
“It does, but basically anybody in the league or most teams in the league, if you’re hitting on all cylinders, you’re going to be pretty good. So what it comes down to is the teams that can play well night in and night out, that’s what it comes down to.”

On the team playing with energy for 48 minutes...
“Well I thought we played pretty well. You know, we did not play well at the end of the second quarter and of course the run was again fueled by turnover after turnover after turnover. We still have the tendency when we get a big lead, guys quit playing the game that is working and want their own game. We have a lot of guys that really want to score. That’s what’s important to them so especially when we get a lead they get away from doing the things that were working – and look, we were just riding JJ and Dwight pick and rolls. We ran a couple; not really even much. We ran two or three different sets but it was basically for those two guys and they were both tremendous and made plays. I mean JJ, nine assists and no turnovers… you can’t play a whole lot better than that.”

On Redick playing the pick and roll…
“Well we’ve been running more and more pick and rolls with him and obviously I went in the game having that sort of as my first option, and it worked and we stayed with it. I thought both he and Dwight played very, very well in the pick and rolls. So we just, we rode that. I mean it was working very, very well and we rode it.”

On the Pacers double-teaming Dwight…
“Well they came down hard a couple of times near the end of the first half and were able to strip him, but again, we put him mainly in pick and rolls. We didn’t run a lot of just straight post-ups; we got him the ball in other ways and made it a little bit tougher for them to get a second guy to him. I thought we made good plays in getting him the ball.”

On the upcoming matchup against the Heat…
“Well look, we know they’re very, very good. They’re extremely talented. They’ve got three of the top – let’s say conservatively – three of the top 12 players in the league on one team. Defensively, your work is really cut out for you. But I think our offense is really key in that game. It’s not necessarily a matter of how many points we score but we can’t be turning the ball over, we can’t be jacking up bad shots, we’ve got to be able to move the ball against their defense, which is a very quick, very aggressive defense, and get good shots. And then we’ve got to get back and get our defense set and again, try and take away lay-ups, free throws and fast-break points. We’ve got to work very, very hard at those things and then we’ve got to work very hard at the offensive end to get good shots.”

J. J. Redick
“I know that Stan trusts me. I know that when Turk is playing and J-Rich is playing that it takes away some of the need for me to be a playmaker. But I just wanted to be aggressive. They seemed to have some problems with that side’s pick and roll with me and Dwight. Either I was getting open jumpers or he was getting dunks. And then they started coming over with the four and then Ryan got a couple buckets out of it.”
Dwight Howard
“As a team we played great basketball. We started great moving the ball; we still have some mental lapses at the end of the second quarter which allowed them to come back. But we come out and got stops and went on a big run. So when we put four complete quarters together, it would be great for our team.”

“J. J. got four easy shots, and then got four easy dimes. So for a play that we really haven’t used that much, and used it tonight once and got an easy bucket. We always have options on that play and I told J. J. to come off the screen and attack, and I made a good screen on his man and he had an opportunity to get to the basket.”
Jameer Nelson
“I think we’re a good basketball team. It’s just that sometimes during the course of the game, our effort goes down, our intensity goes down and we can’t do that, especially against good teams. You know those teams that play at a high intensity level and with a lot of aggression. Once our intensity goes down, that’s when we have breakdowns in our game.”

“We’re playing a lot better. Things have been changing in terms of us helping each other on defense. We can still do a lot better job of playing with more effort and intensity for 48 minutes and not having those lulls in certain quarters.”
Chris Duhon
(On J. J.’s transition from college) “I think it’s mental; I think he realized when he first got here that everyone is fast and everyone is physical. They’re going to put one of their best defenders on him so he has to use his head and create more shots, getting open, taking what the defense is giving him. I think that’s the biggest thing that he’s doing a lot better; he’s not forcing plays and he’s taking what the defense is giving him. If it’s driving, or shooting a little pull-up, or shooting a three, or creating for somebody else, he’s just so mentally in tuned to what’s going on in the game.”

March 6, 2012: Magic at BobcatsStan Van Gundy
(On the Bobcats’ 12-0 run in the second quarter)
“Our defense wasn’t great. Where it started was on offense. When we went up 18-20 points everybody got selfish. We quit playing the way we played to get the lead.”

(On the Bobcats)
“They deserved to win. They played hard. They played with more energy than we did. They played together better than we did and they tried harder.”

(On Bismack Biyombo)
“He plays very, very hard. He is very physical, plays extremely hard and works every possession.”

Dwight Howard

(On losing the first-half lead)
“We gave them confidence and they just played with total confidence in the second half and that’s where they got the win. You can’t do that with any team. We cannot allow teams to get confidence against us. They played hard, extremely hard, and they got a good win.”

(On the team’s play in the second half)
“It starts when we have a lead. We have to do what we did to get the lead, move the ball and play the right way. Then we started taking bad shots and it was a snowball effect. Everybody wanted to touch the ball and shoot. That is not how we got the lead so we have to learn from our mistakes.”

(On Bismack Biyombo)
“I really enjoyed battling against him tonight, he played very hard. It’s good to see young guys come in the league and just play hard and I’m happy for him. We talk about him a lot, me and my friends, because we like the way he plays. He plays hard and he doesn’t care about scoring. He gets out there and defends as hard as he can and rebounds, blocks shots and runs the floor. That is what you need out of young guys coming into the league, especially bigs. I’m very happy for him.”

March 1, 2012: Magic vs. ThunderStan Van Gundy
On the difficulty of stopping Oklahoma City…
“Well they are a hard team to stop, there’s no question. The last shot that Durant made was a really tough one but our fourth quarter defense was pathetic. I give them credit for what they did and they’re hard to stop but it shouldn’t be every possession right at the rim on every pick and roll. We didn’t stop the ball one time. I mean it was terrible and then we went zone two possessions, but we have two possessions where we don’t even close on Kevin Durant. Look, I mean they’re great, they made some tough shots but we didn’t defend well enough in the fourth quarter to deserve to win that game.”

On the offensive pace from the beginning of the game until the end…
“Well I mean I thought their defense got a little bit better plus you can’t run when you don’t stop anybody. I thought we ran in the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, how many opportunities did we have to run? It was free throws and made baskets. There’s no chance to run when your defense is as bad as ours was in the fourth, it’s going to hurt your offense. The two go hand-in-hand but we just literally didn’t play any defense whatsoever in the fourth quarter.”

On the decision to go zone…
“Well I mean we hadn’t stopped them in about six minutes and they were just carving us up on pick and rolls so we thought we would just change the momentum a little bit, clearly we didn’t. There wasn’t anything we did in the fourth quarter that they had any trouble with. If we had one good defensive possession in the fourth quarter I missed it.”

On the defense being a problem throughout the game…
“They scored in the second quarter. The first and third we actually did a good job but they had a good second quarter and the fourth quarter; look they’re a hard team to stop so normally 70 points through three quarters, I wouldn’t be thrilled with but against them that’s not bad. But then the fourth quarter we just didn’t do anything.”

On the play of Jameer Nelson…
“He attacked well but again, I mean he played but well but Westbrook played better. That’s not a knock, it’s just a fact. Westbrook had 29 and 10; He outplayed both ends of the floor, everybody not just saying him, I’m not saying that. We just got through three quarters and then for whatever reason, I don’t know the reason, we couldn’t guard them at all in the fourth quarter.”

Dwight Howard
“Our defense coming down the stretch wasn’t what it needed to be. And on the offensive end, we didn’t execute. But it was a good lesson for us to learn from, what we need to do down the stretch and that’s take care of the ball and get good shots. Down the stretch, they made some tough shots but their offense is pretty good.”

“We’re still the third-best team in the East, fifth-best record overall. And we still haven’t played our best brand of basketball. So a lot of teams are rolling right now and they’re one of them. But we want to get hot at the right time, and that’s going into the playoffs and that’s when it really matters. The team that wins the championship is the hottest towards the end of the season, going into the playoffs. You don’t want to hit your peak to early. And right now we’re cleaning up a few things.”

“For three quarters tonight, our ball movement was great. The fourth quarter, we just have to continue to do what we did the first three quarters and we got away from that. I think we’ll be fine.”
Jameer Nelson
“Well, they’re the No. 1 team in the league for a reason. It’s tough when you’re getting stops as a team because earlier we were getting some stops at least. The fourth quarter, we pretty much didn’t get any.”

(On Thunder’s 4th qtr.) “They made more shots. They did a great job of executing what they ran offensively. We made some mistakes defensively, some key mistakes as a team. When you play a great team like that, you can’t do that. They make you pay every time.”

“We tried to change up on them (defensively), do something different. They made a few threes.”
Ryan Anderson
“Westbrook and Durant are just tough when they get going when they are in their rhythm. And we just couldn’t get a stop.”

“We played great up until that last little stretch. And that’s where we need play against a team like this and play great defense. And just in the fourth quarter, we just shoulder-guarded off pick and rolls, and they were getting to the rim pretty easy. But I mean we still had an opportunity to tie the game at the end. Obviously we wish we could’ve maintained the way we played the entire game up until that last little stretch. But we still fought.”

(On Westbrook and Durant) “That’s one of the best, if not the best, offensive duo in the NBA. Maybe that’s a bold comment but they have to be, they’re tough to guard. They’re aggressive to the glass and they get foul calls, and they really run to get buckets. They’re tough to guard, especially when they’re fighting to claw back into a gam
“Our defense coming down the stretch wasn’t what it needed to be. And on the offensive end, we didn’t execute. But it was a good lesson for us to learn from, what we need to do down the stretch and that’s take care of the ball and get good shots. Down the stretch, they made some tough shots but their offense is pretty good.”

“We’re still the third-best team in the East, fifth-best record overall. And we still haven’t played our best brand of basketball. So a lot of teams are rolling right now and they’re one of them. But we want to get hot at the right time, and that’s going into the playoffs and that’s when it really matters. The team that wins the championship is the hottest towards the end of the season, going into the playoffs. You don’t want to hit your peak to early. And right now we’re cleaning up a few things.”

“For three quarters tonight, our ball movement was great. The fourth quarter, we just have to continue to do what we did the first three quarters and we got away from that. I think we’ll be fine.”
February 29, 2012: Magic at WizardsMagic head coach Stan Van Gundy:

On tonight’s game:

“We started the game great. Then we had no life in the second quarter. We had no life to start the third quarter but we hung in there and actually built a bit of a cushion when Dwight (Howard) was out of the game so I thought that unit played well.”

On Magic’s bench:

“I thought Glen (Davis) had another good game off the bench. JJ (Redick) had a good game off the bench and DeAndre (Liggins) came in and slowed (Jordan) Crawford in the second half. He got into him a little bit after he got on a run. I thought our bench was key in that.”

On Ryan Anderson:

“Obviously Ryan had a good game tonight. One of the things we talked to him about yesterday was that he was offensive rebounding but not defensive rebounding…He responded well tonight. He was our leading defensive rebounder tonight with 10 of them so that was good to see.”

On improving his rebounding:

“It was definitely on my mind (tonight). It is something we need to improve on as a team, especially against a team like this. They really thrive on the offensive glass and it was something I really wanted to come in focused to do.”

On the Wizards:

“They are a team of runs. They can score the ball and put numbers together quickly. Obviously they have John Wall who is a really up and down fast-paced player. He’s a tough guy to guard. They can make runs at any time so that’s something we really tried to stop in the fourth quarter. We wanted to use our defense to help us score some more buckets on the other end.”

“This is our first game back from the All-Star weekend. It was pretty tough for us but we hung with it and we got the win.”

On the team’s performance:

“You know we have a balanced team and there are going to be nights like this. That’s good for our team, coming down the stretch. We have guys like JJ (Redick) and Ryan (Anderson) making big shots and that’s good for our team.”

On Trevor Booker guarding Dwight Howard:

“His job was simple. I knew he didn’t have it on the offensive end because he was really battling down there. He was trying to keep me out of the paint and make it tough for me to get the ball. He did a pretty good job tonight and I commend him for that.”

On being down in the first half:

“This is the NBA and it doesn’t matter if you’re down 20 to 25 points. A couple big shots or stops and you are right back in the game. You have to stick with it when a team makes a run and they made a big run tonight. Guys got hot at the right time and we just stayed together. We had moments where we got into it but the captains stepped up and we did our job and we got a good win.”J.J. REDICK

On their performance over the season:

“The season is about the journey not so much about the win-loss record and if you’re not getting better you are most likely getting worse. Even though we won some games, I feel like we are not playing our best basketball.”

On tonight’s win:

“It’s always good to win. It’s a better feeling than losing, but we are still not pleased with where we are at.”

On John Wall:

“You can’t slow him down. One thing is, he is a great player. I admire his game. We both wear the same brand, so any time I get time to watch him play I try to. It’s all business on the court but at the same time it still fun.”

February 23, 2012: Magic at HawksMagic head coach Stan Van Gundy: “Clearly they played a lot harder than we did. It wasn’t even close. We gave up 47 points in the first half, 21 fast break points, 11 second chance points. So 32 of their 47 points are just fast breaks and offensive rebounds. I’ve been saying it to you guys, and I come off as negative all the time, we don’t play hard enough. We just don’t. We’re not going to be anywhere near contenders in the East unless we’re going to play hard all the time, and we don’t. Simple as that. I’m not really interested in the reasons. I’m just interested in getting it done.”

“We had no energy, even on the offensive end, no energy and no movement. And it’s not physical, which is the other point I just made to them…it’s mental, because you had energy in the second half. You couldn’t be less tired in the second half than you were in the first half. You just decided, ‘you know what, I’m going to play’ in the sec ond half, when we need to.”

Ryan Anderson: “We can use excuses like we played four in five nights, but he’s right. At the end of the day, we just need to come out and play harder. Especially a game like this that’s the last one before All-Star break where we can have some time to relax, we just didn’t start the game off hard, and they killed us with energy. They had a back-to-back just like us, but they came out with more energy than we did. We just have to be more consistent with that.”

“There’s a lot of areas to improve in. We just need to control the areas we can control in the second half (of the season), come back and know our roles, bring a ton of energy. We had a team meeting afterwards just talking about everybody coming together and depending on each other. It’s a team, so we have to rely on each other, hold each other accountable. We haven’t been playing that great, and we’re still third in the East, so we must be doing something right. It shows we can compete with anybody.”

February 22, 2012: Magic at NetsRyan Anderson:

(On the game)

“When we move the ball like that, we’re playing great basketball. You see that when we win games and when we win by big margins because everybody is active. We move the ball and everyone is aggressive. We played great team basketball tonight.”

(On the fans’ reaction to Dwight Howard)

“Obviously, people are excited over potential stuff and we don’t let that bother us or get in our heads. It’s what we expected coming into this game. It’s going to happen in a lot of places because obviously we have the best guy in the NBA right now. They’re going to make some noise about it, but we just want to block that out, play well and get some more wins before the break.”
Dwight Howard:

(On his future)

“Right now, my only concern is winning games and playing as hard as I can every night. That’s the only thing I can control. I put all of the other thoughts aside and focus on one thing. The only thing I can control is what I do on the court.”

(On Deron Williams)

“Deron is a special player, he’s a good scorer, and he’s tough to guard. He’s quick and he knows when to turn it on when he has to. He’s some player to watch.”

(On his team)

“We’re playing great basketball. We have to keep it up, stay humble, stay focused. And continue to push. We’re in a good position and we don’t want to lose that position. We have to come back the second half and have a better second half.”

February 20, 2012: Magic at BucksStan Van Gundy

(On the win tonight...) “We defended down the stretch. We had a couple of good defensive possessions down the stretch. It’s unbelievable for that to happen, (beat Milwaukee) three times in 10 days and be down in the fourth. It’s incredible.”
(On Ryan Anderson’s shot to put Orlando ahead...)
“Jameer (Nelson) made a nice play to keep that going. And look, Mike Dunleavy hit a big one on us in the fourth. Those are tough off the offensive rebound because you’re scrambled and there’s nobody there. They had been doing a very good job of staying with Ryan on his threes tonight, but off of an offensive rebound, everybody’s in there rebounding and it gets tipped out and he’s just standing there by himself.”
(On coming back against Milwaukee three times this season...)
“We had to come from behind in the fourth quarter all three times. I don’t remember ever having that in a season against anybody win three games that go so similarly. This one, of course, was even later because we went and took the lead on J.J. (Redick’s) shot, and they ended up getting it back.”Ryan Anderson
(On his shot to put the team ahead...)
“It was a wide open look. Jameer (Nelson) made a great pass and J.J. (Redick) made a great play to the rim and his shot didn’t fall. Dwight did a good job all game of making tips and making big plays, so credit that to the guys down low for getting that tip out.”
(On coming back against Milwaukee three times this season...) “It’s pretty unbelievable that we’ve come back every game. I think the key with (the Bucks) is matching their energy. They have a ton of guys who can play really hard and guys crash the boards and they do a great job of getting on the offensive glass. I think we did a good job of countering that, especially down the stretch when we needed to. We’ve done that in all three of these games when we’ve gotten a little run at the end.”Dwight Howard
(On the shot to put the team ahead...)
“We had a couple chances at the basket and if we couldn’t get the rebound my thing was, when they put the shot up, to try to get as close as I can to getting a rebound. I couldn’t get it and actually me and (Mike) Dunleavy tipped the ball and Ryan hit a big three.”
(On the win tonight...)
“They play great at home. They play with a lot of energy. It was very tough for us but we stayed with it, we stayed together and we got a good win.”

February 17, 2012: Magic vs. BucksStan Van Gundy

On the game…“I thought we tried. I thought we put out an effort. They’re not an easy team to guard. You have to try very hard, there’s no chance to relax. It’s not a pace that we were willing to play for most of the game.”

“It’s not like we had a big offensive fourth quarter, we made some plays but we played a lot harder defensively. Dwight was everywhere in the fourth quarter, but everyone else played a lot harder. We did play harder in the fourth quarter and we fought to get the win.”

“It’s a little frustrating to me that it has to get to that situation before we put out that kind of effort but at least we did it.”

On Magic passing…“We’re slinging one-handed passes 30 feet, not looking at the defense. Even the ones we didn’t turnover, guys have to make great catches just to keep the ball in bounds. It wasn’t selfishness, guys were trying to throw the ball to other people, it just was not good.”

On the close game…“I think we might be getting a little full of ourselves to begin with and then with Gooden not there and we think we’re going to just walk to a victory. What’s dangerous is the result tonight, because now you think you can just turn it on whenever you want.”

On Ryan Anderson… “I thought he rebounded harder tonight, he tried to do some other things. Start of the game defensively he wasn’t very good, like all of us, but I think he picked that up. Even at the end I think he made some good defensive plays. I thought it was a much better effort tonight on his part.”

On what he learned from the last game against the Heat… “I learned if we make 17 threes we’re very good.”

Ryan Anderson
(On the fourth quarter) “I think just coming out with more of an understanding in the second half and we need to just bring more energy; keep them off the glass. They’re a great offensive rebounding team. They can score in a lot of ways so we knew that defensively we really needed to step it up in the second half. We did a great job, especially in the fourth quarter.”

(On the team’s energy) “I think we had it all along. I think we just needed to tighten up our defense a little bit and make better plays on the offensive end. We had it the whole time and we brought it at the end when probably we should’ve been most tired. The only thing that matters is that we brought it when we needed to and we got a win.”

(On Hedo Turkoglu) “Well Hedo Turkoglu is a special guy. He likes to take the most difficult shot and he always makes the most difficult one when he could just shoot the wide open one. He did an amazing job getting us back in the game, made some huge plays, and was very aggressive. I can’t remember the last time he dunked, so he had a nice one-hander. He just brought a lot of energy. He did a good job.”

(On the upcoming schedule, four games in five nights) “Well, it really is a difficult stretch. We’re on the road so much it’s tough because being on the road we just have to bring it a little bit more. It’s going to be a tough stretch because we’re not going to have much rest. We just need to bring it; we’re going to be focused and ready to go.”
Quentin Richardson
(On gutting it out) “Definitely, that’s the type of team they are and that’s the make-up of a Scott Skiles coached team. That’s how he played and that’s how his team plays.”

(On the fourth quarter) “We just got our energy and our defense picked up. I think that’s going to predicate the way we play down the stretch. We’ve got to bring our defense and got to get stops. We showed that we do that, we can win games.”

(On Hedo Turkoglu) “Unbelievable. I just kept yelling out ‘Air Istanbul’ is off the runway. You know, sometimes it takes him a little while to get those motors going but if he gets them going it’s trouble. He came through for us tonight.”

(On the upcoming schedule) “Very tough, we’re on the road going into All-Star. We’ve just got to take it one game at a time. We can’t look past anyone and we just stay focused.”

(On his defensive effort) “It’s been the same all year. Every time I get in I’m just going to make it tough on them. This is the NBA, the best league in the world, sometimes guys are going to make baskets and score points regardless of how well you defend them. My job is to go out there and make it as tough as possible for them.”

(On whether his effort is contagious) “I try man. That’s definitely my goal to try to come in and energize the other guys involved and get their energy up.”

(On the air guitar thing) “That’s just something that just kind of developed. Me and C-Du and the guys on the bench over there. We always just sit on the end and just try to act a fool anyways. We’re just having fun. At the end of the day this is still basketball, it’s a fun thing for us. Sometimes people take it a little bit too serious but we just try to keep everything in perspective and have a good time out there.”

February 15, 2012: Magic vs. SixersStan Van Gundy

On the game… “We shot it really well tonight, I thought we moved it too. I thought we played the game well with a good energy level. I was really happy with what we did on the offensive end tonight. And for the most part, I didn’t think we were bad defensively. We had one quarter where we didn’t really defend them at all but other than that we did pretty good.”

“Those have always been our better offensive games when we have a lot of people involved and shots are fairly balanced.”

On players stepping up… “I thought some other guys whose numbers and minutes don’t look huge I thought had a big impact on the game. Earl [Clark] again, five rebounds in nine minutes, his energy level was great. He’s playing well. And Q [Quentin Richardson] doesn’t look like much of anything on the stats sheet; I thought his demeanor defensively, when he came in the game for Turk, was good.

On moving the ball…“I think guys are making a concious effort to move the ball. We’re still sporadic with it, but it’s gotten better, the guys are working on it.”

On Ryan Anderson… “I don’t think Ryan needs to think about getting shots, tonight they were there. Guys made plays to him, and that’s how Ryan needs to play. He shot the ball great, but he played 29 ½ minutes and got two rebounds. That’s not good enough, that means all you’re doing out there is shooting the ball. He’s got to be more than a shooter, he’s got to be able to play well. I know what he’s capable of doing.”

“I want the guy to be striving to be a great player, not just a shooter.”

On ‘spreading the wealth’… “When you play well, it’s always the players. They decide when they’re going to play with energy, when they’re going to move the ball, they make that decision.”

On Jameer’s confidence… “Anytime someone is playing better they have more confidence.”
Ryan Anderson
(On ball movement) “That’s when we play the best. Everyone is active and everybody’s involved. That’s the way we can play. We have so many weapons on the team. I always say the eyes are focused on Dwight (Howard), so even just having him on the court and having him draw double teams really helps us in a lot of ways. We just moved the ball really well and played great.”

(On his first four shots) “They felt really good. Brendan Malone and I have a shooting routine before the game and I missed some. I really don’t miss a lot before the game, but I missed like five in a row and he’s looking at me like, ‘Uh-Oh.’ So maybe that’s what I need to do for our next game.

“When we move the ball, we’re really hard to guard. We played really great defense tonight and we really moved the ball in transition. That makes us harder to guard because we can run. We can really run the floor. So when everyone’s active and everybody’s involved, that’s when we play our best. It was a fun, great game to play in.”
Quentin Richardson
“That’s the way I play. I’m an emotional type of guy. I realize that’s one of the things I can bring to the team as far as a defensive presence. Andre (Iguodala) had it going really well and that’s what our coach needed. Our team needed to slow him down. I just tried to make it tougher for him.”

“I just want to help the team affect the game in a positive way and help our team where I can. Whether it’s tonight like on defense, or whatever it needs to be. On most nights, that’s my angle on the game.”
Chris Duhon
“I think we did a great job defensively. Early on, we kind of got off to a slow defensive start, but we were able to get our defense right and maintain it throughout the whole game. At the start of the third, we kind of got back to the ‘you score, we score, type of game.’ And finally, we stepped our defense back up and were able to break away for good.”

“The offense is always going to be there when we’re playing with energy and moving the ball. There were times the ball was just flying and wasn’t stopping in anyone’s hand. If they didn’t have a shot, it was going to the next person. And when we play like that with Dwight (Howard) in the game, he has been doing a better job of coming out and setting pick-and-rolls by not holding the ball. It gets everyone involved. Everyone feels involved with the offense and it’s just a great flow for us when we play that way.”

February 13, 2012: Magic vs. WolvesStan Van Gundy

On the team’s ball movement and turnovers…

“Well, I thought we did take good care of the ball. Hedo had five turnovers but we only had nine as a team and that will give you a chance, even when you’re shooting 42% like we did tonight. Our problem is we’re not making two-point shots, we’re not. We’re making three-point shots, enough of them, but we’re not making two-point shots and it’s a real struggle right now, but when you only turn it over nine times, it gives you a chance. Twenty assists and nine turnovers, that’ll work, and then you compare it to their 14 assists and 18 turnovers, that’s really the ball game. (It) allowed us to overcome their rebounding advantage and the fact that we made 12 threes. Those were really the big things today.”

On the team when multiple players contribute…

“Yeah, I actually liked tonight. I look on here and the most that anyone played was Hedo at 32 ½ minutes. We got a lot of guys into the game. I thought we got a good lift from some guys. I’m really, really happy with Earl. Anytime a guy cannot play for a while and come in and give you a real good effort like that, that’s something that I’ve always really appreciated as a coach in this league. It’s not easy to do and I appreciate that, but even more so in Earl’s case because Earl was playing well and then didn’t get to play, and instead of pouting about it and sulking about it he kept himself ready and gave us a real good effort. In fact, we opened up the lead in the second quarter a lot when he was in the game, so I was really happy with that. And as the game went on I thought our pick and roll defense got a little bit better. I thought it was really, really bad early on especially in the first quarter. After that, it got better. They still made some plays but the two point guards for them had 12 turnovers. I felt they put a little bit more pressure on them and I was happy there.”

On the play of Jason Richardson…

“Well, he’s playing real well and not only that, he played less than half the game. I debated because he was our leading scorer and I didn’t go back to him in the fourth but we were still rolling pretty good. I tend to think more defensively when we’ve got a lead and more offensively when we’re behind. I thought that with the lead J.J. had a little better chance to keep up with Barea than J-Rich did. Now they would’ve had to guard him at the other end too, but again, like I said, with the lead I think a little bit more defensively. J.J. was rolling pretty good too, so I just stayed there. But yeah, J-Rich is playing well since the start of February really. I mean he’s really been rolling pretty good. I mean, a lot of it is health. It’s hard to play well when you’re hurt.”

On Glen “Big Baby” Davis…
“Well, you know what? Tonight was just a real tough night for him. There are some other things going on which I am not going to talk about. But he’s got some other things going on personally that quite honestly, the fact that he decided to go out there tonight and give us those minutes is pretty damn good for what he’s got going on. I think it was a really tough night for him to really focus in. I don’t think that he should be judged at all on what happened tonight.”

“The only reason I’m bringing it up is because people need to give him a break right now. What he’s going through isn’t an easy thing and he just is coming off his grandmother dying and then the suspension. It’s been a rough two weeks for the guy, and I’m not usually the most empathetic guy in the world, as I’m told often by my family, but in this case the guy deserves people to back off of him a little bit and give him a break right now.”

Jason Richardson
“It was a good team win. We had everybody step up tonight. We did a lot of things right. Like I said earlier in the season, a win is always a win.”

“We’re dangerous in a lot different ways. We have a lot of guys that are on the team that can score the ball, put up the numbers. We did a great job as a team on the offensive end, getting some breaks. We did everything we were supposed to get a win.”

“We did a great job of taking care of the ball, and I think that’s when we’re at our best. We did a good job of moving to the opposite side, the weak side, attacking the basket. If the guys didn’t have anything, Dwight did a good job of kicking the ball out of the post. I think that’s when we’re at our best, when we don’t turn the ball over.”

(On Earl Clark tonight) “That’s a professional there. The guy hasn’t played the last couple games, gets his number called, and he was ready, came out there, hit some shots, has some big blocks, played some defense, that’s what you have to do to stay in this league and be a professional. And he was tonight and he did everything he was supposed to do.”
Earl Clark
“I just come in and try to get as much work done as I can after practice, before practice, try and stay ready. When you’re on the bench, you have to focus in on plays. And any guy I want to guard, or coach is going to put on, try and sit there and see what they like to do and what they’re weaknesses are.”

“It always feels good to come in, produce, and help your team win. That earns you more minutes out there on the floor. I just try and go out there and hustle as hard as I can.”

“We’re playing good basketball right now. We’re moving the ball. Our superstar was in foul trouble and we were able to pull the game out. That’s always great.”
February 11, 2012: Magic at BucksStan Van Gundy
(On Jason Richardson...)

“It was a great come back. We got some stops down the stretch and then it was the Jason Richardson show. Richardson had a couple of shots go in and out lately in the games, three’s with a chance to win for us. He loves being in those situations and he put on a show tonight.”

(On coming back to win...)

“We fought, we fought to come back. We had a nice third quarter then lost our momentum and energy. Six and half minutes to go, down ten, we finished the game real well. I thought in the first half they outworked us, they played a lot harder than we did. They dominated us on the glass, we couldn’t keep (Ersan) Ilyasova off the glass all night. Their energy was a little too much for us (in the first half).”

(On tonight’s game...)

“I think them (the Bucks) being on their fourth game in five nights probably helped us a little bit. I’m not embarrassed to say that because we’ve been there too. You get both sides of it but I think that probably helped us a little bit with some of their shots.”
Jameer Nelson
(On tonight’s game...)

“We didn’t start the game out with a lot of energy but we found it in the second half. We played with a lot of energy, guys were running the floor, our point guards tried to push the ball and we got the stops we needed. Especially late in the game.”

(On Jason Richardson...)

“He was phenomenal, he was great tonight. He’s such a great shooter, such a great athlete. When he’s getting out there running like that, going back door for lobs, playing with energy like the way he did tonight you’ve got to give him the ball.”
Hedo Turkoglu
(On Jason Richardson...)

“He was great, we just had to keep finding him. This is a good team, a lot of guys can get hot. He was one of them and that’s how he made us come back from being down ten. I always tell him to keep shooting to get hot and tonight he was really hot.”

(On moving forward...)

“We just have to learn from this and try to be more consistent. The biggest problem for us is we play good against teams sometimes and we play easy against other teams. We shouldn’t make those kind of mistakes and just try to always play better basketball.”
February 10, 2012: Magic vs. HawksStan Van Gundy
On what he was looking for the last possession of the game…
“What we got. We got a wide open shot.”

On Hedo Turkoglu’s injury…
“He’s not hurt.”

On how to get Hedo Turkoglu going…
“I have no idea.”

On Josh Smith’s performance…
“Well he had 19 rebs; He did a good job there. He scored some points but he’s nine for 22, he didn’t exactly light it up but he played well. I mean, nine for 22, four turnovers, but he had 19 rebounds. That’s the real impressive thing. Ryan had 21 points, so it was his rebounding was what was great.”

On his team’s energy throughout the game…
“Yeah I agree, I don’t think that our energy was very good at all but we picked it up in the fourth (quarter). We just didn’t play very well, that’s the bottom line, we didn’t play very well but we stuck in there. I liked that, we hung in the game and we certainly had chances. We just didn’t get it done in the end and the big thing was the 17 turnovers. We had big ones in the overtime. You know, we just had six more turnovers than the other team; you just take away your chances to win because you’re not solid with the ball. That’s disappointing.”

On the last 3-point shot by Jason Richardson…
“Well, it was our first option. I mean, there are 10 seconds; there’s more options in the play but if he’s open we’re not going to pass it up. He was open and he got a great look at it, he got a great look at it.

On whether the last play was the same as in the game against the Clippers…
“It was similar, it was similar and he was shooting the ball well tonight too from three so you know, he got a good look at it and then Ryan had a good effort. He got the offensive rebound and we got another look at it. I mean, I’ve got no fault on that. There were other things in the course of the game maybe but at the end of the fourth quarter, the end of overtime I thought that we did (what we were supposed to do). We executed well, we got good shots, we had Turk’s wide open three in the corner. Before that, our execution was very good down the stretch, I mean it was make or miss. Now earlier in the overtime we had three turnovers, Turk had two of them. You can’t do that going down the stretch in the overtime but down the stretch I thought that our execution was good. We got looks that we would like to have down the stretch of any game.”

Dwight Howard
“It’s tough, but our effort was great tonight. We stuck with it. We didn’t let them making a run stop us from playing, (we) got back into the game. We just didn’t finish.”

“We just got to finish plays. We’ve got to get stops on the defensive end.”

(On end of regulation) “We got stops, we were able to run, hit some easy shots. It starts on defense. We have to be able to guard guys one-on-one, rebound and run.”
Ryan Anderson
“We lost two in overtime, to two very good teams. It’s just tough. We battled back, did a great (job). They had a few runs, but we answered. Those are tough losses, this was a tough one.”

(On Magic turnovers) “It’s something we have to work on, we just have to have more control of the ball, make better passes, and make better decisions, I think. Those things happen but I think we showed a lot of resilience. I mean we had a chance to win the game if I had hit that shot actually. That’s the game of basketball, there’s always going to be mistakes but its how you counter and we did a good job of countering back. I just really wish that shot would have dropped.”
Jameer Nelson
“It’s definitely tough; we had opportunities, especially tonight. There’s really not too much I can say. We had opportunities, just had to execute a little bit better, obviously make some shots. But we played hard I thought, played together, stuck together especially when they made their run in the fourth, took us to overtime.”

(On end of regulation) “We were playing extremely hard. Getting into the paint, playing well together out there, and most importantly, getting stops that we were allowing earlier in the game.”

(On turnovers) “When you have a dominant big man like Dwight, and a great shooting team like we have, when we have shots at the basket, you’ll have a good shooting percentage. But when you turn it over, it takes away that percentage of shots you can take.”

February 8, 2012: Magic vs. HeatStan Van Gundy

On the Magic Defense… “They [the Heat] are tough to stop in transition. I thought we were coming up and challenging the ball in the back court way too much. Then in the second half I thought we did a much better job getting back. Our defense got better and the thing I liked was we kept them off the free throw line for the most part.”

On the game… “I thought we did a good job gathering ourselves, we held our composure and nobody seemed the least bit worried, we just kept making plays.”

“You’ve got to get as much space as you can and make their close-outs as long as you possibly can because they cover so much ground. The other good thing was our rebounding, which hasn’t been. I thought we dominated the boards.”

On Dwight…“The play that stands out and a play I’ll show the team on Friday is we had a missed shot and then Lebron busted out on the break and he sprinted and back-tipped the ball out of bounds. To me that kind of play exemplifies what you have to do if you want to beat good teams.”

“I think what has changed is his patience and willingness to pass the ball.”

On playing Lebron James… “You play them the best you can. If there was a game plan to lock those guys down, number one, everyone would use it and, number two, they wouldn’t be who they are. You do the best you can and hope they miss some shots and he missed some tonight.”

On Ryan Anderson… “I know one mistake that I thought was that I did not play him enough last year. I think that he helps other people, especially on the offensive end of the floor. We didn’t have any doubts that he could do what he’s doing offensively. Now obviously the first half of the night he’s not going to do very often. His offensive rebounding has been great; I’d like his defensive rebounding to be better. How many guys make five three’s in a half and get six offensive rebounds in the same half? He’s exceptional. The only other guy in the league that can stretch an offensive rebound is Kevin Love. He’s [Ryan] got some unique abilities.

“For a young guy like Ryan, his first year as a starter, it’s murderer’s row. He goes from David West to Blake Griffin to Chris Bosh, it just keeps coming. Being ready to play at that level every night is a new thing for him. It’s hard to argue that he’s had a hell of a year so far. But there are still things he can improve on. I think he can be an outstanding player and he’s still very young. And if he’ll keep challenging himself to play at a higher level on a more consistent basis, then the sky’s the limit.

Dwight Howard
“We needed a good win, we came out tonight with pretty much the same energy we had last game and we got a good win. We just have to continue to do that, be more consistent as coming out with the same intensity, every night. I think we did a better job coming out in the third quarter they made a little run but we kept playing and got a good win.”

(On Ryan Anderson) “Ryan was amazing. Shot the ball well, he rebounded and that’s how we need him to play. They were leaving him open and he knocked down shots. So just got to continue to be confident in his shot and just play hard.”

(On starting 2nd half) “Got to stop turning the ball over. That’s how every team came back in games with us and turning the ball over. When we don’t turn the ball over, we’re passing the ball great; it’s tough for teams to defend us. So we have to do a better job of moving the ball well night in and night out. When teams pressure us, instead of speeding up, slow down.”
Ryan Anderson
(On 2nd qtr.) “We gave up a ton of fast-break points and did a great job of eliminating that in the second half. Really getting back on defense because that’s a way they can really bring a game back. They could have brought the game back close with those easy buckets. We did a great job of loading our defense on their scorers. That was key, that was probably our main focus coming out of halftime.”

“We started the second half with just that mentality of we needed to get stops and needed to get rebounds. We played great team defense tonight, that was key and we did a great job of moving the ball and taking open shots and making open shots because we were aggressive and kind of making the defense focus on different areas. When we’re stagnant and keeping the ball in one spot, we’re easy to guard. But if we move the ball around like we did tonight, we’re a tough team.”

(On his 1st half) “I wanted to come out with a lot of energy tonight and it’s fun playing like that. Just move the ball and we had opportunities to score because we were penetrating their defense, kicking the ball out, getting the ball down to Dwight. When we play like that, it’s just fun.”
JJ Redick
(On team record 43 3-point attempts) “I don’t think they were forced 3s either. We got a lot of shots playing out of double teams or playing out of pick-and-rolls. We had a bunch of 3s just off random plays where guys just drew a second defender and made the right play and we got some shots.”

February 6, 2012: Magic vs. ClippersStan Van Gundy

On the Game… “I thought all our guys play was positive, I just didn’t do a d*** thing to help them. I could not come up with an answer on their [Clipper’s] pick and rolls. We went zone, which ended up being an extremely bad move. So, defensively I didn’t do anything, and at the offensive end in the overtime I didn’t do a good job in getting us good shots.

“Our guys played hard, the only thing I can fault our guys for was the start of the third quarter, the first six minutes, we came with no energy whatsoever. The rest of it’s on me. And then we couldn’t get a rebound at the end. We’re giving ourselves a chance to win and they get three shots and we have to foul.”

On Jameer… “He was going under on the pick and rolls. He went eight feet under the pick and went there. The answer is that’s a good shot, make it. Nobody likes any shot that doesn’t go in. I didn’t think Jameer’s shots were bad shots. They were bad because he didn’t make them.”

On Hedo’s absence… “He just wasn’t playing well. I thought J.J., J Rich and Q were all playing better than he was, with a lot more energy. He was just sort of walking around there. When I first took him out I didn’t know I wasn’t going to put him back in. I thought those other guys were playing better. Right now Hedo’s in a bit of a funk and not playing real well and so I didn’t go back to him.”

On Glen Davis… “I thought his defense down the stretch and in overtime was fabulous. I thought his defense on Blake Griffin and a couple of big possessions in the fourth quarter gave us a chance to win the game. I thought his defense was outstanding.”

On the Clippers pick and roll… “We tried a couple of different things, but obviously we didn’t have them ready for it because we were not good against it at all. I didn’t see a real lack of effort on the part of our guys. So, if you see your guys making an effort and it’s not working then it’s on you as a coach.”
Dwight Howard
“It was tough: we just have to close out our possessions. Got to do a better job, got to spread out for long rebounds and try and get back.”

“It was very tough. But all we can do is come back and get the next game. Learn from our mistakes and have a good game like we did tonight. Get the next one and close it out.”

“That’s always my mindset, to attack, to force them to foul. We just gave it away.”
Jameer Nelson
“I felt good. It’s just one of the shots that didn’t go in for me tonight. Coach knows I like the ball at the end of the game for game-winning shots. He put me in a good situation and I took the shot and missed.”

“I just have to attack and make the right play. If I do attack, whether it’s for me or somebody’s who’s open. You can roll the guy over a little bit and so I was trying to make the right play.”

“I feel fine, I feel like I just played a basketball game. I tried to keep up with my conditioning as much as I could. When I was sitting out and doing the things that I needed to do to keep myself ready, in terms of eating right, drinking lots of water, a lot of rest.”

“It was a very competitive game. It wasn’t a one-on-one game between myself and Chris, it was a team game. He had a good game; I had a pretty good game. We had a couple chances at the end and executed our plays well, missed some shots that we’ll make the next time. J-Rich hit a great shot and you want the ball in his hands in a game like that, shooting that 3 every time.”
Jason Richardson
“Thought it was going in. It rattled in and that’s basketball, sometimes you think it’s going in and it doesn’t, sometimes when you think they won’t go in, they go in. Had a good look, just got to knock down the shot.”

“We did a lot of great things. They played well tonight, both teams did. Hats off to them, they got the better break with the ball, we got the short end of the stick. But I don’t think we didn’t do anything wrong in this game. We did a good job of across the board.”

(On his 1st qtr.) “Things were going well. Had a lot of post-up opportunities against smaller guards. Chauncey guarded me, Mo guarded me. Just being aggressive in the first quarter and Coach just kept going to me.”
Ryan Anderson
“We did a great job of coming out in the first quarter with a lot of energy; we just have to maintain that throughout games. Same thing in overtime, we had a great start in overtime and then they kind of beat us back and hit some big shots.”
February 4, 2012: Magic at PacersStan Van Gundy

“Both teams played really really hard. When you have these kinds of schedules in the league you’re going to have some games like that. It was our ninth game in 13 days and their ninth in 14. Basically nobody could make a shot and there were 41 turnovers in the game. Both teams fought really hard and I was happy to come out with the win. I’ve been harping on our need to try harder and compete harder and I think we did that tonight. The third quarter and down the stretch I think we fought very hard. I thought our defense down the stretch was good but we gave up too many offensive rebounds. I like the way our guys competed and I’m sure Frank like the way his guys competed. We have to talk on Monday. We did some mentally dumb things and we have to change that.’’
Dwight Howard
“(On playing a tough game) Yeah it was a really physical game tonight. Both teams played hard end to end. It was a good battle with a good team. (On pulling away in the third quarter) That was because we had no turnovers, we took care of the ball a lot better and I thought we did a better job of moving the ball on offense. (On losing streaks) We’re not really inconsistent. Every team has their stretches, but we haven’t allowed it to affect us.”
Ryan Anderson
“We just needed to come out and work hard tonight. The last few games, we’ve kind of been giving up rebounds. We haven’t been crashing the glass and getting back on defense. We wanted to do a better job of that, and that was kind of the key. With all the turnovers, we have to stay in the game somehow and we did that with our good defense tonight. (On the defense down the stretch) They (Pacers) are a team that can go on huge runs with all of the shooting and length that they have. We got some really key stops and got the ball out of key players’ hands and finished on the glass.”

February 3, 2012: Magic vs. CavaliersStan Van Gundy

On the game… “I thought our half-court defense for three quarters was outstanding. We couldn’t rebound the ball so they had 37 of their 94 points on fast-breaks and second chance.”

“Our guys know that you can’t be a real good team if you can’t get back and you can’t rebound the ball. What saved us tonight, more than anything, is we only had five turnovers in the game.”

“I like to see us execute offensively, move the ball and play defense. Our guys did a much better job screening tonight.”

On Jason Richardson… “I don’t know if today is as big a test as tomorrow. I think when he gets up and gets moving on it tomorrow will be the bigger test.”

“I don’t think guys need play calls to play well offensively. What it does is get you into the game and get involved. I thought we got him into the game. And he did a lot on his own.”

On the tough schedule… “We’re not really in a light part of the schedule. I have stuff planned, I have the days planned. It all depends, you read the situation.”

On Ish Smith… “He didn’t get many minutes, he would’ve gotten more, but five fouls in eight minutes, and it was tough to play him a lot more. I thought you saw him pushing the ball up the court in transition. I thought he was a little nervous when he first came in, but he settled down and I thought he played pretty well after that.”

On tomorrow’s game… “We look forward to getting on the plane and going to Cincinnati and getting ready for another NBA game.”

Chris Duhon on Dwight’s free throws: It was huge. He takes a lot of time to shoot ‘em and we just keep continuing to encourage him. Even the ones he missed at least he gave them a chance; they looked good, he had a couple in-and-outs. A lot of teams are going to do that down the stretch, especially if the game is close so we are going to continue to believe that he’s going to make them every time he’s up there.

Chris Duhon on turning defense into offense: A lot of that is predicated to our defense because we’re able to get out in the open court and get easy opportunities. When we struggle scoring it’s because our defense is not what it is to be and we’re not able to get out into the open court.

Chris Duhon on turnovers: That’s another thing that has been kind of plaguing us is turnovers. That has kind of gotten us out of games just because we weren’t able to take care of the ball, so each game that is one of our main priorities: take care of the ball and don’t waste possessions.

Chris Duhon on the travel schedule: I think maybe one time in Chicago we got snowed in but we were going just to Detroit and we had to drive in the bus but other than that this is something different.

Chris Duhon on facing adversity: In the NBA every guy here has to be ready. You never know when your number is going to be called, you never know when you’re going to be needed, you don’t know when freakish incidents are going to happen. As a professional, your job is to always be ready and when your number is called be ready to go out and perform.

Ish Smith on how he fits in: Obviously, I would love it. It’s nice here, great organization. In my short, brief career I have been around the league with three or four different teams. This team, so far so good, and the players, it’s been great. So it would be nice, I love it, I would like it. I’m just trying to do what coach asks me to do: make plays for myself and others, keep listening to my teammates…just soak it up.

Ish Smith on tonight’s performance: I know it wasn’t good, I don’t think I played as well as I could have and should have. I’m so used to playing Hack-a-Dwight in Golden State that’s why I had the five fouls.

Ish Smith on Dwight’s free throws: With free throws, with shooting everything, it’s mental. I know I’ve struggled with it sometimes. He’s a great shooter and that’s the way he’s got to come up to the free throw line and think like that. They were huge. I told him in the huddle, “You’re not gonna miss another.” I’m glad he proved me right.

Ish Smith on playing with Dwight: He makes up for a lot of mistakes us guards make. A lot of times, defensively, I was out of position, wasn’t in the right place, and he just makes up a lot of your errors. I’m happy to be on the team, happy to have him behind me. It’s kind of that force that if you do make a mistake he cleans up.

Jason Richardson on being 11-0 in games the Magic score over 100 points: Still, defense wins games. I’ve been on teams that score 100 points for a whole season and never win anything. It’s getting better, but it’s hard because you don’t have that much practice time to get your coverage down, but we got to learn on the fly and get it done.

Jason Richardson on the travel schedule: That’s the schedule, it’s terrible, but that’s just what we got to do.

Jason Richardson on facing Indiana for the third time in two weeks: They came out and whupped us last time, and we got to do a better job. We got to go in there and be ready for those guys. We’re coming in on a back-to-back with a crazy travel schedule, but we just got to come out there with some energy and rely on everybody to help us out tomorrow.

Jason Richardson on coming back from the knee injury: Fresh legs, getting my leg back. It’s still not 100%; I’m still trying to get some strength to it. When you have a bone bruise all the muscle around your knee shuts down. I still got to do some rehab, and just get back out there and just continue to try to play hard.

Jason Richardson on the reverse dunk: I don’t have too many of those left; I got to save those.

Jason Richardson on his fast starts: I just try to get involved. Stan changed the offense a little bit, put some more plays in there for guards to get around. It was good that he’s getting more movement, get me moving and getting everybody else moving and getting a little bit of continuity in the offense.
January 30, 2012: Magic at SixersHead Coach Stan Van Gundy

Q: Can you put your finger on how much of this is confidence?

Well, confidence is always a thing. When you are not playing well, your confidence goes down. I love people that think you reach in a barrel and find confidence. Confidence comes with success for any of this, doing anything. I am not real confident in my golf game. You know why? I suck. You go out and play nine holes, you shoot 67. When I go to the tenth hole I’m not thinking, “I am going to knock this thing on the green in two? I am hoping I can find this sucker after I hit it?” You deal with it, and people think pro athletes have so much success, they are not going to deal with that. They are like anybody else. They are going through a tough time, and of course confidence is a huge part of that. But how do you get that back? Well, you push through it, and you have a good game and then you get it back. There is no easy way. You have to tough it out. We struggle confidence-wise. Coaches struggle confidence-wise. You push through it and keep going at it, and eventually things work out.
Ryan Anderson

Q: Where is the team’s confidence right now?

We have a lot of games right now. We are playing a lot of games in a row. Some guys are tired. It’s been a long season so far. Even though it’s still early, we have played a lot of games, and we are playing six games in eight nights. We have a crazy schedule right now. We are tired, but we have to push through it. We have another game. We need to focus on the next game. Focus on getting better. That is all we can really do right now.

Q: You and Stan [Van Gundy] had a little bit of an exchange in the third quarter. Was there anything specific that happened on the court to cause that?

No. No. It was just frustration on my part not making shots. We weren’t really moving the ball at that time, and it was just frustration. I went over, and I apologized to Stan after the game. It happens. I don’t want to lose my temper too much. I try not to, and there are very few times I do. It’s not really me.
Dwight Howard

Q: What do you see in this basketball team?

We are going to be alright. Listen, listen, every team, every player, every person goes through what we are going through right now. We are not going to hang our heads. We are not going to fight with each other. We are going to stay together, and we are going to weather the storm. That’s it. We have a great basketball team. We are just going through a rough stretch. That’s it. No need to point the finger. We are not going to panic. We are going to be fine.

Q: You struggled offensively in the first quarter and the third shots just weren’t falling.

We didn’t hit shots, but it’s okay. We are going to keep playing, and we are going to find a way to get it done. We are not going to allow nothing that anybody says keep us from trying our best. We are going to have bad stretches.

January 29, 2012: Magic vs. PacersStan Van Gundy
I thought at the start of the game, I thought we came out with good energy. We simply shot ourselves in the foot. We had double-figure turnovers in the first quarter; we were lucky to only be down just seven. Then we go down 15. I thought our guys fought really hard to get back in the game. Then in the third quarter we had absolutely nothing, we had no energy whatsoever…a 32-point quarter…our defense, it’s not good, it’s not good.

It’s frustrating to me because we’ve always tried to build around it (defense). I think that’s what’s got to change first. Clearly, we’re having our struggles on the offensive end. Although, tonight it was more the offensive end was simply free throw shooting and taking care of the ball. Actually, everything else I thought we executed better. We got better shots, we made more shots but even if you factor in the free throws they got about 15 more attempts…you’ve got 19 turnovers and they get 13 offensive rebounds, it’s just not going to be good enough. We’re in a real tough stretch, we’re playing very poorly, guys know it and we’ve got to fight through it. I don’t know what else we can do.

I don’t know if it’s fatigue or what – a lot of teams go through it – but that was our fifth (game) in seven days, tomorrow will be our sixth (game) in eight days. I thought tonight was a lot different than, say, the New Orleans game. I thought that our guys came out with good energy, fought back with good energy, and, then, I can’t explain it coming out to start the third quarter, but we just had absolutely nothing.

Well, I think confidence starts to become a factor but if your defensive play…I’ve never really attributed defensive play to confidence; that’s more to commitment and effort and discipline and things like that. If you’re going to give up 56 points in the point, 16 second-chance points and 19 fast-break points, that’s not confidence.

To me, there’s no mystery in what needs to happen; it’s how you get it to happen. I think the first thing is you’ve got to somehow find a consistent energy and effort. You’ve got to find that, and how we get to that I just don’t know, but I know that has to happen. Second thing, it has to start at the defensive end of the floor. We weren’t bad until the last five games but our defense…we’re not going to win with that defense. We’re not. There’s not anybody we’re going to beat playing defense the way we’re playing it. Then, on offense, and again I thought we were better tonight but our energy has to get to be better. The three biggest things that we’ve always said in winning games is defend: no; rebound: no; take care of the ball: no. Those are the three biggest things. You do those three things you’ll have a chance to win every night. We did none of them and got a 20-point loss. It’s always easy to find the reasons, that’s not hard. The hard part is to solve it, to make it better. Obviously, I have not gotten that done and that’s frustrating to me as a coach. It’s my job to get it done and to get it turned around and I have not gotten that done. So, we’ll keep fighting – at least I will, I’ll keep fighting – and we’ll try to get better tomorrow night.

Chris Duhon
“We didn’t have the energy. We didn’t have the energy that we had when we made the comeback. We got off to a slow start especially defensively, they scored any time they wanted and then we kind of dug ourselves a hole. It was hard to keep continually coming back from double digits.”

“We just have to find a way. We talked about it today, we’re in a blessed situation to be playing basketball and that we should be going out there, enjoying it, and having fun. Whatever issues we have individually, we have to put it aside and put the team first and just go out and play hard like we’re capable of doing.”

“Our main thing is that we have to put the defense first. Put the effort and energy in the defense. It’s easy to play defense when shots are being made, but we have to become a team that when shots are not being made, we still put a real good effort defensively to keep us in games instead of always having to comeback from double digit leads.”

“It’s a bad stretch for us. Probably for the most of us, the worst one of our careers. How do you get out of it, get out of the funk…best way is to play harder than the other team and play together.”
J.J. Redick
“We’re not playing as hard as the other team. Maybe that’s the schedule, I don’t know. We have to muster up the courage and fortitude to reach inside of ourselves and figure out how tough we are and be better.”

“It’s been a miserable week overall. In terms of what’s going on during the game, they’re all different in my eyes.”

“I don’t know where to start. It’s a lot of things, it’s not one thing. I wish I could pinpoint one thing, I wish there was an algebraic equation to have a final answer.”
Ryan Anderson
(On start of second half) “Can’t really put my finger on it. You saw out in that stretch where we were moving the ball, taking good shots. We had a ton of energy, and both ends of the court we were playing really well. And that’s how we can play. Sometimes I don’t know what it is; there are moments where we play well. We’re a tough team to guard and a lot of teams have trouble guarding that kind of team.”

“We’re in a funk right now. But the crazy thing is that we can go win four games in a row and there won’t be boos, everybody is going to be turning around thinking that we’re the team to watch for now. So it’s funny how the NBA works. We just have to come out the next game, and just play better and forget about this little stretch.”

January 27, 2012: Magic at Hornets
Stan Van Gundy

On the game) “We were just awful. It’s the three worst losses I think we’ve had since I’ve been here in five days. It’s tough to take. I don’t know. We were sitting at 11-4 and playing pretty well and then all of a sudden, other than the Indiana game, have just fallen apart. We have to figure it out; it’s my job to figure it out and then we’ll be back to what we’re trying to do.”

(On the recent offensive struggles) “The only thing we did tonight was just dump the ball to Dwight (Howard). It didn’t matter what we called. We had no energy coming off of screens, the ball didn’t move, guys didn’t want to shoot the ball. It’s very very bad right now. It’s a matter of energy and execution and things, and we don’t seem able to conjure that up right now. Part of it was probably fatigue. We tried to play a lot of guys tonight. Again, it’s squarely on me and I have to get it figured out and we’re going to try to do that in the next couple of days.”
Earl Clark
“It was real tough. We couldn’t get it going offensively. It seemed like they got to all the loose balls and offensive rebounds. It just wasn’t a good night tonight. Anytime you turn the ball over that many times, you can’t expect to win. We just have to bounce back next game and play the best that we can. It happens like that sometimes in this league. That’s one thing about the NBA, there’s always another game coming up.”
January 26, 2012: Magic vs. Celtics
Stan Van Gundy

On the game as a whole… “Well in the first half, we didn’t have Dwight and we just moved the ball and played well offensively. And then in the second half, number one we turned the ball over, three times in the first half, 10 times in the second half. The pressure really pushed us sideways, it wasn’t so much the up-the-court pressure tonight, it was the pressure at the half court. I thought we had trouble moving the ball. We got frustrated with the physical play, we got frustrated with the officials and we just got totally out of our game.”

“I thought our guys came in a good frame of mind to play the game tonight and then just couldn’t sustain it. We had a lot more good shots tonight, even in the second half then what we had the other night. But even when we got good shots, we couldn’t make them.”

“I think some things were deflating and we didn’t handle those well. We had a loss of composure and it’s a very difficult loss to take. We’ve got 48 games left to go and we need to get a lot better. We’re embarrassed as much tonight as we were the other night, but that’s not productive. There was a lot of frustration. We’ve got to get to where we can just play the game.”

“We have to keep our minds focused on what we have control over.”

On responding to the Celtics defense… “I thought in the first half we did a good job, we set picks, the whole thing. I think against them, one thing is, we’ve got to come to a little bit better balance of Dwight in the post and ball movement. Clearly in the two Boston games, I haven’t found that [balance].”

“It almost defies logic that we would score 58 points in the first half with Dwight playing six minutes, and then with Dwight playing the whole second half we can’t score.”

On composure issues… “I think we’ll overcome them. It’s not just the composure issue, it’s not that simple. From a basketball standpoint, the real issue is we’ve got to be able to face real physical play. We had four or five times where guys just decided, I’m gonna bull my way to the basket and draw a foul. All with the intention of making a good solid play, but not just playing our game and moving the ball.”

On the Celtics… “Do they know how to win? Clearly they do. They kept playing and they played really well. They dominated us on the defensive end.”

On himself… “I can’t take myself out of it. I have not done a good job in finding stuff that we can run offensively. Major mistake not having Earl back in the second half. Some of those things are on me.”

Dwight Howard
“We didn’t play the right way and we have to change. Everybody can’t just come down and feel like they have to take the game. You just have to play team ball and play the way we want to play. We didn’t do that.”

(On the 2nd half) “They picked it up, but we didn’t do a good job even when we were ahead of playing our basketball. We got off to a hot start and they picked it up a little bit and started hitting shots and we didn’t. We have to change.”

“We thought it was going to be easy after the first two quarters. We can’t allow that. We have to change.”
Glen Davis
“We lost composure. We didn’t do what we needed to do when it was time to get down and play. The Celtics showed perseverance and we didn’t.”

“I was out there and I didn’t do what I needed to do. In the first half, I had a lot of energy and made some good things happen. And in the second half, I was nowhere to be found. At the end of the day, you can say whatever and you can blame whoever you want to blame, but I’m looking at myself instead of those around me. I didn’t come to play in the second half.”

(On the 2nd half) “You could see things unravel; turnovers. And Boston smelled blood, they smelled pressure, and we didn’t do a good job of countering.”

“I knew they were going to make a push. They did and they won the game.”

“As far as team effort, that’s for the coaches. But as for myself, I had a lot of opportunities to make open shots and I didn’t. I put it upon myself as far as losing this game. I lost this game for this team. Because I was supposed to be the energy guy, come to play night in and night out, and I didn’t. I didn’t come play in the second half and we lost.”
Jason Richardson
“We just didn’t execute down the stretch. We didn’t do what we did in the first half.”

“We didn’t just give in, quit playing. They put some more pressure on us.”

“The guys know that we didn’t come out in the second half like we were supposed to. To go and give up a lead like that? We have to figure out a way to maintain stuff like that, like how to play with leads like that or when teams put pressure on us. It’s folding like that. We don’t want to get that reputation, that we’re soft.”

January 24, 2012: Magic at PacersStan Van Gundy
“Our effort was great. Our energy was good and a lot of guys had a lot to do with us winning. I thought we left some guys who would normally be back out there in the fourth quarter, on the bench. There were no attitudes though, everyone was into the game. When you take a loss like last night, people get focused a little bit. You quit taking winning for granted. Sometimes when you win a lot you start thinking about other things. I thought we played well defensively and our effort was lot better. (On the Pacers) They have unbelievable length which makes them very tough defensively. Frank (Vogel) has them playing extremely hard at the defensive end of the floor. They have a lot of depth and they have a lot of guys they can bring in to play. I think they are legit.”

Ryan Anderson
“(On his scoring a game high 24 points) I just wanted to come in with a lot of energy tonight. Last night I had kind of an off shooting night. I wanted to come in and set more screens, and that opened up shots. We just took the open shots. (On erasing the sting of last night’s loss) That’s the beauty of this league. We have back to back games and opportunities where we can redeem ourselves and play against another great team and win at home where they haven’t lost. These are important comeback games. That’s the way we can play every night and we have to continue to bring the energy and defensive presence and we’ll be good. (On the second half surge) They are a great offensive team with a lot of size. Getting key rebounds and being physical and getting fast break points, those are big for us.”

Dwight Howard
“(On the change in the game in the second and third quarters) Our intensity picked up at the defensive end, we did a great job of moving the ball on offense. I don’t think they defended the pick and roll too good tonight. We were able to reverse the ball and get a lot of weak side pick and rolls and get to the basket. It was a really good win for us. It shows a lot for us to be able to bounce back from last night. (On setting the franchise scoring record) It does mean a lot. Not too many players in this league can say that they were their franchise’s leading scorer. It’s a humbling experience. I just have to thank God for keeping me healthy for the eight years that I’ve been in the league. I also have to thank my teammates for finding me all these years.
January 23, 2012: Magic at Celtics
Stan Van Gundy:

Re: What Happened? “ Well I think that one’s easy to explain. I think they came out and just absolutely dominated us with their energy and their defensive intensity. Avery Bradley set a great tone. We had trouble even getting the ball into the scoring area. They were denying every pass. We struggled getting it there. Then because of the pressure; and its happened before, but not to this bad a level; we really went sideways and instead of executing better and moving the ball and making the extra pass and getting the third and fourth options we had slowly just panicked and it became a one-on-one game. One-on-one they dominated us. It didn’t start well and it got worse as the game went on. That’s the most dominating defensive performance I have ever had against me. There’s no singling anyone out. It’s the first game in my career I’ve been through where not one guy played well. We didn’t have one guy. There’s no finger pointing. That’s why you get dominated. Not one guy had a good night and I am foremost among them. That was an absolute beat-down and in most senses it was much worse than the score indicated.

Re: Happened to Veteran Team (Magic): “ I mean I can’t explain it. I can’t explain why. They took us out of everything we did. I’m not saying we don’t deserve blame, give us a lot of blame, but also make sure you give them a lot of credit. I mean that intensity and that defense was absolutely phenomenal. To take everybody out; there was nothing we could create; we couldn’t get anything out of anything we did.

Re: Avery Bradley: “His defense set the whole tone for the entire thing. He took us out; we had a hard time getting the ball down and getting into offense. I think, obviously right now our main concern is tomorrow night in Indiana, but before we play on Thursday from an offensive standpoint the first thing is going to be how can we get the ball down the court and into our offense.
Glen Davis

“You’ve got a team out there that’s capable of winning games and we didn’t play to the level that we needed to play. They played harder than us. Every possession they played harder than us, and we lost. That’s what happens.”

Their defensive game plan was on point. We didn’t have nothing to adjust. We didn’t adjust at all. We didn’t change anything. We kept running it. Doing the same thing. As a team, we’ve got to do better at adjusting and matching their intensity level.”

Re: the video tribute: “I looked really big, like really fat. I was like “WOW!, chubby”. I look a little more leaner now. But it was good. It’s always good to see things like that, memories. I can never forget. The fans showed love and I appreciate that.”
Dwight Howard

“We just allowed them to get into our heads. They won the mental battle. They’ve been doing it for a couple years sometimes. They would just get in our head, and we just have to learn to play through that. We’ll get better.”

“After the first quarter, it all went down hill for us. There’s no need to hang our head. We’ve been playing great basketball. We’ve had some sub par games. We’ve just got to continue to get better, and learn from this game. We can’t let a team just beat us mentally, and that’s what they did. It wasn’t like they was doing anything special, they just play regular basketball, and they beat us. So we just got to keep our heads. We’ve got to stay together. That’s one thing that we didn’t do tonight which is not characteristic of we as a team, we didn’t stay together. We started pointing fingers. Blaming each other,. I have to do a better job policing that, me being a captain of the team. We’ll get better. We’ll get better.”

January 20, 2012: Magic vs. Lakers
Stan Van Gundy:

On the Game… “I thought our defense was good tonight, which is good because we didn’t shoot the ball very well, except from the three-point line. The stuff that they beat us on was stuff that I didn’t do a good enough job preparing our guys for. Our guys had tremendous focus and did a great job.”

“Other than the three pointers, we did not shoot the ball very well. A lot of that has to do with them [Lakers], their size is very difficult to overcome. This is one of the elite defensive teams in the league.”

On Jameer’s game tonight… “I thought he was a little more aggressive, he made better plays and he made three three’s. When you shoot the ball well, everybody will say you’re playing well. It’s a big part of the game.

On Dwight…“When you’re talking about who’s the best in any position you’re not looking at one thing, you’re looking at a whole body of work. No center in this league has anywhere near the body of work that Dwight has.”

“Dwight took a couple [plays] off tonight. I played him 45 minutes and he played 117 minutes in three straight nights before that, so he’s played 160 minutes in five nights. His effort was off the charts, but yeah he got tired and that hurt us in one stretch.”

“He’s the best rebounder in the game and has been since I’ve been here at least. He just goes up and gets it and he gets the ones you really need to have. He’s the best there is on the glass.”

“Dwight is sort of like a security blanket for me, feels good when he’s in there. I just feel like our chances are better. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s 25 rebounds. But sometimes I don’t give him enough rest. I was going off of rest yesterday, rest tomorrow; let’s get a good workout in there.”

“This is a guy who never takes a day off and put that on top of his talent and that’s part of the reason why he’s so special. He’s there all the time, and good all the time.”

On the energy tonight start to finish… “I thought our first half was excellent energy-wise, I thought in the second half the energy was not good. But I also thought, what happened was, we hit that stretch in the third quarter where it was foul, foul, foul and the game just slowed down. That’s not what we wanted. I’d like to get our pace up.”
Dwight Howard
“I just think that we came out and were aggressive from the beginning of the game. We ran, did a good job of our defensive assignments and we got the win.”

“Instead of just stopping and letting their defense get set, just run, move, make them move on defense and we did that tonight. Everybody played great. I think Jameer was aggressive, he took shots, he had a good game. We just have to continue to grow each night and get better.”

(On playing Bynum) “It wasn’t about Dwight Howard night, it wasn’t about Andrew Bynum night, it was about the Magic and the Lakers. And that was the only thing that was on my mind was getting a win. There’s no need to go back and forth about me and him. We play the game different ways, we both have an objective and that’s to win. He’s won two rings and I’m trying to get mine. I try and lead by example by going out every night and giving 100 percent.”

“We just have to be consistent every night. We can’t take plays off, it has to be every night. Whether we’re hitting shots or not, we have to find other ways to affect the games.”
Jameer Nelson
“It was important for us to win. It wasn’t about the Jameer game. I’ll get myself on it and during the course of the season, you’re going to have ups and downs as an individual and as a team. So the way you handle them as a person coming into the next game after a bad game, that says who you are.”

(On Dwight’s play) “He’s doing great for us; he’s leading us offensively and first and foremost, defensively. He ran the court hard, he’s out there playing as hard as he can for us and we put a lot on his shoulders and he’s carrying us.”
JJ Redick
(On Dwight’s play) “When they chose to play him one-on-one, they just couldn’t really stop him, he has his way with both Bynum and Gasol.”

“I thought Jameer was great tonight. He was aggressive in the pick-and-rolls, that’s the way we need him to play. Obviously a lot more was asked of him and tonight because Turk was out again. But Jameer was great.”

January 18, 2012: Magic vs. Spurs

Orlando Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy:

On the game as a whole… “Our guys made a great effort, played extremely hard, played very well defensively and, had I done a couple things differently, we might have walked out with a win. I’ve got a lot of confidence in our high pick and roll game and we got good shots, but we weren’t making any. I should have gone back to Dwight in the low post late in the game. He [Dwight] was even looking good on the line, so I think I made a mistake there. Our guys deserved the win with the effort they put in tonight.”
“We should have been more aggressive on Parker’s pick and rolls earlier. Our guys’ effort was tremendous, we out-rebounded them by 19.”

“We had a few of those tonight where we didn’t shoot the ball with the shot clock running down. You have an idea of what the clock is but you’re not right there.”

On the last play… “It was just a high pick and roll and we got lucky on the play before with Von because we didn’t execute the play but Von made a play out of it.”

On Larry Hughes… “I thought Larry played pretty well and helped us. It’s great to have a guy like that, a veteran professional guy who we’ve really only used extensively twice this year. He’s come through and played well both times.”

About going deep into the bench… “We knew we were going to play 10 guys, I still ran up Jameer and Ryan’s minutes too far. Dwight was fabulous with the minutes. I had Jameer out there with no legs so he passed up the one shot, not his fault, 38 minutes on the third night, that wasn’t right.”

About what he would have done differently with Tony Parker’s pick and rolls… “I thought we got more aggressive. Our guys rotated well out of it, but we didn’t go to it early enough. We went to a stretch where he was absolutely killing us. Also, I could have put more size on him earlier. Any close game, as a coach, you’re going to second guess yourself a lot. But when your team is in a situation like that, two starters out, third game in three nights, battling as hard as we did, then you’re going to feel like you let them down a little bit.

About J. Richardson and Turkoglu… “I don’t know. J. Rich was pretty close to the point where he really tried today, went out and did some cutting and some defensive stuff on the court for the walk-through this afternoon. I would hope Friday night he would be OK. And Turk, it’s when all the spasms calm down.”

Dwight Howard
(On last play) “JJ got a good look. But it was a tough game, we fought hard and we just came up short at the end. There’s nothing bad you can say about tonight’s game. Third game in a row, played with a lot of energy, fought hard for the whole game so there’s nothing bad you can say.”

“I don’t think we struggled (offensively). We turned the ball over at the wrong time. On the defensive end, we allowed Tony Parker to get too deep and he was able to score or kick it out to guys for three’s, but our offense wasn’t a problem.”

“Its’ over with, it’s over with. There’s another game coming up, got to get this one behind us. There are a lot of things that could have been better but in the end, we fought hard, we played a tough game tonight and there’s nothing more we can do about it. They hit a tough shot at the end that’s what cost us the game. We played hard, that’s it.”
JJ Redick
(On last shot) “When Dwight got the offensive rebound is when I looked at the clock and I saw three-something. It was about 3.4, 3.5 when he turned and threw the ball at me. I shot faked and it was 1.8. If I shot the ball right away, he was so high I wouldn’t have gotten off a good shot so I really had two options. One was to jump into him which looking back it was kind of at an angle so I would have had to lean in. It was 2/10 of a second was basically what I needed. I could have rushed that escape dribble a little more. If I could do it again, that would probably be it. I thought legitimately though I had enough time to take that dribble and get the shot up. But, it happens.”

(On fourth qtr last minutes) “It was just a situation where I was trying to attack and made a cut, Jameer made a good pass and got to the free throw line. And then we kind of had that delayed fast break and I scored that basket and I think it made it 77 all. Then kind of a broken play to get back to the free throw line. It was a tough night for a lot of different reasons. I’m not a guy that enjoys like rah-rah (stuff); we should have won that game. That’s the bottom line, we should have won.”
Larry Hughes
“As a team, we have to stay ready and prepared to play. The guys fought hard, even the ones that participated in the back-to-back-to-back. But we gave it a good fight, didn’t pull it out in the end, but gave it a good fight.”

Richard Jefferson

(on whether team responded to Coach Popovich’s criticism following loss to Miami) “Yes. Coach knows what he is doing and we have to do a better job of not necessarily needing him to get on us. We gutted out a victory and we have to make sure we get another one soon.”

“I know we are getting our first road victory, but let us not get carried away. It is not like we were a bad team, or under .500, or not put it together on the road like we would have liked…We had some tough losses and bad losses. We have a quality team here. We just have to play better on the road for a longer period of time.”

(on being out-rebounded by Magic) “That is where they have their advantage (due to Howard’s presence). You have to do things to overcome that. Tim (Duncan) did an amazing job and got a lot of help from some other people.”
Tony Parker

“It (first road win) feels great. It was a great win for us especially after being frustrated last night by being up 14 and losing by 20. We wanted to come here and try to play well and have the opportunity to win the game. I am happy it bounced our way.”

“I had to fight through it. I am not shooting the ball well and we just try to keep making stops and it is hard against a team like Orlando who has great shooters everywhere. Obviously they have Dwight, but I thought overall defensively we did a great job by holding Orlando to 83 points including overtime. That is pretty good defensively.”

(on his performance in 4th quarter) “Basketball is weird sometimes. I was having great shots. They just weren’t going in. I just kept on shooting. They were going under the pick-and-roll. I knew it couldn’t last the whole game so I kept shooting.”

“I just think Miami was hot. Sometimes in basketball people get hot and you can’t do anything about it. Tonight, we fought through it. Timmy was unbelievable on Dwight. I think everybody kept fighting through because we were not shooting the ball well. We kept fighting and finally got the win.”

(on adjusting to NBA schedule this season) You get tired with a lot of games, a lot of minutes…I think the teams that are going to be successful are the teams with a good bench. Our bench has been productive so far and they have been playing well. Our young guys are playing well and improving. Hopefully we can keep it going.”