Magic's Ball Movement Among Best in League

By Josh Cohen
Nov. 30, 2017

ORLANDO – The Magic are a far more efficient team when their ball movement is sharp and when they play selflessly. In all nine of its wins so far this season, Orlando has dished out at least 20 assists.

In Wednesday’s victory over the Thunder, every starter had at least two dimes and nine players racked up at least one assist. It says a lot, too, when a team’s starting center leads the way in this category. Nikola Vucevic recorded seven of Orlando’s 28 assists, exhibiting his excellent court vision and high basketball IQ.

This team was built knowing team chemistry and synchronicity were utmost important. It’s critical for everyone to buy in and realize they will only be successful if they all trust one another.

Despite their recent nine-game losing skid, the Magic rank fourth in the NBA in assists (24.0). They haven’t let their struggles on the defensive end or any of their poor shooting nights interfere with their offensive identity.

Crisp ball movement and unselfishness are key, as Magic Head Coach Frank Vogel says, to form proper habits.

“The assisted-shot is a higher percentage shot than the unassisted-shot, the create-your-own shot,” he said. “It’s just a fact, leaguewide, not just us. It’s the game of basketball. When you play with the pass, you are more efficient.”

The Magic’s soaring assist totals stretch far beyond just making shots, too. Style of play is a major factor. In today’s NBA with floor spacing so crucial, teams need to be effective in the drive-and-kick game.

Orlando has taken the fourth most shots in the NBA when the attempt derived from a drive and kickout and it is shooting 40 percent from beyond the arc on these plays.