A Look at Rashad Vaughn's Abilities

Josh Cohen
Digital News Manager

By Josh Cohen Feb. 20, 2018

ORLANDO – Rashad Vaughn is a catch-and-shoot 3-point specialist. In fact, 31 of his 50 shot attempts this season with the Bucks came in this fashion. He made 13 of those attempts, resulting in a 62.9 effective field goal percentage in catch-and-shoot situations.

Vaughn doesn’t need much space to launch his jumper. In Milwaukee this season, he shot 7-of-9 (77.8 percent) from the floor when a defender was within 2-4 feet of him.

He’s much more comfortable spotting up rather than pulling up off the dribble. During his rookie year (2015-16), 41 of his 43 made threes came without a dribble prior to the release.

Vaughn has a good understanding of floor spacing. When he sprints down the court and sets up beyond the 3-point line, he’s in good position to catch and shoot. Vaughn, generally, has good balance when he squares up and he’s not afraid to launch from way downtown. He’s attempted more shots this year from 25-29 feet out (21 attempts) than from any other range.

Somewhat surprisingly, Vaughn’s shot attempts rarely occur after he comes off a screen. Only 9.4 percent of his shot attempts this season came in this manner.

To take his game to the next level, it’s crucial for Vaughn to improve his footwork and body control when he attacks the basket. Though he has good size for a shooting guard, Vaughn doesn’t initiate much contact and he has trouble avoiding shot blockers when he gets inside. He’s also not athletic or agile enough to repeatedly beat defenders off the dribble.

But, with 3-point shooting so critical in today’s game, Vaughn could be a very good fit with the Magic. Considering he’s only 21 years old, there’s plenty of opportunity for him to grow, especially on a young team.

Check out a pair of plays from Vaughn that highlight his ability to stretch the floor: