Gordon and Fournier Have Become Terrific Passers

Josh Cohen
Digital News Manager

ORLANDO - Prior to this season, neither Aaron Gordon or Evan Fournier were known for their passing skills.

That’s not because they weren’t capable of becoming high-level facilitators, though. In fact, prior to the Magic selecting Gordon fourth overall in the 2014 draft, passing was considered one of the 6-foot-9 versatile forward's strengths. The same was said about Fournier before he was chosen in the draft by the Nuggets in 2012. Many marveled at the Frenchman’s court vision and ability to drive and dish when he was a rising young star in his native country.

A sign that both work hard in the offseason improving all aspects of their respective games, Gordon and Fournier have emerged this year as two of the Magic’s best passers.

Gordon dished out a career-high nine assists during Wednesday’s victory in Chicago, while Fournier handed out seven dimes.

The Magic, as a team, finished with 31 assists. They did a great job taking advantage of mismatches and working the ball in the paint.

Gordon and Fournier, specifically, were very sharp, finding teammates cutting to the hoop for easy baskets inside. When the Magic aren’t stagnant, they usually amass a lot of assists because they have so many players who are good playing off the ball.

It’s only a matter of time before one (or both) of them logs their first triple-double. Since Gordon is the better rebounder of the two, he is probably more likely to secure one in the near future.

Check out a few of their top assists from Orlando's win over the Bulls: