Film Room: Victor Oladipo Playing Elite Defense

By Josh Cohen
Jan. 1, 2016

Victor Oladipo’s opponents are shooting just 28.8 percent from 3-point range when he is defending. Those same opponents shoot an average of 34.9 percent from beyond the arc for the season. Amongst players who have appeared in at least 20 games and defend at minimum three 3-pointers per game, Oladipo ranks sixth in the NBA in guarding the 3-point line (LeBron James, Rodney Hood, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Nicolas Batum are only players with better mark). WATCH:

Nearly 42 percent of his opponent’s shot attempts come from behind the 3-point line. Oladipo does a terrific job preventing opponents from driving past him. He has outstanding lateral quickness and a knack for foreseeing an opponent’s movements. Oladipo often forces his opponents into step-back jumpers. WATCH:

Oladipo is one of the best reserves in the league scoring in transition. And a lot of those transition points come after he makes a big defensive play or steal. Oladipo has extremely quick hands and he telegraphs a lot of passes, which allow him to coast the other direction for fast break points. WATCH:

Oladipo is the Magic’s best player at drawing charges. He is willing to take the contact and is good at planting his feet and staying outside the restricted area. Oladipo is on pace to lead the team in charges taken for the second straight season. WATCH:

Oladipo is very good at timing shot attempts and coming up with big blocks. Amongst all guards in the NBA, Oladipo is tied for fifth in blocked shots per game. He is also excellent at contesting shots at the rim and avoiding fouls. WATCH:


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