Film Room: Top 5 Terrence Ross Defensive Strengths

By Josh Cohen
Feb. 14, 2017

Terrence Ross does a solid job eluding and fighting over screens. He moves well laterally and absorbs contact well. Watch him squeeze through a pair of Justin Hamilton screens and stay locked on his opponent, Isaiah Whitehead. WATCH:

Ross is long and was arguably Toronto’s best player at contesting shots on the perimeter. He uses his wingspan and speed to close out on shooters. WATCH:

Ross is tenacious and feisty. He infrequently gets blown past off the dribble and he’s very instinctual. Ross also has very good timing and anticipation (cuts off passing lanes well and helps cause deflections). Watch him strip the ball away from Gerald Green. WATCH:

Ross is much stronger than he looks. Opponents assume they can post him up and back him down but actually Ross usually stays firm. Watch him deny Giannis Antetokounmpo on the low block. WATCH:

His defensive numbers aren’t quite as impressive this year, but Ross was arguably the most underrated wing defender in the league last season. In 2015-16, opponents guarded by Ross shot just 39 percent from the floor and 34 percent from 3-point range. Watch him play textbook defense on J.J. Redick. WATCH:


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