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Film Room: Examining Aaron Gordon's Game vs. Warriors

Josh Cohen
Digital News Manager

By Josh CohenMarch 8, 2016

Can Aaron Gordon develop a reliable pump fake? If he does, Gordon will be able to repeatedly escape defenders with his athleticism. In the play featured below, Gordon sneaks along the baseline, uses a fantastic pump fake to get Draymond Green up in the air and slams home an emphatic dunk. WATCH:

Gordon is shooting just 28.8 percent this season on mid-range shots and 30.4 percent on shots between eight and 16 feet from the basket. However, he does occasionally show flashes of how dangerous he can be if he becomes a more confident mid-range shooter. In the play featured below, Gordon creates some space off the dribble and uses his length to shoot over the top of Green. WATCH:

Since the All-Star break, Gordon is averaging nearly four free throw attempts per game. Prior to the break, he was averaging 2.2 FT attempts. Gordon is a very aggressive player and because he jumps so high, it’s typical for defenders to hit him on the arm when he goes up for a dunk. In the play featured below, Gordon is relentless in the paint and he gets tapped on the arm on the way up. WATCH:

Gordon rarely posts up a defender. In fact, just 4.7 percent of his shot attempts come after he tries backing an opponent down and he’s made just six shots in these situations. However, there was one play on Monday which made it seem like posting up is something he is spending a lot of time working on in practice. WATCH:

Defenders can easily get lost trying to follow Gordon around. He is constantly moving and extremely athletic. And because he explodes with so much force, opponents usually prefer to get out of the way as opposed to try and draw a charge. In the play featured below, Gordon trails the play and Andrew Bogut refuses to challenge at the rim. WATCH: