Father/Daughter True Blue Fans

Father/Daughter True Blue Fans
By Stefanie Carrier

ORLANDO -- Emmy, a third-year veteran Orlando Magic Dancer, has an intense passion for the Orlando Magic that stems from her childhood days as a Jr. Magic Dancer. This lifelong passion has been something she’s been able to share with her father, Mike.

When Emmy was a young girl and a member of the Jr. Magic Dance team, Mike would take her to rehearsals and spend time with her during game nights.

“When Emmy was a Jr. Magic Dancer years ago, we used to come to the games together,” said Mike of some of his favorite memories with Emmy. “I remember telling her after watching the Dancing Dads that if she ever danced for the Magic I would go and do the same.”

When Emmy moved back to Orlando after attending college, she decided to mesh her dancing talents with her love of the Orlando Magic.

“It seemed like such a natural step to audition to be a Magic Dancer,” said Emmy of her easy decision to audition.

And once Emmy was accepted on the team, it didn’t take long for her father Mike to take the next step to keeping his promise to audition for the 3D Dancing Dancer Dads: a group of men whose daughters are present or former Orlando Magic Dancers.

“It did not take much convincing at all,” said Mike. “That decision was made long ago and finalized when Emmy made the Magic Dancers team.”

While it was an easy decision for Mike, Emmy was actually surprised when she found out that her father was serious about joining the team.

“My dad is definitely not inclined to be a dancer,” said Emmy of her dad’s dancing skills. “He has taken this 'Dancing Dad' title seriously though, and he has gotten over stage fright to really rock everyone's socks off on the court.”

And now, three years later, Emmy and her father are still dancing their hearts out for the Magic and cherishing the time they get to spend together.

“I love that my dad is a Dancing Dad. I love watching him and cheering him on at games, and I love that it's something special that the two of us share,” said Emmy of her Dancing Dad. “I am also so proud of how much he’s progressed over the years!”

Mike, a member of the 3D Dancing Dancer Dads for three years now, also cherishes the experience and the memories he’s made over the years.

“The best part of being a dancing Dad is watching our coach Cherie laughing her head off during our rehearsals,” said Mike. “I greatly appreciate the camaraderie among the dads and the practice time.”

But rehearsals aren’t the only things that Mike enjoys about being on the team; more importantly, he enjoys any time he gets to spend with his daughter Emmy.

“My favorite memories with Emmy are game days watching each other rehearse and getting some pointers and advice from her,” said Mike. “I need all the help I can get.”


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