Denton: Meshing Youth With Veterans


By John Denton

The 20-something youngsters on the Orlando Magic’s roster are sometimes the equivalent of overeager puppies, sniping at the heels of the older players and then playfully running away. Occasionally, the Magic’s graybeards bite back, but mostly they teach lessons and lend support.

The Magic’s roster offers some wild extremes in age and experience in both directions. Twelve of the players in training camp, pups if you will, have two years or fewer of experience in the NBA. Meanwhile, the vets, old dogs if you will, comprise the rest of a team that is focused on daily growth and incremental gains.

GM Rob Hennigan, the man charged with building the Magic into a sustainable winner, has said repeatedly that he never wants a team too young or too old. Therefore, he’s constructed the current roster so that the Magic can simultaneously develop their young talent, while also being able to lean on a host of dependable veteran players.



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