Cohen's Open Challenges

By Josh Cohen
June 29, 2011

ORLANDO -- It may seem somewhat arrogant. It may come off smug and self-righteous. It may even insult some.

But I promise, it’s all in good fun.

Recognizing full well that I may be portrayed as the adversary, I would like to present an open challenge to some of the Orlando Magic’s premier talent.

With it being the offseason – a time when it’s essential for all of us to brush up on our imperfections and work on improving for next season – I thought it would be beneficial to try and keep everyone on their toes.

Not just on the basketball court, but in all aspects of our daily lives.

In effect, I have chosen several opponents, selected an appropriate mission and subsequently offer a challenge.

It’s up to each competitor to either accept or decline the challenge by the start of next season.

J.J. Redick: I challenge you to a Nutritious Meal Contest

We all know how important fitness and nutrition is for Redick, who has been recognized in the past as the Magic’s most physically fit athlete and is very committed to eating a well-balanced diet.

I too, furthermore, am very resolute in the kitchen and in the gym. I firmly believe in healthy eating and follow a very stringent diet.

Therefore, I challenge Redick to a competition in which we both would prepare a meal that is relatively low in calories, simple carbohydrates, sugar and saturated fat, while generally high in protein, complex carbs, fiber and monounsaturated fats.

To assess the winner, there will be a panel that will eat a portion of our meals and determine which serving was most delicious and nutritious.

Josh Cohen

Gilbert Arenas: I challenge you to a Pressure-Packed Blog-Off

While I know that it’s been a while since Arenas filed in blogs for a few years back, most of us remember that Gil was the king of blogs during that time.

While working for, I remember everyone enjoying Arenas’ humor, creativity and occasional sarcasm. His commentary was funny, interesting and informative.

Writing, naturally, is the base of my career and therefore, I pose a challenge to Gilbert to see who can compose the most attention-grabbing blog.

After completing each of our blogs, we would submit them to a few judges who will read both and assess which one is more artistic and fascinating. The subject of our blogs could be about basketball or perhaps other news topics.

Ryan Anderson: I challenge you to a 3-Point Shootout

Early on last season, a challenge had been presented to Anderson for he and myself to compete in a 3-point shooting competition. He had accepted.

I admit, however, that I didn’t have time to prepare for such a rigorous battle. As a result, I essentially backed out and forfeited.

Over the summer, though, I plan on hitting the court hard to work on my outside shooting.

I respect Anderson’s outstanding shooting ability and I realize I may be in over my head, but if Paul Pierce can win a 3-point shootout, why can’t I?

The rules and regulations would be standard and follow the same format that is used during All-Star Weekend.

Dwight Howard: I challenge you to a Bodybuilding Competition

I’m really getting ambitious now. There is no secret that Howard possesses one of the best physiques in all of professional sports. His incredible efforts in the weight room since debuting in the NBA has helped increase his extraordinary lean muscle mass.

I realize I will never be as strong or physically gifted as Dwight, but I am confident I can try and persuade a panel of judges to deem me as worthy of winning a bodybuilding competition.

I consider myself a gym rat – in the weight room at least six days a week – and like I stated during my challenge to Redick am very strict on my nutritional diet.

I am hoping that as I continue my journey through the world of fitness that I will be worthy of competing against Howard in such a contest.

If nothing else, the purpose of this challenge is to keep myself motivated on sustaining high intensity workouts and healthy eating.

Dan Savage: I challenge you to the Ultimate Great Debate

Readers of know that Savage and I engage in an assortment of written and audio debates.

Over the last couple of years, we have argued about all kinds of topics, including the best meal to order at Vince Carter’s restaurant in Daytona Beach and who is the best option on the Magic to take a game-winning shot.

Therefore, I present a challenge to Savage to have a debate on our show, Blue & White Insight, in which we both get five minutes to argue a point on a given subject.

A panel of listeners, subsequently, would vote on who made the best arguments to defend their position.

Whether or not anyone I challenged in his document accepts my challenges, one of the main goals of this article is to try and keep everyone motivated and determined to improve by the start of next season.

I know that sometimes the best push we can get to go from good to great is to challenge ourselves to go outside of the box. Hopefully, I have done just that in this article.

Which open challenge would you be most interested in watching?

Which open challenge would you be most interested in watching?

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