Cohen 8-Ball: Best Magic Performance Ever?


Josh Cohen's Analysis: I once asked an NBA executive what is more difficult to achieve in a single game: Scoring 70 points, hauling down 30 rebounds or dishing out 30 assists?

He was quick to respond and said it’s definitely the dimes.

This is a rational response, especially when history suggests this is precise. Four players (Wilt Chamberlain, Kobe Bryant, David Thompson and Elgin Baylor) have tallied 70-plus points in a single game. Several players since 1973 have racked up 30-plus boards, including some of today’s big men such as Kevin Love and Andrew Bynum.

But only once has someone accumulated 30 assists and that honor belongs to Scott Skiles when he set the record on December 30, 1990 against the Denver Nuggets.




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