Film Room: 5 Cliff Alexander Strengths

By Josh Cohen
Sept. 9, 2016

Physical Around Rim

Cliff Alexander is a bruiser inside. Though undersized and not super explosive, Alexander is a workhorse in the paint. He boxes out, battles for position and exhausts opponents with his motor and strength. He is so strong that he once shattered a glass backboard during a game when he was 16 years old. Alexander is often the “enforcer” for his team. WATCH:

Good Hands

Alexander doesn’t fumble or drop many passes thrown his way. Even when a pass is tossed too high, low or hard, Alexander usually gobbles it up. He has very good reflexes and instincts and he does an excellent job protecting the ball once he catches it. WATCH:

Runs the Floor Well

While not a terrific athlete or high flyer, Alexander plays with superb energy, hustle and drive. He’s constantly moving and doesn’t mind playing in a fast-paced system. For a player not really known for his vertical leap, he is a powerful dunker. Alexander also can dart out in transition and finish fast breaks. WATCH:

Sneaky Scorer

Alexander is one of those players on many possessions where you think there is almost no chance he will end up with a shot attempt but does because of how active and crafty he is. When guards attack the lane, Alexander will initially look like he is just trying to stay out of the way. But before you know it, he creeps in the paint, gets drop-off passes and finishes layups and floaters. WATCH:

Decent Pick-and-Roll Player

Alexander is a good screener. He also excels at recognizing mismatches. While he’s very limited offensively (doesn’t stretch the floor or post up), Alexander likes to go full force toward the rim and muscle his way to the basket. If he gets a smaller defender on him, he will attack and make the opponent pay for switching. WATCH:


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