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Q: Dwight Howard, Besides KG what other power forward would you like to play with?

A: : "Tim Duncan."

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Q: Darko Milicic, What size shoe do you wear?
A: “Size 18.”

Q: J.J. Redick, What aspect of playing in the NBA are you most excited about?
A: “Competing against the best athletes in the world. I’m a competitive guy and it excites me to be able to say I’m going to go against some of the greatest athletes out there.”

Q: Grant Hill, How did you get so good at basketball when you were younger?
A: “I played a lot of basketball and practiced as a young child.”

Q: Hedo Turkoglu, you have played in both the Eastern and Western Conferences – Which do you like more?
A: “It’s all the same for me, because right now I may be in the East, but we play basketball like one of the West teams – high tempo, running – I don’t feel any difference.”

Q: Dwight Howard, Is there one person growing up that you always wanted to meet, and since being in the league have you met that person?
A: “I’ve always wanted to meet Michael Jordan and I actually met him before I got into the NBA. I also wanted to meet KG and met him when we played against him.”

Q: J.J. Redick, Who did you look up to when you were growing up?
A: “My dad. He was the hardest working guy that I’ve ever met. He still is. As far as athletes, Brett Farve and Michael Jordan.”

Q: Travis Diener, What tips or drills could you give me to improve my shooting and dribbling?
A: “With shooting, you just have to go into the gym, or wherever, and work on form. Practice makes perfect and it’s important to get a lot of repetitions for shooting. As far as for dribbling, you can do that inside or outside, I usually spent at least 15 minutes every day when I was little doing dribbling drills. I would dribble around my legs, in front of me, crossover dribbles etc.”

Q: Carlos Arroyo, Do you feel you have a responsibility to represent the Puerto Rican community being only the 5th Puerto Rican in the NBA?
A: “Oh definitely, definitely. I feel that I want to be a positive influence in young kids in my country and hopefully one day they can look at me as a role model and somebody that did the right things and made the right decisions.”

Q: Hedo Turkoglu, How do you get the perfect three-point shot?
A: “How do I get it? As long as they pass it to me, I can do it. I don’t look at it like that, I just do it. My advice is 'Just do It'.”

Q: Dwight Howard, Do you think talent is given when you are born or achieved in the weight room?
A: “I think talent is God-given.”

Q: Grant Hill, Do you intend to become the Magic's GM one day?
A: “I am not thinking along those lines, but you never know in the future.”

Q: Travis Diener, Did you enjoy other sports besides basketball as a kid? Who were your favorite teams?
A: “Yeah, I played baseball and football when I was growing up. In baseball I was a shortstop and a pitcher and then in football I was a quarterback. My favorite teams are the Bears, the Bulls and the White Sox, all Chicago teams for some reason.”

Q: Jameer Nelson, How many tattoos do you have?
A: “I don’t know. I’ve got a lot. Maybe 12. Yeah, 12. This one, on my right bicep is the most important to me. It’s for my grandma.”

Q: J.J. Redick, Do you get angry when people put down your defense?
A: “No, people are always going to knock your game. All I can expect of myself is that I’m competitive on both sides of the ball.”

Q: Travis Diener, What is your favorite thing to do for fun in Florida and do you miss the snow?
A: “My favorite thing to do in Florida since about January or February is to golf; I usually score between 95 to 100. I don’t really miss the snow a whole lot… the only time I missed it was during Christmas, but now I am just glad I don’t have to deal with it.”

Q: Dwight Howard, do you feel like you’re ready to take a role among the dominant big men in the league?
A: "I think so. I just have to play hard and have fun out there on the floor. I want to be a leader on this team and in order for us to be successful, I need to play well down low. I’ve got to dominate the paint area and I think I have the tools to do that this year."

Q: J.J. Redick, what did you buy with your first NBA paycheck?
A: "Well, I bought a house, I got a car. And then I bought my dad an SUV."

Q: Darko Milicic, what is your favorite food?
A: “Lamb.”

Q: Hedo Turkoglu, what was your favorite subject in school?
A: “Art. It was fun and I was good at it.”

Q: Trevor Ariza, what was it like to play against the Knicks for the first time?
A: “It was really good. I am close to pretty much all of them, but I am happy we beat them the way we did!”

Q: Dwight Howard, would you say that rebounding comes naturally or involves more strategy?
A: “I think it comes naturally but also involves strategy..”

Q: Jameer Nelson, what football positions did you play as a kid?
A: “I played quarterback, kicker, punter, kick-returner, punt-returner. I played pretty much all the major positions. ”

Q: J.J. Redick, what were you thinking when the Orlando Magic called your name on draft night?
A: “I was praying that David Stern would not say anyone else’s name but mine! And when he did, it was part relief and part pure joy.”

Q: Dwight Howard, what's your favorite entertainment spot in Orlando?
A: “Bowling.”

Q: J.J. Redick, at Duke you had jersey No. 4. Since that wasn’t available here, why did you chose No. 7?
A: “I wanted a single digit number. And my mom and I always talk about seven being a biblical number. And also, in my immediate original family there are seven members – so it’s a good number.”

Q: Hedo Turkoglu, do you ever look at fans while you are sitting on the bench? How do you feel about their reactions?
A: “Yes, always. I’m just lovin’ it… it feels great, it feels good to see them happy and it’s really nice to see them cheering for you.”

Q: Dwight Howard, if you could chose any current or former NBA players to be on your team, who would they be?
A: “Bill Russell, Randy Wittman, Michael Jordan and Kevin Garnett.”

Q: J.J. Redick, what was your proudest moment at Duke?
A: “I had a lot of really great moments at Duke. I'm probably most proud of the three ACC championships we won. I remember each one of them well and they each mean something very different to me.”

Q: Jameer, what was the first thing you bought with your first NBA paycheck?
A: “I bought my mom a car.”

Q: Dwight, if you weren't a professional basketball player, what profession would you pursue?
A: “I'd like to be a cop.”

Q: Trevor, what have you been doing in Orlando since you were traded here?
A: “I have been shopping at the mall a bunch, been jet skiing a couple of times.”

Q: Hedo, what's your favorite type of car?
A: “Ferrari 360 Modena.”

Q: Dwight, did you get into any fights when you were younger?
A: “Yes, I did, even though I don’t like to admit it because I kind of had an unfair advantage. But now I am old enough to know that fighting doesn’t do any good! It is not a way to solve problems because most of the time it just makes people more mad.”

Q: Jameer, what did you want to be when you were younger? Did you always want to be a basketball player?
A: “I wanted to be an athlete, period. I played football, basketball and baseball, so I just wanted to be involved in sports.”

Q: DeShawn, would you ever get more tattoos?
A: “I don't know. I always say no, but I end up getting more.”

Q: Jameer, what is your favorite food?
A: “Steak.”

Q: Travis, who are your idols?
A: “I don’t know if I have any idols, but I have people I look up to - mostly my idols are my parents. They are the most important people in my life.”

Q: DeShawn, I've noticed you are an avid gum chewer. What kid of gum is "the gum of choice"?
A: “Trident Original”

Q: Grant, who is your favorite player and who do you think is the best player to ever play the game?
A: “My favorite player of all time is Magic Johnson and I would have to say Michael Jordan is the best player I’ve ever played against.”

Q: Tony, what size of shoe do you wear?
A: "I wear a 16.”

Q: Jameer, who was your favorite player as a kid?
A: "Charles Barkley.”

Q: DeShawn, what is your all-time favorite basketball shoe?
A: "Air Jordans.”

Q: Dwight, what age were you when you really became interested in basketball?
A: "I started playing when I was 2, but I really got interested when I was 10.”

Q: Travis, what's been the hardest part of making the transition from the college game to the NBA?
A: "Probably just the speed and the size of the guys in the game. Everyone’s faster and so much bigger and stronger and so I think that will be the biggest transition that I will have to make. The size of not only the point guards, but just everybody in general is so much more elevated than in college. That will be my biggest challenge as well.”

Q: Jameer, how does it feel to be the first from Chester (PA) to make a name for yourself in the NBA?
A: "I take pride in carrying my city on my back, so it is definitely a big thing for me and my family for me to be the first out of Chester.”

Q: DeShawn, who do think is the best player you have defended?
A: "The best player I defended...I would say Kobe Bryant or Allen Iverson.”

Q: Travis, do you miss your old Marquette teammate, Dwyane Wade?
A: "I still keep in touch with him so it’s not like we are really distant. Of course I miss playing with him, he is obviously one of the best players in the NBA, but I miss playing with all those guys I played with back in college, I miss the whole experience. Dwyane is a great player, but as far as a relationship standpoint, I still talk to him, and we are still close.”

Q: Dwight, if you could meet with or play against one retired basketball player, who would it be?
A: "Wilt Chamberlain.”

Q: Travis, how did it feel to play back at your “home court” against the Bucks on Saturday?
A: "It felt great. It was really nice to be home and to see my family and friends for the first time since the summer. Playing well was just an added bonus.”

Q: Dwight, are you still growing?
A: "I think I have gotten taller since I got here – I think I look a lot bigger. Men don’t stop growing until they are 22, so I still have a few inches in me.”

Q: Grant, of all the Duke guys in the NBA, who's hardest to defend?
A: “Corey Maggette.”

Q: Hedo, what's your favorite food?
A: “My Mom's food - everything she cooks.”

Q: Steve, did you have a favorite NBA team when you were a child?
A: “My favorite NBA team was the Washington Bullets.”

Q: Dwight, if you had to choose between playing on the Dream Team or being an All-Star, what would you choose?
A: “All-Star.”

Q: Travis, other than the 2003 Final Four, what was your proudest moment at Marquette?
A: “Probably just all the memories that I have of my teammates, and my coaching staff and the wins that we had and just being together with all those guys for four years and having a lot of fun whether it was winning or losing.”

Q: Terence, what type of conditioning did you do over the summer?
A: “I didn’t play in any summer leagues, but I trained with John Lucas down in Houston, Texas. A lot of pro players were there and I go to work on my entire game.”

Q: Deshawn, what is the meaning of the tattoos on your arms?
A: "It’s just stuff with my family, names of my family, bible verses and stuff I have been through in my life.”

Q: Steve, who's the tallest person you've ever dunked on?
A: "Kelvin Cato, in practice.”

Q: Dwight, have you ever played yourself in a video game?
A: "Yes I have – I had 40 points, all the rebounds and all the blocks.”

Q: Jameer, why do you not dunk in games?
A: "Because it is still only two points. Two points is two points.”

Q: Dwight, what was your childhood nickname?
A: "My childhood nickname was “Double D” and I got it from my daddy. He called me that because my middle name is David, and my first name is Dwight so, “Double D.”

Q: Dwight, who is your favorite celebrity?
A: “Regina Hall.”

Q: Steve, what is the most essential trait or skill to be a good all-around basketball player?
A: “The drive or the will.”

Q: Grant, who is your favorite ex-Duke teammate that you play against in the NBA today?
A: “Christian Laettner.”

Q: Jameer, do you feel homesick away from your family and friends?
A: “No, I feel homesick now being away from Orlando.”

Q: Travis, who has motivated you the most in your life?
A: “The person who has motivated me most in my life is probably my father and my mother. They always push me to become a better person off the court as well as on the court. They have been really influential for me and motivated me throughout my life.”

Q: Dwight, what is your favorite food?
A: “Pizza.”

Q: Jameer, do you still keep in touch with your college teammates?
A: “I work out with Pat Carroll occasionally and Dwayne Jones. I also talk to Delonte - I try to keep in touch with them all the same amount.”

Q: Travis, what number will you be wearing?
A: “I hope to wear No. 34 because I wore that number in college for three years in honor of my brother.”

Q: DeShawn, what are your favorite places in Orlando?
A: "Disney World, Universal, and my house."

Q: Grant, what's your opinion of basketball in Europe?
A: "It has come a long way, evident by players from foreign countries coming to the NBA. Playing in Europe is an alternative for a lot of people from the U.S., who for whatever reason don’t play in the NBA, so they can go there and make a good living and have a great career."

Q: Dwight, what are your pre-game rituals?
A: "I warm up, go to chapel, come back, stretch, talk to the coaches, go in the corner and pray for a second, pray with the team, and then we come out to the court."

Q: Steve, who's your favorite player to go one-on-one with?
A: "Jameer, my teammate."

Q: DeShawn, who was your favorite player growing up?
A: "Michael Jordan."

Q: Hedo, what was the reason for your better stats this year?
A: "It's all about finding a team and finding a place to fit in, and once you do that, your stats are going to increase."

Q: Steve, who is your favorite author?
A: “John Grisham.”

Q: Grant, why do you wear #33?
A: “I was going to wear number 32 in college, but Christian Leattner had it, so I chose 33.”

Q: Dwight, would you rather have 20 points or 20 rebounds in a game?
A: “20 rebounds.”

Q: Brandon, did you have any ghost encounters while at Ohio University?
A: “Ohio University is supposedly the most haunted University in America but, no, I never had any ghost encounters.”

Q: Dwight, what are your plans for the off-season?
A: "Work on my game – I’ll be in between (Orlando and his hometown of Atlanta). And me and my friends from high school are going to take a trip to Hawaii."

Q: Dwight, how much do you bench press?
A: "Right now I bench press 275 pounds."

Q: DeShawn, what happened to your headband?
A: "We can’t wear headbands this year – it is a rule they made up for the team."

Q: Steve, what do your wristbands say?
A: "The black one, I made from my store and it says, "believe," and the white and blue ones have my sisters name on it."

Q: Brandon, what was your favorite memory from your high school basketball career?
A: "Playing in the state championship game in 99."

Q: Hedo, do you want any tattoos?
A: "No, I don’t want any."

Q: Steve, who is the funniest guy on the team?
A: "Dwight Howard"

Q: Hedo, do you like living in Orlando?
A: "I love it. I just bought a place and I am planning to be here for a long time."

Q: Mario, do you keep up with your old team – the Opel Skyliners?
A: "Yes, I still keep in contact with everyone there and they call me to see how I am doing over here."

Q: Steve, what is that tattoo on your arm?
A: “It is a tattoo of my mom, in memory of her.”

Q: Hedo, which NBA player is the hardest to defend?
A: "For me, it was always Jamal Mashburn."

Q: Steve, what is your favorite music and artist?
A: “R&B and hip hop; Janet Jackson.”

Q: Hedo, where is your favorite place to go in Turkey besides Istanbul?
A: Bodrum.

Q: Dwight, what is the best dunk you have in your arsenal?
A: “The best dunk, nobody’s seen it; I put my arm in the rim."

Q: Dwight, how do you plan to reach people spiritually and be a positive role model?
A: “Just by my actions off the court and involving myself in the community.”

Q: Kelvin, do you prefer to score a field goal or make s block shot?
A: “Block a shot.”

Q: Mario, how many tattoos do have? Where did you get them done?
A: “I don’t know, but I stopped counting at five and they were done overseas.”

Q: Dwight, when will you be writing your biography?
A: "I don't have much to go in a biography right now, so not any time soon."

Q: Steve, what is the most interesting thing that has happened to you on a road trip?
A: “One of my teammates charged their room service to my room.”

Q: Steve, how much do you bench press?
A: "210 lbs."

Q: Hedo, who are your all-time favorite Turkish, European & American players?
A: “Turkish is Harun Erdenay. In Europe it’s Toni Kukoc. In the U.S. it’s Scottie Pippen.”

Q: Kelvin, what is your favorite movie?
A: "The Five Heartbeats."

Q: Hedo, how do you feel about being on the team with Doug again?
A: “Oh, it feels great. I played on the team with him for three years and I had a good time with him in three years. He’s a great teammate and a good person so hopefully we are going to have a good year with him and he’s going to really bring a lot of things to this team and hopefully we can go as far as we can and just have a good year.”

Q: Mario, where are you from in Croatia?
A: "Zagreb."

Q: Jameer, who is the most exciting player to watch right now in the NBA?
A: “Steve Francis.”

Q: Jameer, who is your favorite basketball player?
A: "Grant Hill."

Q: Hedo, do you like playing the 2 or 3 more?
A: "I don’t care; I just want to be on the court."

Q: Jameer, who is your biggest influence?
A: "My parents."

Q: Hedo, what is your favorite place in Turkey?
A: Istanbul

Q: Dwight, growing up who was your role model?
A: "Kevin Garnett"

Q: Andrew, can you give us Magic fans a time-table on your return to the court?
A: "It's looking like after the All Star break in mid-Feburary.

Q: Dwight, what are the steps you took while being young to help you become a pro basketball player?
A: "I gave it 100% every time I stepped on the court whether I was practicing, playing, or whatever I was doing. I gave it 100% and I never took a day off."

Q: Dwight Howard, what college would you have gone to?
A: "The two colleges that I was really looking to go to were University of North Carolina and Duke."

Q: Dwight Howard, what is your favorite food?
A: "My favorite is pizza."

Q: Dwight Howard, who is your favorite singer & rapper?
A: "My favorite singers are Alicia Keys & Keisha Cole. My favorite rapper is Pastor Troy."

Q: Steve Francis, what is your dream job other than an NBA superstar?
A: A policeman or teacher.

Q: Grant Hill, have you ever read Escape from Reason by Francis Schaffer?
A: "No I haven't."

Q: Hedo Turkoglu, which Turkish soccer and basketball teams do you like?
A: "Soccer is Fenerbahce. [In terms of basketball,] I like my old team, Efespilsen.

Q: Brandon Hunter, what’s your best memory of Ohio University?
A: When we beat North Carolina at North Carolina.

Q: Grant Hill, what was hardest thing for you in the past four seasons on the bench?
A: "The hardest thing in those four years was not being one of the guys and being able to be out there on the court with my teammates."

Q: Dwight Howard, how tall were you when you were 12?
A: “I was 6’2”.”

Q: Steve Francis, who was your favorite player as a kid?
A: Kevin Johnson

Q: Hidayet Turkoglu, are you still a supporter of Galatasaraty (soccer)?
A: "No, I am not."

Q: Dwight Howard, would you get any tattoos?
A: “No. I don’t want any tattoos.”

Q: Jameer Nelson, do you and your son like Orlando?
A: I love Orlando. My son is still in Philly, eventually he will be here and we'll go to all the attractions!

Q: Cuttino Mobley, what is your favorite place in Orlando?
A: "Kres Chop House restaurant."

Q: Does Dwight Howard have a girlfriend?
A: "I am single. I am only 18 so my focus is on basketball right now, not the ladies...sorry!"

Q: Dwight Howard, what do you like most about Orlando and what is your shoe size?
A: Disney World and 18/19!

Q: Grant, how are you feeling and what are your expectations this coming year?
A: "I am a feeling great. I'm feeling good. It is great to be able to play and practice and not worry about your health, but about your game. My expectations are to stay healthy the entire year."

Q: Hedo Turkoglu, I really like Turkish music, what Turkish artists do you like?
A: " is pop music. They are the best in Turkey right now."

Q: Michael Bradley, is it true you are a big Philadelphia Eagles fan and do not like the New England Patriots?
A: "Actually that is false. I am a big New England Patriots fan. When I was at school in Villanova I followed the Eagles a little bit, but I stick with the home team, so I am a big New England Patriots fan."

Q:"Keith Bogans, what do you like to do in your spare time?"
A:"Movies, gangster movies: Scarface, Goodfellas, you name it."

Q: "Keith Bogans, what do you like to do in your free time?"
A: "Movies, gangster movies: Scarface, Good Fellows, you name it."

Q: "Keith, what is your favorite vacation spot?"
A: "Miami."