At what age or grade did you realize playing in the NBA was a realistic possibility?

Jonathan Isaac

Post-grad year of high school – “When I was at IMG (Academy) and I decided I could go on. I started getting offers (from colleges) so I started to take it more seriously.”

Shelvin Mack

15 or 16 – “I started dreaming it (at that time). I was playing on one of the best AAU teams in the country. We won nationals two years in a row. So, I saw other players that were highly ranked and I knew I can do it.”

Nikola Vucevic

19 or 20 – “I started playing much better. I started going up against some guys that were projected high draft picks. I could just tell if I can play against them I have a shot at the NBA. As my junior year (in college) went on and on I knew that I was ready to go to the NBA.”

Jonathon Simmons

23 or 24 – “I remember working, competing against those guys that had been at that level or were in that level and that made feel like I can be in the NBA.”

Aaron Gordon

6th or 7th grade – “I just remember when I was real young it was a dream of mine to play, maybe first or second grade. It was just a dream. You know with little kids they say ‘I want to be a sports car driver,’ ‘I want to be an astronaut,’ mine was to be in the NBA and be a Hall of Famer. I realized it (was possibility) around sixth or seventh grade, but I always had the dream.”