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Play along online as you watch the game on Bally Sports Florida. Predict what will happen for the chance to win great prizes!

How and When to Play

Magicvision Mobile is a second screen experience and free contest that empowers fans to test their trivia and predictive talents. Please note that only registered users will qualify for prizing. Prior to enrolling in your first game, make sure to register for Magicvision Mobile on your mobile device through the Orlando Magic App or on your Desktop with the below link.

Magic Vision Mobile phones

Trivia vs Predictive Gaming

While tuning into live Orlando Magic games on Bally Sports Florida, viewers will be able to earn points by predicting assorted game outcomes related to team and player performance. Points are given for each selection made, while correct predictions will be awarded with additional points. At the end of each mini-game (each quarter), the top scorer(s) will earn a prize, amounting to four contests and four prizes per game. In addition to the four free mini-games, Magicvision Mobile will offer fans the opportunity to earn prizes before and during halftime of every Magic game with Pre-Game and Halftime Trivia. Unlike the predictive mini-games, both trivia games will feature traditional, Magic-themed questions for fans to answer. Choose the correct answer in a timely manner, and you will fly up the leaderboards!


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