Film Room: Breaking Down Tobias Harris' Offense

By Josh Cohen
Sept. 30, 2015

Tobias Harris is one of the better tough-shot makers in the league. He actually shot a better percentage when defenders played within two to four feet of him (49.4 percent) than when he was wide open (43.1 percent). In the play featured below, Harris drives to his right and banks in a shot despite solid defense from Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jared Dudley. WATCH

Harris is underrated when he posts up a defender. He also has a knack to make fadeaway jumpers (a rare talent in basketball). While only nine percent of his shot attempts came after posting up a defender last season, Harris connected on 50 percent of those shots. In the play featured below, Harris posts up against a bigger opponent, Marc Gasol, but he’s able to create enough space for the fadeaway. WATCH:

It’s a challenge sometimes for Harris to determine whether to take a contested shot or read the defense and make the simple pass. When he is rolling, Harris commands a double team because of his versatility and array of scoring options. In the play featured below, Andrew Nicholson sets a high screen for Harris. L.A.’s Ed Davis and Ryan Kelly choose to double up on Harris and leave Nicholson open on the wing. Harris decides to shoot over the top of the two Lakers defenders. WATCH:

Harris was often the beneficiary of Elfrid Payton and Victor Oladipo’s drives inside. He made significant improvement on his 3-point shot (11 percent rise from prior season). Harris shot 51 percent from the right corner (shot 37 percent from same spot in 2013-14). Also, a very interesting stat; 47 percent of Harris’ shots came without a dribble (20 percent came with one dribble), which suggests he doesn’t need much movement to create space. In the play featured below, Payton breaks down the defense and finds the wide-open Harris in the corner. WATCH:

So many times Harris beats everyone down the floor and finishes with a transition bucket. Nearly 13 percent of his shot attempts last season were in transition and he shot 57 percent from the floor in these scenarios. These were also the plays where Harris had his highest AND-1 percentage (5.3 percent). In the play featured below, Oladipo grabs a long rebound and finds Harris already at the other end for an easy two. WATCH:


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