Film Room: Aaron Gordon Among NBA's Best Cutting to Basket

By Josh Cohen
March 16, 2017

Since the All-Star break, which coincides with him returning to the power forward position, Aaron Gordon has been one of the league’s best at cutting to the basket and finishing at the rim.

In fact, over the last month, only Nene, TJ Warren, Giannis Antetokounmpo and DeAndre Jordan have attempted more cutting layups with a higher field goal percentage than Gordon.

As the four-man, Gordon has been more active rolling to the hoop. He’s so athletic and agile that defenders have a hard time staying between him and the basket.

Gordon has excellent court vision and awareness. He seems to always notice when the paint is open and there’s very little rim protection.

AG also just tends to be more aggressive and speedier than guys he’s matched up with. Especially in transition when opponents can’t set their defense, Gordon typically is ahead of the field and is able to throw down jaw-dropping slams.

Here are three plays that demonstrate each of these qualities.

On this play, Gordon and Elfrid Payton team up in the pick-and-roll. Gordon rolls hard and no Charlotte defender is spry enough to contest him at the rim. WATCH:

On this play, Gordon calls an audible and tricks the opponent (specifically LeBron James). Initially, it looks like he’s going to set a hard flare screen for Evan Fournier but quickly notices the lane is open and darts ahead for the uncontested jam. WATCH:

On this play, Gordon uses a backscreen to his advantage. Fournier prevents Ersan Ilyasova from eluding the pick and Gordon dashes inside and slams it home. WATCH: