Denton: Q&A with CEO Alex Martins


JD: When you hired Rob Hennigan as GM you talked about how smart, detailed and systematic he was. How impressed have you been with the acquisitions that he has made and with the culture that he has established around the players?

MARTINS: ``First of all, I couldn’t be more pleased with Rob. What we’ve been able to accomplish in a year’s time has surpassed my expectations. Am I surprised that Rob has been able to do what he’s done? No. During the course of getting to know Rob and interviewing him, he was clearly the most prepared of anyone of the candidates that we spoke to. And we spoke to some of the most experienced GM candidates in the league. Clearly, he was the most prepared and he had the best vision. And he had the right process to build a sustainable, winning franchise for a long period of time.

``So really, I’m not surprised. He’s definitely exceeded my expectations in how quickly he’s been able to put pieces together. But he’s done a great job of maximizing the assets in every deal that we’ve made. That’s partly because he’s disciplined, he’s got a process that he sticks to and he’s very patient. He’s not going to make a deal if he doesn’t maximize the assets that we’re going to get in return, no matter what that deal is. If you look at every deal he has made so far, he has clearly maximized all of the assets that we’ve gotten in return.

``He could have very easily have made an early trade of Dwight Howard that may have brought back just Andrew Bynum in return. We all know how that’s worked out. That option was on the table early on and he could have very easily taken that move immediately. But he was patient, he had process and he clearly has an eye for maximizing the assets we get in return. To me, Rob has exceeded my expectations, but I’m not one bit surprised.’’



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