Denton: Oladipo Excited to Get Season Started


``We learned that he loves to play and that he has great energy and competitive spirit,’’ said Hennigan, the GM who made the call to select Oladipo with the No. 2 pick in the draft. ``Those are good things to build on and the fact that he continues to play as hard as he does while learning as much as he’s learning, that’s a positive thing.’’

Vaughn, a point guard during his 12 years in the NBA, has served as a constant voice in Oladipo’s ear all the way back to the June NBA Draft. The two repeatedly dined together over the offseason to get to know one another and they’ve watch practice film together and have spent hours discussing the game of basketball. Oladipo has said that he’s tried to slow down because he sometimes feels like he’s going too fast out on the court, but Vaughn has tried to encourage him to continue to play at a breakneck pace.

``He’s been very receptive to criticism and learning new concepts and overall being a willing learner and good teammate. That’s a good start when you are a rookie,’’ Vaughn said. ``I wouldn’t mind him being even more aggressive on the court and I’ve told him that. I’ll continue to preach that to him. I’ll take more aggressiveness from him – that’s OK with me.’’

After seeking out advice from Kevin Durant and former Magic star Tracy McGrady over the summer, Oladipo has vowed that he is going to do everything in his power to enjoy the journey of this first season. As he said, he’ll only be a rookie one time and he wants to savor the highs and lows and the challenges thrown his way by the veteran players.



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