Denton: Harris Has Big Goals in 2013-14


``I have to shoot a higher percentage and then be able to get the ball at any time in the game and get a bucket for our team,’’ Harris said. ``That’s the key to being efficient. It’s hard to do, but it’s a goal for me.

``Going to San Antonio and speaking to George Gervin, he preached to me that just because I have the green light doesn’t mean I have to shoot it all of the time,’’ he continued. ``It means I have to take the shots that I can make and will make. That’s what I look to do. He shot over 50 percent in his career and that’s what I want to do. So I can watch film and learn and grow from there.’’

So if Harris becomes an elite scorer, if he becomes an all-star and the team leader that the young Magic need, it shouldn’t be a surprise. It is part of his plan. After all, he’s dedicated his life to this and now he wants to become a player that the Magic can count on nightly to do great things.

``I embrace (being a leader) a lot, especially with this team. Leading doesn’t always have to be vocal and it can be by example,’’ he said. ``Whatever I do, whether it’s communicating with teammates, helping guys out or coming in first in sprints, all of that is ways I can be a leader for this team.’’