Denton: Harris Has Big Goals in 2013-14


Even today, it’s as if Harris is wearing blinders and basketball greatness is the only thing in his vision. His offseason included 6 a.m. shooting sessions with his younger brother, weight-room workouts that made him the second-strongest person on the Magic and thousands of shots in an attempt to become a more efficient player. His idea of a summer vacation: A trip to San Antonio for a mini-camp with Gervin, who analyzed his workouts and gave him pointers on an elite player’s mindset.

So while some might have been surprised that he went from riding the bench in Milwaukee last season to averaging 17.3 points, 8.5 rebounds and 1.37 blocks for the Magic, Harris wasn’t the least bit shocked. It is a product, he said, of a life dedicated to basketball. And the success has come from a daily dedication of wanting to be great at the game.