Denton: Davis Making Progress


But last season, Davis’ girth – something that has always served him well while hedging on screens and holding his defensive position on the low block – finally caught up to him. When Davis fractured the fifth metatarsal in his left foot last January on an innocent-enough looking play, it was actually an alarm to Davis that he needed to make some changes with his body. He ultimately needed another surgery in July when the foot didn’t heal properly and Davis realized that he simply couldn’t continue playing basketball at 300-plus pounds without knee, ankle or feet issues cropping up in the future.

``You can’t be 300-plus (pounds) and trying to play this game for a long time. I got away with it for six years and it finally caught up with me,’’ Davis said candidly on Monday. ``So I want to make sure that I win that battle, for sure. If I win that (weight) battle then the sky is the limit. Then, I can play 30-to-35 minutes straight and not get tired at all or have my body break down. I want my body to be as strong as ever. It’s going to be a wonderful sight to see when I get back out there and see how I perform.’’

Davis, 27, has yet to join his Magic teammates on the practice court in training camp and the preseason because he is continuing to rehabilitate his surgically repaired left foot. There is no concrete date for his return, but Davis stressed that he is getting closer to rejoining his teammates for live practice action again. He’s doing full-court sprinting and non-contact drills, and hopes to ramp it up in the coming weeks where he can soon practice with the Magic again.



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