Name: Shauntè

Nickname: Tator Tot, TayTay, Shaunie

Year on Team: Rookie

Birthday and Age: January 2, 1988 - 24 years old

Birthplace/Hometown: Jacksonville, FL - Born and raised

Nationality: African American, Caucasian, Cherokee Indian

High School and Location: Terry Parker High School located in Jacksonville, FL

College and Location: Florida State College at Jacksonville - Jacksonville. FL

Class, Year, Major and Degree: 2008, Associate in Arts degree; Senior, 2011, Bachelor of Science in Pre-Clinical Allied Health with a minor in Health Service Administration

Current Occupation: Emergency Department Scribe for Florida Hospital

Professional Dance Experience: Fantashique Dance Company

Stylist: Demarco, Stella Luca Salon

Hobbies: Customizing my car, reading books, spending time with friends and family, watching medical shows on TV

Community Causes I Support: Breast cancer awareness. Any organization that’s focus is to feed the homeless in Central Florida. I also support Programs against teen pregnancy and organizations that offer support for young mothers.

Suprising fact about me: I am afraid of Thunder...I just don’t like that the loud noise catches me off guard

Superstitions or Rituals: You can’t split the pole when walking with someone because it is bad luck, and you have to hold your breath when you drive past a cemetery otherwise it will take 10 seconds off of your life

Achievement I'm most proud of: Having my family and friends be so proud of me for becoming an Orlando Magic Dancer

Other Talents: I have a great Chewbacca impersonation!

If I wasn't a Dancer: I'd be a Volleyball Player

Favorite Food: Filet-O-Fish from Mickey D’s

Favorite Book: Anything written by Danielle Steele or Nora Roberts

Favorite Movie: The 40 Year Old Virgin

Favorite TV Shows: Trauma Life in the ER and Reba

Right now I'm listening to: Lil Wayne on my IPod

Most unusual job I've ever had: I wore the Chuck E. Cheese Suit while I worked at Chuck E. Cheese’s in High School

10 years ago at this time I was: Going to school and Dancing at a Local dance studio in Jacksonville, FL

I never travel without: Hair Scarf

Advice for young Dancers: One of my favorite sayings: “Your feet can move, but only your heart can dance”

10 years from now I see myself: Possibly married, working as either a physician assistant in a local ER or just getting out of residency and starting my career as a Primary Care Physician. I would also like to provide funding to economically disadvantaged children to be able to attend dance studios with proper dance clothes, and maybe even cover company and competition fees. Regardless of what I pursue in life, I want to continue my life’s journey of helping others.