Name: Priya

Nickname: Pri, Legs, P- Dawg

Year on Team: 2nd year veteran

Birthday and Age: October 30, 1985 - 26 years old

Birthplace/Hometown: Born in Hartford, Connecticut but raised in Orlando, Fl

Nationality: 1/2 Guyanese and 1/2 Jamaican

High School and Location: Apopka High School in Apopka, Fl ,Class of 2003

College: Class of 2008- University of South Florida and Class of 2010- South University

Class, Year, Major and Degree: I have an associates in Physical Therapist Assisting and a BA in Interdisciplinary of Natural Science and two minors in Biomedical Physics and Public Health.

Current Occupation: Physical Therapist Assistant in a skilled nursing facility and Dancer at Busch Gardens

Professional Dance Experience: '05-'10 Busch Gardens, '08-'09 Tampa Bay Storm

Hobbies: Dancing, Movies, Friends, Family, Playing with my dog

Community Causes I Support: Boys and Girls Club

Suprising fact about me: I performed in an off- Broadway show in New York City where I was a lead actress and singer when I was 17.

Superstitions or Rituals: I don't like to step on the lines of sidewalks and I have to take two steps in between each line. (I know its weird)...

Achievement I'm most proud of: Graduating from college and being an OMD

Other Talents: Baking

If I wasn't a Dancer: I’d be a Physical Therapist

Favorite Food: Anything Italian

Favorite Book: My Sisters Keeper and The Choice

Favorite Movie: Love and Basketball and Princess and the Frog

Favorite TV Shows: I have a few but I enjoy CSI, Intervention, 48 hours, and Golden Girls

Right now I'm listening to: Adele on my IPod

Most unusual job I've ever had: I had a gig where I had to be a robotic directional guide with an IPad attached to my costumes helmet which completely covered my face, meaning I couldn't see anything at all! And let's just add that I had to wheel around on heelys also. It was fun but pretty unusual.

10 years ago at this time I was: 14 living and breathing my dance studio (we were really competitive).

I never travel without: IPOD

Advice for young Dancers: Follow your dreams

Favorite Magic Memory during your time as an OMD: My favorite memory as an OMD was my very first game. It was the most amazing feeling of accomplishment and a proud moment of mine. Dancing for our fans for the first time is something I will never forget.

10 years from now: I see myself being a successful physical therapist and a happy mother and wife and still dancing of course.