Name: Krystle

Nickname: I don't have any particular nicknames, but sometimes people call me Krys.

Year on Team: Rookie

Birthday and Age: December 21, 1991 - 20 yrs. old

Birthplace/Hometown: I was born in New Haven, CT. and grew up in Cheshire, CT. and I have been in Florida for the past 10 years.

Nationality: Puerto Rican

Do you speak any foreign languages?: Spanish

High School and Location: Seminole High School, Sanford, FL

College: I currently attend Seminole State College of Florida.

Class, Year, Major and Degree: I am a Nursing Major with a planned Bachelor's Degree.

Current Occupation: I am currently a student and work at Dexter's.

Professional Dance Experience: I have been dancing since the age of 2. I have studied/danced ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, pointe, musical theatre, partner adagio and hip-hop. I have been a part of numerous Christmas shows at Disney and have had the opportunity of dancing in the 2009 Macey's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York! I have also been scouted to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader!

Stylist: Kristin, Stella Luca Salon

Hobbies: Aside from dance, I love to take Zumba classes and play the piano. I also love the water so any chance that I have to be at the beach or on a boat I take it! I love to watch movies and spend time with the most important people in my life, my family.

Community Causes I Support: I have supported the American Diabetes Association and St. Jude's for children for the past several years.

Suprising fact about me: I am deathly afraid of bugs. They gross me out!!

Superstitions or Rituals: I strongly believe in God and in prayer. He brought me to where I am today and I thank God everyday for how truly blessed I am.

Achievement I'm most proud of: Aside from all of my dance accomplishments, I am truly proud of being an Orlando Magic Dancer!! It is the best feeling in the world!!

Other Talents: I am very good at playing the piano and being a role model and leader for others.

If I wasn't a Dancer: I'd be an athlete of some sort. My dad is an athlete so growing up, I was always surrounded by sports, as well as dance.

Favorite Food: I love all types of spanish food! I also love fruits and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Favorite Book: I love any book by the author Nicholas Sparks. He is an amazing writer and tells the most beautiful love stories.

Favorite Movie: The Notebook

Favorite TV Shows: Dancing With the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance

Right now I'm listening to: Hometown Glory by Adele on my IPod

Most unusual job I've ever had: In high school, my entire dance team and I had to clean the school and all of the bathrooms for the MA Dance Competition we had to host. It might have been one of the most unusual jobs I have had, but it was definitely one of the most fun. I have many good memories.

10 years ago at this time I was: I had just moved to Florida and into our new home. I had found a new dance studio to go to and continued on with dancing and performing in shows

I never travel without: My phone!! I also never travel without my eyeliner. I love, love my black eyeliner

Advice for young Dancers: Always have confidence and faith in yourself. Believe in yourself and be determined to get what you set forth to achieve in your life. Don't ever let others intimidate you. Stand out as unique and different amongst the crowd and be a leader to other dancers who are looking up to you.

10 years from now I see myself: As an established Nurse Practitioner. I see myself as always having dance as part of my life, whether it be choreographing dance routines or opening up my own dance studio. I also see myself possibly getting married and starting a family of my own. No matter how much older I get, I will always have dance as part of my life!