Cohen 8-Ball: Reviewing 2010 FA Class



Cohen’s Analysis: Wade was so beloved and cherished in Miami that it was hard to see him choose a different destination that summer. Though, he did meet with the Bulls and Knicks and perhaps would have left the Heat if LeBron James and Chris Bosh didn’t jump aboard.

It’s been a rather dubious three years for Wade. He has won another two rings to go along with the one he captured in 2006 when he was unconquerable because of his dazzling explosion to the basket. He remains an All-Star caliber talent and is still the most adored athlete in Miami.

However, it’s widely reported that his knees have deteriorated and he has had to make some significant adjustments to his overall repertoire. Wade often sits out of games for precaution purposes.

This season, and specifically the playoffs, will be very revealing about the direction of Wade's career.




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