Cohen 8-Ball: 2014 NBA Draft Stipulations


The Cleveland Cavaliers will receive the Sacramento Kings’ First Round pick IF it is outside the top 12. If the Kings are slotted anywhere between 1 and 12 this year then it becomes a top 10 protected pick in 2015, 2016 or 2017. If Sacramento doesn’t select outside the top 10 by 2017 then the Kings will only have to convey a Second Round pick to the Cavs.

HOW IT HAPPENED: It was agreed to as part of the J.J. Hickson for Omri Casspi swap during the summer of 2011.

ANALYSIS: Hickson is long gone from Sacramento and Casspi is no longer in Cleveland. This stipulation will be a big boost for the Cavs if the Kings end up having to hand the pick over. It’s also worth noting that Cleveland could end up with as many as three First Round draft picks in 2015.

*UPDATE (1/6/14): This pick will now go to the Chicago Bulls as part of the Luol Deng and Andrew Bynum swap.




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