Jake's Take: Off?Season

Magic Radio producer Jake Chapman spends hours on end alone in his studio. If that’s not depressing enough, he regularly talks to himself. Jake’s Take is an aggregate of his ramblings, musings, and occasionally coherent thoughts.

Posted by Jake Chapman, Tuesday, May 7, 2013, 7:45 PM


Ahhh summertime. The livin’s easy and all the kiddies are playin’ out front. Or something. Around the Magic offices folks like me have decompressed from the NBA regular season and settled into something people call a “9-5.” The exception is our basketball operations staff, who is immersed in draft preparation as we approach the June 27 Draft. We’ll find out where our selection falls at the NBA Draft Lottery on May 21st, and the Magic will send the luckiest lucky charm in Lottery history with the hopes of securing yet another first overall pick.

The early respite may be a bit of a silver lining, but nobody around here is used to or happy with the offseason beginning this early, and Magic GM Rob Hennigan doesn’t plan on making it a habit. In fact, the word “offseason” is somewhat taboo, so we’ll just refer to the next few months as Spring and Summer from here on out.

Still, without a daily radio show (we’ll be back in the Fall!) I have found myself without a creative outlet as the NBA Playoffs move into the riveting second round. Much like the NFL’s first 2 playoff weekends, this is my favorite time of year as an NBA fan/follower. There are 8 great basketball teams fighting to keep their season alive, and perhaps best of all, none of them are from LA or Boston (sorry, I had to.) Here are some observations and viewpoints that I just had to get on paper, lest I would feel burdened with too much wit, and that can’t be good on the knees.

ROSE KNOWS – One person on this planet knows exactly how Derrick Rose’s knee feels. One person on this planet’s number one agenda is to protect Derrick Rose. And one person on this planet has the right to decide when Derrick Rose returns to the basketball court. It’s not a reporter. It’s not his coach. It’s not his brother. And it certainly is not you. Stop talking.

MR. THIRD QUARTER – NBA media-types will say Stephen Curry has been doing this all year, and I agree he should’ve landed an all-star bid, but he’s taken yet another step in the postseason. In his last 4 games, he’s had 3 third quarters with 14 or more points, including two 22-point explosions. He’s averaging 15 points per third quarter in his last 4 games, and 12.2 for the postseason. Extrapolate those numbers over an entire game and you get like, a million. Also, he’s supersick.

THE CONTENDERS – Miami and San Antonio will meet in the NBA Finals. I love the heart and passion we’ve seen from Golden State and especially Chicago, and I should know by now not to count the Bulls out, but Miami will win the next 4 games. I believe this is one of the greatest basketball teams ever assembled, and we’re about to see why.

Follow me on twitter @jakemagic, I’ll be tweeting throwback Magic moments all summer long as we begin our summer digital archiving project. Enjoy your summer kiddies and don’t forget your sunscreen!