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Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani once said he could walk out into the middle of Times Square and start handing out $100 bills. A third of the people would say he was not handing out enough money. Another third would say he was handing out too much money. Another third would say they didn't like the way he was handing out the money. Welcome to a new feature on – GLASS HALF-FULL. A local sports writer once told me that his job was to watch the battle from the mountain top, ride down, and bayonet the wounded. We live in a world of cynics. But not here, at GLASS HALF-FULL. I will do my best to answer your questions going forward.

What can you expect? Rainbows and gum drops. No scraped knees and rubbing alcohol, here. I will give you the flip side. I will give you Cotton Candy, not the dentist's office. It's not Fast Food. It's Good Food Fast. Being negative takes up a lot of energy. Being nice is easy. Will there be some spin? Sure, but I prefer the word "Influence". By nature, I am an optimist. Sure, former draft pick Jerryl Sasser couldn't shoot, but you should have seen him defend in practice. And, he had a never-wavering confidence about him. You say, "What's the deal with Fran Vazquez staying in Spain to play? I say, he's still an asset to the Magic and that's part of the process of drafting international players. Hopefully, that gives you a look into the Magic-blue colored world I can tend to drift into. My takes will be credible though, just the other side of the coin.


Posted by Glass Half Full, Monday, May 12, 2013, 4:30 PM 

• The Orlando Magic have finished with a .500 record or better in 16 of the last 21 seasons (since 1992-93), tied for first in Eastern Conference and fifth-best in the NBA.

• Orlando has also reached the playoffs 14 times in the last 20 seasons (since 1993-94), also sixth-best in the NBA.

• Since the DeVos Family purchase the Magic in 1991-92, Orlando has posted the fourth best record in the Eastern Conference.

• In its relatively short 24-year history, Orlando has won five division championships (1995, 1996, 2008, 2009, 2010), had seven 50-plus win seasons, and won the Eastern Conference title in 1995 and 2009. In addition, Orlando Magic players, coaches and executives have garnered 23 major NBA Awards over the last 14 seasons, from player performance awards to coach/executive accolades.


.500 or better seasons (since 1992-93)   Most Playoff Appearances (since 1993-94)
1.      San Antonio, 20  1. San Antonio, 19
2.      Utah, 19     2. L.A. Lakers, 18
3.      L.A. Lakers, 18     3. Miami, 16
Houston 18 4. Indiana, 15
5.      ORLANDO, 16    Utah, 15
Miami, Phoenix, Portland, 16 6. ORLANDO, 14
  Phoenix, 14


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