5 Most Interesting Nikola Vucevic Stats Last Season

by Josh Cohen
Nobody in the NBA scored more points when rolling to the basket in 2018-19 than Nikola Vucevic, who totaled 373 points in pick-and-roll action. The Magic’s 7-footer made 111 shots out of the pick-and-roll when D.J. Augustin was the ball handler, second to Jusuf Nurkic’s 133 when Damian Lillard was the ball handler.

You can’t help your team if you can’t stay on the court. That’s rarely ever an issue for Vucevic, who averaged only 2.0 fouls per game last season, a career low for him. The only regular starting center who averaged fewer fouls in 2018-19 than Vooch was Al Horford.

The only centers who made more 3-pointers in 2018-19 than Vucevic were Brook Lopez, Karl-Anthony Towns and Marc Gasol. Vucevic, who made 84 triples, was particularly money from the left wing, where he shot nearly 49 percent.

From Jan. 1 until the end of the regular season, the Magic drilled the sixth most 3-pointers via kickout passes, which is how teams generate most of their open 3-point attempts. During that time, the only center who dished out more 3-point kickout assists than Vucevic was Nikola Jokic, arguably the greatest passing big man in NBA history.

Giannis Antetokounmpo was the only player in 2018-19 who scored at least 15 points, grabbed at least 15 rebounds and dished out at least five assists more times than Vucevic, who had nine such performances. One of them came against the eventual NBA champs, the Raptors, when he posted 30 points, 19 rebounds and eight assists in Orlando’s blowout win over Toronto on Dec. 28.


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