2018 Draft Prospects: Mohamed Bamba

Josh Cohen
Digital News Manager

If you’re looking for one particular play from college that exemplifies Bamba’s potential, it came in the final minute of regulation of Texas’ game against Duke during the PK80 Invitational.

First, Bamba, with his long arms, denied Wendell Carter Jr. from getting the entry pass in the post from Trevon Duval. Then, after the ball was swung to Marvin Bagley, Bamba slid over from the weak side and viciously rejected Bagley’s driving layup attempt. Bamba has an amazing 7-foot-9 wingspan, which helps make him a stout defender. He averaged 3.6 blocks per game, good for second best in the nation, and he altered countless other shots (both near the rim and on the perimeter). Among big men, Bamba might be the best pick-and-roll defender in this draft because of his ability to recover if a ball-handler beats him off the dribble (he has incredibly long strides and his arm reach is truly unreal which helps him sneak up from behind and block shots).

While he’s a good alley-oop target because of his length, Bamba is very unpolished offensively. He doesn’t have great hands, which causes him to occasionally fumble the ball in traffic. When he gets the ball down low, he looks very uncoordinated and doesn’t have good footwork. Bamba, who attempted 51 threes in college, does have stretch five potential, though.

College: Texas
Height: 6'11
Weight: 225
College Stats: 12.9 points, 10.5 rebounds, 3.6 blocks

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