2022-23 Lakers

Each uniform edition is symbolic of the Lakers principles maintained throughout our long-storied history.

Presented by bibigo

Presented by bibigo

The Uniform Collection

Icon Edition Jersey

Icon Edition

Lakers Gold

The transition from powder blue and white to the now quintessential purple and gold was motivated by regal aspirations. To this day, Lakers gold is representative of the wisdom, quality, and success of our organization.
Notice, the purple belt blocking is a heritage tie to the spirit of Showtime.

Association Edition Jersey

Association Edition

Lakers White

After 35 years of purple and gold, the Lakers introduced our white uniforms at the start of the 2002-03 season. The color denotes our affinity for conscious change. The introduction of a white uniform was an idea before we made the move to STAPLES Center, but was a vision brought to life after our first three-peat in Los Angeles.
Notice, the tape detail encompassing all the Lakers colors.

Statement Edition Jersey

Statement Edition

After seven years at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, we moved to the Forum in 1967. In addition to the new arena, the Lakers’ owner at the time, Jack Kent Cooke, instituted a new color scheme — purple and gold. He felt the hues gave us a regal connotation. Today, in addition to purple and gold, the black paneling acknowledges the Showtime era.
Notice, the “Leave a Legacy” script above the jock tag. This detail is a nod to 2020, the year the franchise won their 17th title.

Classic Edition Jersey

Classic Edition

The Classic*

When the Lakers traveled from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, they arrived with five championships under their belt and a hunger for excellence. This hunger delivered 12 more and positioned the Lakers as one of the greatest teams in NBA history, tied for the most NBA Championships. For our 75th Anniversary season, we are tipping things off with our first home uniform from our 1948-52 seasons. The 2022-23 Classic Edition is the beginning; while the team has been rooted in Los Angeles for over 60 years, it all started in Minneapolis. 
Notice: The MPLS “Lakers” font. And if you’re wondering where the purple is, that came after the move West.  

City Edition Jersey

City Edition

The City

This is our first uniform since the 1960s that says “Los Angeles.” To honor L.A., the 2022-23 Nike City Edition Uniform pulls back on the details to grant space for those wearing it to do the talking. The Lakers are calling on the changemakers of the city to represent us and represent something bigger than us. This uniform is for the athletes—it’s for the artists, and the hustlers, and it’s a vehicle for your message and your story.
Notice: The simplistic all-white uniform, intended to be symbolic of a blank canvas; a canvas to use as an opportunity to tell multiple stories.   

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The Uniform Philosophy

Stay informed about the Lakers uniforms.

Why are we wearing purple at home? Why are we wearing gold on the road? Why are we wearing white when it’s not Sunday or a holiday?
We’re a team built on tradition, always have been. Our fans find comfort in the dependable nature of who we are. And who we are will never change, but we’re constantly evolving. We’ll do whatever we need to when it comes to the best interest of the game.

Enter uniforms —  
It’s pretty simple, the home team picks what uniform they wear at home, the visiting team must wear the opposite. If they choose their dark uniform, we wear our light uniform, and vice versa.

Traditionally, we try to honor wearing our White Association Edition on Sundays and holidays, our Purple Statement Edition on Wednesdays, our City Edition at home, and our Gold Icon Edition every other time at home.

Sometimes we have to go with a different game plan.

Bottom line, it all really comes down to representing our name on the front of the uniform as best we can – and that never changes. That game plan’s always the same.

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