TDIKH: February 22

Feb. 22, 2002

23 years, 183 days

It was a moment of triumph and redemption for Kobe Bryant.

Just three days after his game-winning shot against Boston was waved off for being a hair too late, he sunk an 18-foot buzzer-beater to steal victory in Charlotte.

Bryant fell to the floor after releasing his shot over George Lynch, and it didn’t take long to get up, as his fellow Lakers ran over to lift him up in celebration.

“My teammates were a little concerned because I threw a pump-fake and they thought the shot was after the buzzer,” Bryant told reporters. “But it wasn’t. I was positive I beat it this time.”

Bryant entered the fourth quarter with only 10 points, but he finished the night with 21, while also notching nine rebounds, six assists and three steals.

Shaquille O’Neal did much of the heavy lifting during the 96-94 win, scoring 31 points on a 12-of-18 clip.

But it took both stars to fend off a Charlotte attack headed by Baron Davis, who unleashed an effort of 37 points, seven rebounds, six assists and five steals.

Kobe performances on this day in history: