Comerica Bank Women's Business Awards February 2022 Honorees

The Comerica Bank Woman of Business is Karen Thorland. Karen is one of the preeminent female entertainment attorneys in the Los Angeles area. She currently leads the Motion Picture Association’s (MPA) global content protection legal team, which in 2020 obtained numerous successes in enforcing the copyrights of Hollywood’s biggest content producers through litigation, support, outreach, and coordination with law enforcement. She currently gives back to the community by serving in leadership roles on multiple boards.

The Comerica Bank Woman of Promise is Brandi Day, founder of id.a.y.dream, a youth-based nonprofit. Id.a.y dream is an organization that provides internships and learning opportunities for youth to develop skills for the future. Brandi has created numerous opportunities to provide youth with tools and resources they need to succeed personally and professionally. She has served youth in the greater Seattle area and currently provides programming for a local Ontario high school.

The Comerica Bank Woman of Philanthropy is Melissa Perez. Melissa is a licensed marriage and family therapist who has provided English and Spanish therapy services to underserved and at-risk communities for 10 years. Melissa is now a family preservation and domestic violence services clinical supervisor, providing and supervising support programs for victims and survivors of domestic violence. In addition, she mentors, teaches and trains new clinicians all while continuing to provide direct support and therapy to families.

The Comerica Bank Woman of Entrepreneurship is Lisa Fridman, co-founder of Quadrata. After a successful career in institutional asset management, Lisa became fascinated with blockchain technology. She helped build Quadrata with the goal to enable broader institutional participation in opportunities powered by blockchain technology. She has been nominated for multiple awards including named to the financial news 100 influential women list. Lisa was previously a member of the London Board of 100 Women in Finance and of the Aima's investor steering committee.

The Comerica Bank Woman of Diversity is Nicole Kaufmann, a client services leader at Slalom. Nicole recently launched a campaign to advocate for expanded fertility benefits that drive equity for single prospective parents and the lgbtq+ community. She researched third party providers coverage options and pitched the idea to c-level executives at Slalom with the hopes of sparking change. In Jaunary, 2022 Slalom approved Nicole’s proposal, enhancing family support benefits to include elective fertility preservation. Nicole’s advocacy for inclusive employee health benefits created an outcome that will benefit the lives of 10,000+ Slalom employees and families!