Comerica Bank Women's Business Awards December 2021 Honorees

The Comerica Bank Woman of Business is Tina Wolfson. Tina co-founded Ahdoot & Wolfson, a nationally recognized law firm that represents individuals and businesseses in a wide variety of class actions. She currently serves as a member of the New York, California, and District of Columbia bar. Tina also serves on the board of public justice, a non-profit legal advocacy organization.

The Comerica Bank Woman of Promise is Qiana Patterson, managing partner in a venture capital studio focused on sustainable business models with the focus of developing long-term economic wealth for marginalized commutes of color. One of Qiana’s numerous accomplishments has been helping lead nearly 200 minority investors to endow $16 million to early-stage tech companies in approximately 100 days.

The Comerica Bank Woman of Philanthropy is Courtney Carter, founder of Ally2action and board member of Friends of the Children LA. During the pandemic, Courtney decided to add to her role of leading a talent management business by starting Ally2action, a 501 (c)3 which consists of a diverse group of people creating spaces for learning, sharing and uplifting the people, voices and organizations who advocate for social and racial justice.

The Comerica Bank Woman of Entrepreneurship is Luciana Brafman, CEO of Time to Act Entertainment, a content company committed to raising awareness, galvanize social responsibility and inspire activism. She is currently working on a mobile game for children ages 8-13 that is aimed to educate the youth on pressing issues pervading our society and how children can get involved.

The Comerica Bank Woman of Diversity is Jennifer Jaybee Beasley, an emcee and arts activisit in the city of Compton. The stylish public speaker has a curriculum called survivor studies where she teaches elementary to high school students about on-stage and in-life confidence as well as her fight with Hodgkins lymphoma blood cancer at just 23 years old. Jaybee recently received a patent and trademark from the United States Patent Office for her brand “Compton Celebrity”, a lifestyle brand that provides opulence to the underrepresented through clothing, styling and beauty products.