Popcorn Machine: Tarik Black

Tarik Black sits down to talk about his summer development, watching Sesame Street with his teammates and how the rookies are fitting in with the squad. Take a listen for Boom Boom's thoughts on D'Angelo Russell, Julius Randle and Roy Hibbert. Plus, he takes a look back on going from an undrafted free agent to starting for both Houston and the Lakers.

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0:30 — Tarik explains the meaning behind the "Boom Boom" nickname:

1:56 — Find out what Tarik has been trying to improve on this summer.
4:19 — Tarik's thoughts on the Lakers' Summer League experience.
5:54 — Tarik dishes on D'Angelo Russell and some of his passes, like this one:

8:22 — Boom Boom gives the story behind this tweet:

10:23 — Tarik gives his take on Julius Randle's recovery.
13:35 — Black looks back at his beginnings as an undrafted free agent.
15:31 — What was it like starting for the Houston Rockets just seven games into his rookie season?
16:58 — Tarik gets waived, but he gets to come to Los Angeles just like he wanted.
25:52 — Shout out to Tarik's "baby girl" from last season:

21:09 — Tarik reflects on being able to play against his favorite player growing up, Amar'e Stoudemire.
22:38 — Black on playing with and against new Lakers center Roy Hibbert.
24:52 — Tarik gives an update on his search for a Rottweiler: