Comerica Bank Women’s Business Awards December 2023 Honorees

Comerica Bank Women’s Business Awards December 2023 Honorees

The Comerica Bank Woman of Diversity is Rocio Alvizures. With over 25 years in the Los Angeles Unified School District, Alvizures serves as an inspirational figure in diversity and education. Going beyond academic guidance, she instills the belief in underserved communities that higher education is achievable for all. In her role, Alvizures actively dismantles barriers and works beyond educational boundaries to make education more accessible. Her legacy is one of empowerment, shaping future leaders and emphasizing the enduring belief that education unlocks boundless potential for individuals and communities.

The Comerica Bank Woman of Business is Vera Quinn. Vera Quinn, newly appointed CEO of Cydcor, epitomizes a woman of business with a remarkable journey from door-to-door sales representative to dynamic leader over her 20-year tenure. Her ascent through various roles reflects her passion, tenacity, and an unwavering commitment to achieving results. As President, Quinn spearheaded transformative initiatives, driving a remarkable 35% revenue growth and successfully expanding Cydcor's retail segment. Notably, she navigated the challenges of the pandemic by introducing innovative touchless selling technologies, showcasing her adaptability and forward-thinking approach. Committed to client satisfaction and fostering opportunities, Quinn embodies enduring principles that fuels success, making her a compelling figure in the realm of business leadership.

The Comerica Bank Woman of Philanthropy is Meymuna Hussein-Cattan. Born in an Ethiopian refugee camp in Somalia, Hussein-Cattan has become an inspirational executive leader and motivational speaker. As the Founder & Executive Director of The Tiyya Foundation, she dedicates herself to supporting immigrant, refugee, and displaced indigenous families, impacting over 500 people annually. In response to sustainability concerns, Meymuna opened the foundation's social enterprise, Flavors from Afar restaurant, run by refugee chefs and contributing forty percent of profits to fund Tiyya. Meymuna's dedication has aided 218 families in 2022, providing jobs, housing, and a sense of belonging through storytelling and community gatherings. Her journey, from a refugee to a successful entrepreneur and US citizen, embodies the American dream and resilience.

The Comerica Woman of Promise is Kiki Ayers. Ayers, the founder of Ayers Publicity, stands as a resilient entrepreneur who launched her PR firm while facing homelessness in Los Angeles. Her remarkable journey, featured in Forbes, Black Enterprise, NBC News, and more, showcases her determination and ability to overcome challenges. Ayers Publicity, now in its 8th year, has become a platform for elevating stories of people of color on prestigious media platforms, contributing to the growth of businesses and inspiring future generations. Kiki's impactful public speaking engagements, including a TED Talk with over 500,000 views, and community work demonstrate her commitment to motivating entrepreneurs, business executives, black women, and youth in poverty. Her influence has been recognized by the City of Los Angeles, the US Senate, the United Nations Women’s Chapter, and The Root 100’s Most Influential Black people. Kiki Ayers continues inspiring and uplifting diverse communities through her purpose-driven work.

The Comerica Bank Woman of Entrepreneurship is Yvonne Zhu. Zhu is the director of Kylin Gallery, a contemporary art gallery specializing in Asian Art. Since 2016, she has bridged East and West cultures by showcasing internationally active Asian artists alongside local American artists. Yvonne is also an active member of the Beverly Hills Rotary Club, supporting education and community service. Despite immigrating to the US in 2013 with limited English and no acquaintances, Yvonne courageously pursued her dream of opening a fine art gallery in Beverly Hills in 2016. Over the past eight years, she has significantly impacted the Los Angeles art and culture scene, fostering diversity and providing a platform for artists to share their ideas. Yvonne Zhu is a remarkable woman of business deserving recognition for her achievements and contributions.