Andrew Bynum Speaks with Local Media 9/5/08

Jordan Farmar
Andrew Bynum met with local media today to discuss his summer, more particularly his continued path back from his knee injury, and also his reflections on the past season and his hopes for the upcoming campaign.

Andrew has spent the past 6 weeks in Atlanta working on his fitness and conditioning as well as individual skill work. He finished his rehab shortly after the season and reported the knee as pain free while working through the various exercises.

Now back in LA, Bynum will begin working out with Lakers coaches Kurt Rambis and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to continue to build on the development he made last season.

Andrew also discussed playing with Pau Gasol, who joined the Lakers after Andrew's injury last season, his expectations for the Lakers success next season, his feelings during last year's NBA Finals and his contract status.

Check out our video of the press conference.

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