2019 Draft Pick
(J Alexander Diaz/Los Angeles Lakers)

Lakers Jump to 4th-Overall Pick at 2019 Draft

by Joey Ramirez
Digital Reporter

Against towering odds, the Lakers jumped seven spots at the NBA Draft Lottery, and now will pick with the fourth-overall selection on June 20.

The Lakers only had a 9.4 percent chance of jumping into the top four, as they entered the night in the No. 11 spot. Because of lottery mechanics, the Lakers would either draft 1-4 or 11-14.

Only New Orleans, Memphis and New York, in that order, are slated to pick ahead of L.A.

The Lakers — who were represented in Chicago by Kyle Kuzma — now have a top-four pick for the fourth time in five years (including three straight No. 2 selections from 2015-17).

General Manager Rob Pelinka fielded questions from reporters over the phone following the Lottery.

“I will tell you there are some incredible talented, impact players there that we’re going to study deeply,” he said. “And then of course we’ll canvas the league and see what value that pick has.”

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