Lakers' Lottery Odds 2019
(J Alexander Diaz/Los Angeles Lakers)

Lakers' Odds at the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery

by Joey Ramirez
Digital Reporter

The Lakers enter lottery night with a 9.4 percent chance of leaping into a top-four pick, and much greater odds (77.6 percent) of remaining in the 11th spot of the draft order.

Tuesday’s NBA Draft Lottery — scheduled to air on ESPN at 5:30 p.m. PT — will determine where the Lakers will be slated to pick come draft night on June 20.

The Lakers’ odds — determined by a random selection of numerical combinations at the Lottery — are as followed:
First: 2.0%
Second: 2.2%
Third: 2.4%
Fourth: 2.8%
11th: 77.6%
12th: 12.6%
13th: 0.4%

The Lakers have chosen Kyle Kuzma to represent the team in Chicago at the lottery. While the Lakers have drafted second-overall three times in the last four years (including picking Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball), Kuzma’s early-career success points to the team’s strength in drafting during later selections.

Kuzma was picked 27th in 2017 (via Brooklyn), which was the same year the Lakers selected Josh Hart 30th (via Utah).

Kuzma said that he wasn’t planning on bringing any good-luck charms with him to Illinois.

“I’m bringing myself — knock on wood right now,” Kuzma said, reaching down to tap the hardwood at UCLA Health Training Center. “I’ve had a lot of luck in my life, so hopefully me being there will help.”

After learning where their lottery pick lands, members of the Lakers’ front office and scouting department will remain in Chicago for the NBA Draft Combine from Wednesday through Saturday. The Lakers will also hold workouts of their own in El Segundo throughout the five weeks prior to draft night.

The Lakers do not currently have a second-round pick. However, they have the option to trade for extra picks (which they have done with regularity in recent years).

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