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The Lakers 2017-18 Icon and Association Nike jerseys hang at the UCLA Health Training Center.
(Ty Nowell/Los Angeles Lakers)

Lakers Unveil New Nike Uniforms

by Joey Ramirez
Digital Reporter

As the Lakers enter a new chapter of the franchise’s history, they will do so in an updated version of a timeless look.

On Friday, the Lakers unveiled three of their new Nike uniforms, which will launch this season.

While the NBA has done away with the usual "home and away" uniforms, the Lakers have traditionally worn purple on the road, gold at home and white on Sundays (in honor of legendary announcer Chick Hearn).

The Lakers revealed all three of these combinations, with the gold serving as their "Icon" uniform, while the white is dubbed as the "Association" kit, as each team in the league will have a uniform in this color. The purple is the team's version of the "Statement" third uniform that each NBA team will have.

Beginning this season, the home team will choose which color it will wear, and the away side will pick a contrasting look.

The most noticeable update to the Lakers’ uniforms is how thin they appear.

In preparation for its role as the NBA’s uniform provider, Nike’s research included creating 3D-body maps of players, which led to finding ways to better tailor the kits’ weight, fit and construction.

The shoulder seam has been redesigned to allow players a full range of motion at the scapula. Similarly, modifications to the hemlines at the bottom of the jersey and shorts also increase the players’ range of motion.

The uniforms — which are made from 100 percent recycled polyester from 20 melted-down plastic bottles — are also designed to be more lightweight in promotion of players’ agility.

The fabric is also made to increase airflow and prevent moisture clinging, as Nike claims that it wicks sweat 30 percent faster than previous uniforms.

Aesthetically, fans will notice the addition of a belt-buckle design to each team’s shorts.

The Lakers will use this space to display their primary logo, stamping a historic, globally-recognized emblem on a brand-new look.

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