Bass Moving Past Eye Injury

They may have worked for Lakers legends Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and James Worthy, but it’s safe to say that Brandon Bass isn’t a fan of protective goggles.

“After a couple of plays in the scrimmage, he threw them off and said, ‘I can’t wear these things,’” head coach Byron Scott said after Thursday’s practice. “And they broke. I don’t know if he thinks we only have one pair for him, but we’re going to try to get him to wear those things tomorrow to protect him as much as possible.”

Scott added that the team will allow Bass to decide whether he will wear them in-game or not. The first-year Laker has a corneal abrasion — essentially a scratch on his eye — and an appointment Friday morning to confirm whether he will play against Phoenix later that night.

Bass — who said he won’t wear the goggles if given the choice — missed Tuesday’s contest against Sacramento due to this ailment, but has provided valuable minutes off the bench of late. He has averaged 11.2 points and 6.4 rebounds while shooting 64.5 percent in his last five games.

Sharpening Up
The Lakers have lost three straight games, prompting Scott to continue preaching the need for better transition defense and more offensive ball movement. Scott has noted both areas for improvement all season.

“The one thing I do know about our young guys is they want to do the right thing,” Scott said. It’s just a matter of them understanding what those things are on a night-to-night basis, and not going back to old habits.”

Meanwhile, Bass sees his team’s tendency to play worse against lesser opponents as a product of their youth.

“It says how young we are,” Bass said. “To me, when you’re a veteran you’re more aware of how to come out, because you’ve been around the game for a while.”