Head Coach Byron Scott to Represent Lakers at Lottery

The Lakers are in a unique NBA position in which their head coach also happens to be a former key member of a championship era as a player.

Byron Scott, who ran the wing alongside Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and James Worthy for the Showtime Lakers, just completed his first year as head coach, and is the team's choice to represent Los Angeles at the 2015 NBA Draft Lottery.

Struggling with well over 300 games lost to injury in 2014-15, the Lakers finished with the fourth-worst record in the NBA (21-61). That in term gives them the fourth-best chance to draw a top three selection in the lottery (37.8 percent).

Since the pick is top five protected, L.A. would convey it to Philadelphia (who acquired the pick from Phoenix, who'd originally obtained it from L.A. in the Steve Nash trade) if it lands outside the top five, which has around a 17 percent chance of happening. In such a case, two teams with lesser odds (teams finishing fifth to 14th from the bottom) would jump into the top three, pushing the Lakers to the sixth position.

The Lakers, however, are more than twice as likely to jump from fourth into the top three than they are to lose their selection.

Scott, himself the fourth overall selection out of Arizona State, will be hoping to at least maintain that slot when he represents the Lakers at the lottery.