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Julius Randle Exit Interview 2014-15

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Julius Randle played only 14 minutes of the Lakers’ season opener before suffering a season-ending fractured right tibia.

Below are highlights from his exit interview:

Randle on how he deals with his lost season: “You just take the negatives and learn to make a positive out of it.”

On whether he regrets not being able to play this year: “Even though I didn’t get to play, it was still a huge learning process. I got a lot out of it. Obviously I wanted to play, but the valuable things I learned this year I wouldn’t give away.”

On his road to recovery: “I feel great. I work out everyday, do my treatment and rehab stuff. … I’m starting to ramp it up a bit.”

On how tough it is not being able to play basketball: “It’s extremely tough. You start to really value it. You learn a lot because you’re away from it, so you miss it.” However, he also acknowledged that being able to watch from a different perspective was valuable. “You see it from a different angle, so it slows down for you. … The game is completely different on TV than when you’re actually watching it live. You see those little things.”

On how Kobe Bryant has treated him during his recovery: “He texted me as soon as it happened, said he’s there for me. He also said this thing has happened before — not only to him and great players but rookies as well.” Randle said that throughout the season Bryant continued to check on him every week.

On whether he ever doubted himself throughout the rehab process: “I’m a pretty strong-minded person, but when you go through something as crazy as that, you’re bound to have self-doubt.” However, he also said that the successful points of his recovery helped push him past the difficult times: “When things like that happen, it’s easy for you to build on confidence.”

On his relationship with Paul George, who also suffered a major leg injury that cost him most of his season: “It’s very encouraging. That’s a guy that I’ve talked to a lot. He’s offered encouragement.” Randle said that George was able to offer specific advice due to their similar situations. “I may ask him when I have a bone callus on my leg. And when you first start running you feel it. … He said, ‘Yeah, it’s normal just keep pushing through it.’”

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