Cap's Corner - 6/07/10

Cap's Corner by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

How did it feel to win your first NBA Championship vs. your college championships?

KAJ: My NBA championship was for me an indication that I would do well in the world of professional basketball.
There had been speculation that I wouldn't make because I was not a 'bruiser' type but I was able to prove that
theory wrong and I never looked back from that moment on. Winning that first championship gave me great
satisfaction in proving my detractors wrong about my potential.

Do you have a favorite championship, one that was especially sweet? And what made it more special? 

KAJ: My favorite championship was beating the Celtics in 1985. In 1974 the Milwaukee Bucks had played
the Boston Celtics for the world championship and we lost in seven games. In 1984 the Lakers lost to the
Celtics in seven games after we gave away game two of that series. The Lakers were the first team to dominate
the NBA winning five championships between the late forties to mid fifties. But Bill Russell's entry into the NBA
saw his teams win eleven championships in his thirteen year career. So by 1985 the Lakers were 0 and 8 against
the Celtics in world championship competition. And I was 0 and 2. Being able to blot out the memory of our loss
in 1984 was one of the most satisfying parts of beating the Celtics in 1985. The '84 series saw the Celtics' Kevin
McHale blindside Kurt Rambis on a fast break. The Lakers needed redemption and we found it in 1985!

What were the similarities and differences between 2 of the all-time greats you played with, Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson? 

KAJ: Oscar and Magic were similar in that they were able to initiate the offense for the each of their respective teams.
And they did it without making a whole lot of turnovers. They were dis-similar  in their styles; Oscar was no frills and
he rarely showed emotion on the court. Magic always had his heart on his sleeve and enjoyed making the game more
entertaining for the fans. Hence the no-look passes and huge smiles when he did something particularly entertaining in
the heat of competition.

Some antics that happened during the 1984 Playoffs .

KAJ: In 1984 someone came to the hotel where we were staying and tripped a fire alarm at our hotel in Boston that caused
us to lose sleep as they nearly had to evacuate the hotel.  During the series there was a game where the temperature
on the court was around 100 degrees which has been referred to as  the sweat box game. After the final game in Boston
in '84 the Celtics did not provide adequate security and the fans rushed the court at the end of the game and harassed
Laker players.  When we returned to Los Angels the overall effect on our team was we wanted to beat them again and
we knew we would have to raise our level of competition and tactics to be able to deal with the way the Celtics approached
the game. I remember during the '85 Playoffs where somebody tried to foul James Worthy on a fast break and a fight
almost broke up and K.C. Jones ended up coming out on court to help the confrontation. When K.C. made a move
towards our players I stuck my hand down and grabbed him, preventing him from getting any closer.
Nothing came of this incident but it gives you and idea of how determined the Laker team was not be intimidated.

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