Lakers Uniforms

A uniform is not just a uniform... it is a call to action, a command for greatness, the true meaning of putting the city on your back.

These are the uniforms the 2019-20 team will wear throughout the season as they represent 60 Years of Lakers Basketball in Los Angeles.

Lakers City Jersey


As part of our Lore Series, this year’s City Edition Uniform was designed by the Most Dominant Ever, Shaquille O'Neal.

Lakers Icon Jersey


The Icon Edition is the primary color uniform that represents the unique identity and rich heritage of each of the 30 teams in the league, for which the Lakers have adopted their gold uniform.

Lakers Association Jersey


The Association Edition pays homage to the NBA, as every team has the traditional white uniform in their collection.

Lakers Statement Jersey


The Statement Edition is inspired by a teams’ desire to make a bold statement. The Lakers' purple Statement Uniform features a black side panel.

Los Angeles Lakers

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