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Lakers and UCLA Health in the Community

The alliance between UCLA Health and the Lakers starts with our joint efforts on lifelong health and fitness wellness programming which supports youth organizations such as Boys & Girls clubs of America and LA’s Best Afterschool Enrichment Program. Between these 2 programs we impact over 100,000 children each season. This partnership is an integral part of UCLA Health’s research in injury prevention and sports performance. UCLA Health is also the naming rights Partner of the Lakers Training Center in El Segundo, California. This presence allows UCLA Health to use the Training Center as a home to host youth clinics, basketball tournaments, educational conferences and other community events to further engage in our joint community mission. The UCLA Health Training Center is a symbol of our shared commitment to improving the health of the world, the importance of fitness and the belief that sports have the power to unite people and communities. UCLA Health serves as the official health care provider of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Laker for a Day: CJ Erquhart

Musician CJ Erquhart had two great reasons to savor the honor of being Laker for a Day.

UCLA Health and Wellness Content Series

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Laker for a Day: CJ Erquhart

Musician CJ Erquhart had two great reasons to savor the honor of being Laker for a Day.
Sep 2, 2020  |  02:39

Laker for a Day: Jennifer Greenhut-Tollin

Laker for a Day: Jennifer Greenhut-Tollin
Aug 18, 2020  |  02:53

Laker for a Day: Franco Campana

Laker for a Day: Franco Campana Life changed in an instant for Ventura resident Franco Campana. The father of four and an avid boatman, Franco noticed he was favoring one side when he walked or swam. His wife Alicia wondered if Franco had experienced a mini-stroke.
Mar 3, 2020  |  02:06

Laker for a Day: William Ahern

Laker for a Day: William Ahern Twelve-year-old William Ahern was born with a congenital heart defect and had his first surgery as a newborn. Since then, he has undergone three additional surgeries. Throughout his treatment, William has maintained a positive outlook. “I know everything’s going to work out,” he said.
Feb 6, 2020  |  03:08

Laker for a Day: Jayson Bush

Twelve-year-old Jayson Bush has battled cancer twice in his young life. At the age of six, he was diagnosed with a form of lymphoma and went through five rounds of chemotherapy. Four years later, another form of lymphoma invaded his body. Jayson underwent a bone marrow transplant at UCLA Medical Center. Today, Jayson is cancer free.
Jan 24, 2020  |  03:27

UCLA Health Laker For A Day: Willow Cristostimo

Willow was born premature at 22 weeks & weighed 14 ounces. Doctors said she had a 5% chance to live but Willow survived & conquered! Thank you to the doctors, nurses, & staff of UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital, she is now 5 years old & living her best life as our Laker Girl For A Day!
Mar 23, 2019  |  02:29

UCLA Health Laker for a Day - Donovan McKinnon

Donovan was born with pulmonary atresia, a type of heart disease in which the pulmonary valve does not form properly. He counts three open-heart surgeries and five stint surgeries among the health hurdles he has overcome, so it’s easy to see why he enjoyed being the UCLA Health Laker for a Day so much.
Feb 14, 2019  |  02:39

NBA Fit Week

In honor of NBA Fit Week, see how our players, Laker Girls and UCLA Health help keep the Junior Lakers and Junior Laker Girls fit throughout the season.
Feb 12, 2018  |  00:59

Episode 2: Men's Health Conversation with Rob Pelinka and Dr. Mills

Lakers Reporter Mike Trudell sits down with Los Angeles Lakers GM Rob Pelinka and Dr. Jesse Mills, Director of The Men's Clinic at UCLA to discuss why men neglect their health, ways to improve lifestyle and performance, and how to avoid serious health concerns.
Dec 7, 2017  |  16:16

Episode 1: Day With the Docs

We shadowed our team doctors at their own respective UCLA Health medical clinic and followed them around on a game day at STAPLES Center to show our fans what a day in the life of our new doctors looks like. The Lakers team physicians not only take care of our elite athletes, but they also take care of the “everyday player.”
May 9, 2017  |  04:35

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