Laker Girls 2014-2015
Alanna Ariel Blake Brittany Jennifer Jessie Jordan Kaela Karla Kimberly Lizzi Marysa Nicolette Rachel Raquel Sarah Savanah Shelbie Stephanie Sujan Valerie
“I auditioned to be a Laker Girl because it was a dream of mine to be able to continue my dance team career after both high school and college.”

Hometown: Ramona, CA

Education: Graduate of Cal State University Long Beach - Dance Major with certificate in Healthcare Administration

Hobbies: Traveling, Swimming, Music, Running

Fun Facts:

  1. My all-time favorite movie is "The Holiday". It is one of the only movies I can repeated sit through from beginning to end.
  2. My favorite quote is: "It always seems impossible until it's done." -Nelson Mandela
  3. My socks rarely match.
  4. I had perfect attendance from kindergarten all the way through middle school. I finally missed my first day of school in high school, and not because I was sick, but because of a dance competition.
  5. Tinkerbell is my favorite Disney character.
  6. I think I have watched "One Tree Hill" from the start of season one to the end of season nine at least five times.
  7. One of my biggest pet peeves is slow walkers.
  8. My favorite color is and always has been pink.
  9. I love breakfast and could easily eat it for every meal of the day.
  10. If I wasn't a dancer, I would want to be a barrel racer.
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Favorite Item:

Bronzing Tinted moisturizer SPF 20

Bronzing Tinted moisturizer SPF 20

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