Laker Girls 2014-2015
Alanna Ariel Blake Brittany Jennifer Jessie Jordan Kaela Karla Kimberly Lizzi Marysa Nicolette Rachel Raquel Sarah Savanah Shelbie Stephanie Sujan Valerie
“I auditioned to be a Laker Girl because being a member of the team would allow me to dance and perform for the best team in the NBA!”

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Education: Graduate of San Jose State University - Double Major in Media Studies and Entertainment; Dance Minor

Hobbies: Music, Traveling, Photography, Hot Yoga

Fun Facts:

  1. I performed in high school musicals such as "Footloose" and "Some Like It Hot".
  2. I lived in Barcelona, Spain for a summer.
  3. My favorite architect is Antoni Gaudí.
  4. I have skydived in Hawaii.
  5. My favorite vacation was swimming with the dolphins and ziplining in Cabo San Lucas.
  6. I've kissed a baby alligator in New Orleans.
  7. I have finished/participated in a 10k run.
  8. I once caught a foul ball at a MLB game!
  9. I enjoy practicing hot yoga, and playing beach volleyball.
  10. My all-time favorite author is Stephen King.
Stila Cosmetics

Favorite Item:

Eyes Are The windows shadow palette - Body

Eyes Are The windows shadow palette - Body

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